Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday, April 14

Tonight is the Raffle!  BOXES are at 5:30 and Raffle is at 6:00 ish. See you there!

Saturday is surgery day! We have 14 signed up at the moment. 6 spays and 8 neuters. We have 19 physicals to do here for FFRC. These physicals take a bit of time. So, we have held the numbers down on purpose. Two of those spays will be for FFRC's 2 girls-KinneyKat and Shawnee

We had BOXES last night--wonderful boxes! We are grateful! 
Gill-Catathon: spa basket-6 tubes body creams -smells so good!
Debie/lostgirl--Catathon: spa basket: 3 body creams & 3 shower gels. Also bag of litter, and book for Litter Box Reading!
Barb W & Friday Mary vols-New fish bed to replace Clarissa's bed! Thanks.
Zoolove/Pam--3 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat, 1 case baby food
Anonymous Friend--Catathon: Frozen Twin comforter, Frozen Crayola art set, Mickey Mouse Waffle Iron, Hide and Play Giant Cube
Anonymous Friend from VA-15 crocheted Cat Spots. Special "spots" for Sevaun and Rowland! Lots of crocheted rectangular beds, toys, crocheted curly toys.  15 crocheted square beds and 2 XL beds, catnip, snackers, postie notes. Book: If I Gave a Cat a Cupcake, special sardines in a can toy for Jacci's cats.
Colleen P from CA-box tops for Caryn and girls
Joco/JoAnn-Puffcorn for everyone!!
Annette, Tuesday vol-Catathon-2 bags of cat pasta
Anonymous Friend-24 XL rolls Sparkle paper towels
judeannlee--2 bags Precious litter, 2 cases Fancy Feast, 3 boxes appetizers
June/painteddaisy-Catathon: awesome Wiliams-Sonoma Basket! 3 matching soaps for kitchen, Red Kitchen Aide 9 sped mixer, 8 and 10 inch fry pans, box full of utensils, 4 red/white towels, 2 & 4 qt stainless mixing bowls, Red oven mitt, set of stainless measuring cups & spoons, jelly roll pan, cookie set with cooling rack and baking sheet. 

And more thanks!
Roberta L from OH-donation to FFRC
Diana D-donation to FFRC, in memory of her friend/sister Karen
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Victoria R from AL-donation in memory of little Sheldon

Want to hear stories from early cats here at FFRC and their struggles and success? How about seeing a big roundworm or seeing an eye surgery? Tune in here at FFRC on April 30th at 2:00 Lots more to see! Also a chance at an iPad, XBox and a Kindle! More details later!

The dust is flying, hay is in the air, cobwebs are coming down, heater bowls are put away, all new bedding being laid, fresh stones being put in low spots--we're spring cleaning everywhere outside! The Porchies got a major brush job today and look fresh and clean. 

So sorry for such a short blog. Keyboard not working properly. Have a great day!