Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thurs., May 3

A wonderful day--we will be moving into the new Storage Room! This has been a long awaited day! Everything will have a "proper place" instead of things being stuffed here and there! I am so excited and so thankful for this.

The 12 kittens had their second night in the main rescue center and they did just fine. They're on their way of growing up. The new gold mama and her 5 D kittens are doing great. Energy is bounding in that room--lots of running and playing going on. Purresa's Purr kittens are also being more active. Yesterday, Purresa was playing with the kittens herself. Purrgeron and Purdue like to play with mama's tail.

Sugar Plum definitely has the right name for her--so sweet. She just goes silly with happiness. Makes her fun to pet her! Teller and Penn are now out and about. We opened their pen door yesterday and they didn't even wait 3 minutes before they ventured out. I don't believe they've even returned to their pen at all--been out playing and napping like all the rest!

We had BOXES last night! I'm very grateful for your donations to FFRC.
AuntyFi--Hoops and YoYo Movie Night toy arrived! I LOVE it!
Aunty Canip from FL--treats for Cutie, Yeowww Catnip Bananas, bonito flakes, Fancy Feast tuna and Friskies tuna/egg (Cutie's favorites!)Cutie said she'd share though.
JatCat from CA--2 pkgs of bright filler paper, 5 pkgs of kitty treats, 2 letter openers, ring reinforcements, mousepad, 2 boxes of Keurig hot cider and a new Pirate Ship for the kitties
ElaineC from NJ--2 bottles of Ascent perfume for Catathon, plus 4 sham-wows, a variety of paper towels, hand towels, plastic bags, 2 bottles of lotion, assortment of colored paper, and a big box of white envelopes
Diane G from FL &TippyNTraylor and Ashley--for FFRC: oreo cookies for volunteers, Mercer Orchard apple cider, fuji apple cider, cherry & blueberry pies (all tried and delicious), cat food packets, kitty dental treats. For the catation: mousepad, handmade Italian lavendar soap, garden flag, 3 cat books, 2 kitty-themed picture frames, Mickey Mouse tapestry throw and MM shower hooks. For Kitty Kastle: Pets Welcome sign & shower liner.
PatL from KS--coupons
Joe & Beth/midnightann from FL--donation for ffrc
Mimi from FL and kitty Buddy--2 cat dancers and a wonderful letter
Janak from NZ--postcard from Carmel by the Sea
ShariD/sillysticks--lots of info from other rescue sites for me to read
AnnaMarie & Neil and kitty Vixen/Bandita from MO--Mother's Day card with a donation from VIxen and a wonderful letter from Bandita. I loved it--such a clever cat who have a mom & dad that love her!

I have a problem. I received a package that came in a damaged envelope. It is really neat--a Pet's Eye View Camera (clip-on digital camera), but the package was torn. I do not know who this is from, so keeping it in the package until we know who sent it. Can anyone help with this?

Our volunteer Jen was running last night when a black cat started meowing at her. Jen stopped and saw the thinness of this cat. She called her husband to bring a crate so she could bring her to FFRC. This poor sweetie is absolutely starved, bone thin, nothing in it's intestinal track. She first gobbled up a whole can of baby Fancy Feast. I waited a half hour and then fed her kitten dry food, which she practically inhaled. This is the neat thing--she is so sweet, even while eating, would stop to be petted and will lean right into a hand. We tested her this morning--heartworm, FIV and leukemia and she is negative! She's very dirty and frail but will feel better with food and a good sudsy bath. Thanks Jenni for rescuing her.

Penn & Teller
Penn and Teller--2 sweet boys