Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday, Feb. 22

Wow!  What a busy weekend. We were hopping! And the cats joined right in!

Saturday morning, we had another proposal happen at FFRC.  Elizabeth and Elliot are now engaged. He came early to FFRC before Elizabeth arrived. He knows how important  Merri is to Elizabeth. He had a beautiful engagement ring in a pretty net bag, with a note "Will you marry me?" and tied it to Merri's collar. As usual, Merri came down to see Elizabeth when she arrived. She saw the note and Elliot appeared and she said YES!  What a wonderful happening! 

This makes our 3rd proposal here at FFRC.  My granddaughter Ashlyn, friend Jason and now Elizabeth. 

We had our 2nd public surgery day on Saturday. It was a very long but productive day. We spayed 7 public cats and 13 public boys. FFRC added 2 spays and 1 neuter. Total for the day was 23 spays/neuters. Wonderful! Two of the surgeries included 2 hernia repairs (FFRC's cats Sooty and Mittens).  Also all the public cats were in heat, which requires a bit longer surgery. All recovered just fine. It was a wonderufl day!  Next is our Transport Day on March 7. We are already booked full.

Many thanks to the following for helping on our surgery day: Dr. Darcy (of course!), Amber, Lynnette, Sue B, Becky M, Pat P, Jackie S, Mary H/braid, Sharon/Pablo. Also thanks to Pablo for the cake, Gusti for the drinks and Joyce D for the pizza! Gave us energy for the long day! 

Happy Birthday to Alma, our sweet girl. She is now 3 years old and has been with us for 2 years. She came from Philly, PA.  She is amazing at what she has accomplished. She's a "figure it out" cat!

Yesterday, Sunday, was our annual volunteer meeting. We went over many many topics. We had a great turn out, followed by cake! It's always wonderful to get together, chat with each other and go over many updates. The best part is getting input from the volunteers. They are a huge asset to FFRC. 

As many of you already know, our Lynnette had a tragedy Saturday night. She lost her home to a fire and also lost 2 cats due to smoke inhalation. The people (Lynnette, Jimmy, Haley and young Jimmy)) all got out safely though but with just the clothes on their back. They were able to get 2 cats and their little dog out safely too. Insurance adjusters have already been notified. Such a sad, horrible thing. Please keep Lynnette and her family in your thoughts and prayers. 

We have thanks to give!
RoBoT-MaN--donation for our spay/neuter program
Pablo/Sharon--donation to FFRC

Also a big huge thanks to Brent and Jenny (from Canada) for the wonderful car load of items! This is Montana and Crews mom/dad.  They brought a bunch of things---Clorox/Lysol wipes, plates, granola bars, a smoker for the Shelter House, juice, sharpies, Bounce, raincoats (for outside farm helpers), vinegar, glass cleaner, HE laundry sp, colored paper--and more!  We are so grateful!

We've received a couple emails from past adopters! Craig (who also adopted Daisy) says that Solee is doing great. I've seen a picture of her today in her poofy bed---looks so very happy. Solee is active and happy.

We've also heard form the mom who adopted Ike. She says he's her baby and best friend. He is happy and healthy and loves snuggling! She also says that he is perfect!  Happy news!

We had 2 adoptions this weekend! Our two boys, Bender and Bam were adopted together! They went to an awesome home. Bender loves his belly rubs already by his new mom and dad. Bam is lucky too-his new dad is a pet groomer! When Bam gets his fur grown out, he will send pictures! And Bender has his 9 tier Kuranda Tower, just like the one he loves here! 

Take care and have a great week!