Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday, April 17

Another spay/neuter event done! Because of the large amount of physicals we also had to do, we had to keep our surgery numbers down.  However, were able to do 5 spays (3 for the public--all in heat) and 6 big tom cats. That makes 11 more.

To date, we have now done 86 females and 83 males making a grand total of 169. Our next surgery date is May 2, a Monday which is a Transport Day with HumaneOhio. We will be able to do 35 cats--20 females and 15 boys, approximately. 

We have many people involved to help make these surgery events possible. I thank each and every one of you---you make a huge difference to FFRC and the cats that are spayed and neutered. 

Other upcoming dates: May16, a Monday for our next FFRC spay/neuter date. Normally it's the 3rd Saturday of each month, but that date is not available for our vet tech. The number of public cats we can do on that date will depend on how many FFRC cats we need to do first.

Also, May 14, a Saturday--important date for our outside cats! Dr. Darcy will be coming and we will do as many physicals as we can for the Firecats, Porchies, Barnies and Covies. A very busy day that will be. 

And don't forget April 30th, a Saturday at 2:00!  This will be Operation: Feliz Navidad event! Guaranteed to be fun!

Yesterday our mama Shawnee and KinneyKat were both spayed. Their physicals were good and they both recovered nicely.

Our 2 new kittens have names! Their mama will be spayed on May 2nd at our Transport Day. These kittens were brought in several days ago. A male, grey tiger/white and a female, grey tiger.  The boy is now named Keifer.  The girl is Helen These are both from Name a Cat name list. They are about 8 weeks old. So.........Dakota has new friends and is he ever happy! These 3 kittens played for hours together yesterday and then collapsed in sheer exhaustion for a couple hour nap! They are now in Cat's Corner Room along with Shawnee. They will be getting more run-around-time very soon! 

We had BOXES on Friday night. We are thankful for you!
Mary H, Fri. vol--telescoping lighted mirror to see up high, 20 FF broths for Jolene
Anonymous Friend--Catathon: knee protectors, hand tools and apron for the Garden Basket
Zoolove/Pam--Dell wireless mouse for laptop for raffle for Operation: Feliz Navidad!
Kimkost--Catathon: 3 cat books, framed kitty print, 7 outfits for baby boy
Billie K--solar LED Rock & LED Peacock for FFRC gardens

We had visitors here 2 days ago that adopted Jarvis and Floyd. Both cats are doing great. Jarvis is about 15-16 pounds! Thanks for the towels and cat scratchers!

We also have these thanks to give:
Joyce D--provided pizzas for lunch on surgery day
Poppanuke--provided a mid afternoon pizza treat yesterday
Gusti--provided drinks for our surgery day
Beth/eaglewatcher--donation in memory of Elizabeth's Domino and Megan's Moses 
Pilvi12 from FInland--donation to FFRC, to be used wherever is needed
Shannon S from IL--donation to be used for the spay/neuter program (we were also then able to provide free flea prevention for each cat yesterday along with a wormer and capstar)

Tomorrow Steve and I will be heading to mid Ohio to meet a person from a rescue group from southern Ohio.  They have been overwhelmed with very pregnant cats and reached out for help. I can give you a little info, but things may change once we receive the cats. We were planning on taking 2 pregnant cats & a new mama, but the 2 pregnant cats delivered their kittens once they were in a safe environment. Here's how I understand it for right now:
Curly: arrived very pregnant. Has a crook in her tail. Ended up having a c-section approximately 4/13. She was also spayed at time of c-section. She had 2 kittens--an all black and an all grey. Mama has been tested for fiv/leukemia and is negative.
LH black/white: A person found mama and kittens in her garage and was trying to give them away on Facebook. The rescue group took them in. Mam is very pretty with her long fur. She has 3 kittens, apparently just a couple weeks old. One is brown tiger, a grey tiger and a grey and white.  Mama has been tested for fiv/leukemia and is negative
3rd mama:   This is a cat that someone found on property, very pregnant and called the rescue. She is a siamese cat and delivered her kittens almost immediately upon being rescued.  She has 5 siamese kittens. She too has been tested and is negative.

That's how I understand it for now---just keep in mind things may change tomorrow. Steve and I will be leaving about 7:30 in the morning and hope to be back around 1:30-2:00.  I will keep our mods posted as to how things are going.