Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday, May 7

Boku got a very thorough bath from Emaline this morning. Gelato thinks anyone that bends over is offering the back as another place to jump on and lay down! Bella is fast asleep on the giant red marshmallow bed with YoYo laying beside her. YoYo is flicking at Bella's tail though, so I'm sure that tranquil scene won't last much longer!

The Storage Room is completely done, except for the last coat of paint on the door frame. That will be done today. The boxes are on the shelves and the labeling is done. No wonder we were squished in here. I look at all the items in the Storage Room and think--"THAT was all tucked away somewhere inside the Rescue Center"! Thanks to everyone for making this a wonderful happening for FFRC. The organization is awesome! The final thing I did yesterday was to hang up Sabrina's sock on a shelf!

The cats in Cat's Cove had an outing out on the farmyard. If you ever want to smile, come watch when the door is opened and they know they get their outing. It's 17 cats just plowing their way out of the Cove! Run, run, run! They go everywhere on the farmyard, even in the goat's corral. Then when it's suppertime, they all start their filing in and settle back into the Cove. All are accounted for. Once in a while, Charlie will elect to spend the night out, but he's usually back for breakfast.

I'd like to say a big thanks to:
Linda S--she had sent the 6 cases of baby meat jars for the Rescue Center that we opened on Saturday night. Thanks so much!

We also have visitors (webcammers) from Indiana. It's Medic and her mom. They've been here several times, usually stays one night. We very much enjoy their visits. I'd like to thank them too, for their Meijer's, Wal-Mart and Pet Supply PLUS gift cards and the treats for the volunteers, dogs and cats!

Boomer and Tamara are running around like kangaroos--jumping on all the furniture like they have spring legs. Mama Shaling is out again and seems pretty mellow (except for the dogs, which she doesn't like). Purresa and her Purrs are out already this morning for a little adventure. Won't be long before the D gang is out.

Bondi is hanging in there. We gave her fluids again yesterday, but not as much. She's eating a tad by herself and thoroughly loves to be petted. I left her out a while yesterday to stretch her legs and she quickly found a very comfortable cushie to nap in. She ate a little food overnight and a bit of a breakfast this morning.

Yes, it happened. Bella got tired of YoYo using her tail as a toy. She swatted him so now YoYo is running with Glady! Bella is still on the marshmallow.

Ginny, the new white calico is wonderful. So very sweet and LOVES a belly rub. The new grey boy, Maxaroni is one very happy boy. Sooooo in love with everyone! The 3 new baby kittens are relaxing and are beginning to not gulp their food so fast. The little black/white boy is Daymo (in honor of our little friend Damien), the butterfly black tiger/white female is Ida Lou and the black/white female is Emma Lou. Maxaroni and Ginny have the option to cruise about in Thumper's Room and will be coming up to the main area soon.

Paddy Cakes
Paddy Cake exploring the "other Paddy Cake" in the mirror!