Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday, May 14

What an awesome day--grand central adoptions!! I loved it--it's one of those things that is wonderful and sad both at the same time. We had 7 adoptions from the original 12 that we bottle fed.

Those that were adopted: Hoops and YoYo went together. Gelato and Tiramisu were adopted together. Cannoli and Tamara went to their new home together. Dixon also was adopted.

We also have 4 more of these 12 kittens spoken for. Boku and Boomer are on hold together. Glady and Roga are also on hold together to go to the same home! That just leaves Jax who is unspoken for.

Now, the next group of kitten babies are coming up the rank! It won't be long until Purresa and Dahney's kittens will be neutered/spayed and available for adoptions.

Bondi is doing better! What a great thing. She ate about 4-5 plates of food yesterday and has already eaten a good breakfast this morning. She is now out of her pen and is sleeping in the big red marshmallow poof here in the office. It's just wonderful. We'll keep on loving on her and tending to her needs.

We have some thank yous to give:
Barb F from IA--a donation thru PayPal
Kerry S from FL--a donation thru PayPal
Marilyn B from IL--a donation thru PayPal

We have an update on the Florida cat. I got another call from the rescue organization that we've been in touch with. Good news! Pete-Pete is actually doing quite well right where he is at. Here's the story: a group of cats have been living under a section of buildings. These cats have been fed twice daily for a long time and have an organization that has been doing this care. The buildings have been scheduled to be torn down. Last week, the main building that housed these cats was torn down. This is where we made the contact about Pete-Pete after hearing that he may need a rescue to help him. The organization was very happy to have a place for Pete-Pete to go to. But, after a couple days, it was realized that he really is quite fine. The businesses in that area have even offered to be sure he gets fed twice a day. He's been checked on and seems to have adjusted to a new, close by area. So...all is fine with Pete-Pete. He is OK!! What I would like to say about this experience is a huge, gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who was concerned about him, who sent me e-mails with offers to help and offers to organize a rescue. This just once again, shows me the compassion and love that our supporters have. You're a great bunch of people!
Here's Bella's and Putter's plaques! They are beautiful. They are hanging on the outside wall of our Welcome Room.