Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weds., May 2

We are still in #1 for The Animal Rescue Site! Voting continues until 6/15. Please help us win $5,000 by voting daily and keeping us in this position. I appreciate each and every vote. We also earned $626.81 for April, by YOUR clicks on the kittycam ads. Thanks for supporting us in this way also! It certainly adds up.

The new gold tiger mama and her 5 kittens are now moved into the Cat's Corner Room. Within 5 minutes of being in their new room, the kittens were playing like kittens should! It was so wonderful to see that--sure brought smiles to all our faces. They are squeaky clean now and all that gunk stuck to their faces is gone. Mama likes to lay on a cushie on one of the cat furnitures in the room, watching over them. She loves to be petted. Her fur is so stiff and straw-like. But, good food and good health (and TLC) will change that. They will have D names soon--in honor of Dennis who brought them here.

The 12 kittens spent their very first night out with the big cats last night. For the most part, it went fine. They're all accounted for this morning (Filbert didn't eat any of them!!). Yesterday the cats went out on their outside enclosure. Octavia did exactly as she did last year. She goes to this one corner that collects spider webs. Then she rolls up the web with her tongue and eats it. She's so intent and delicately does this!

The new Storage Room is, oh so close to being done. The construction guy was here yesterday and got the last of the mudding done on the ceiling. The outside light is now on, the keyless lock is in place, the door going from that room into the rescue center is now in place! We also got 2 coats of sealer on the floor, with 2 more coats to go. Angie will be here today to paint the ceiling and the door frame. After the mop boards go on, we'll be ready to move in! We're sooooo close to being done!

Thanks to Colleen/leenie who sent a really neat set of cat jammies to me. She had me open them on the cam and then I was told to "go to bed"!! They are so cute.

Thanks too to Neil and Jean S from OH for their PayPal donation.

The pre-ordering of the FFRC cookbook is going great! Over 200 books already ordered. Colleen has done an awesome job with this fundraising project--a huge thanks and hug to Colleen. If you have not pre-ordered your cookbook yet and would like to, go to our website ( and click on the cookbook tab. Thanks for each and every order we have received.

We will have BOXES to open this evening at 6:30. Come join the fun.

Today, Farrah starts her slightly reduced dose of her seizure meds. We will continue to monitor her for a couple months to be sure she stays seizure-free before we attempt to adopt her out. Asha is doing great--she even acts like she likes the kittens; she's very curious about them. Buttons loves to be petted and fussed over. Would love to find her a special home. We will be opening the door more and more to June's Room, where Purresa and Purr kittens are. They look so healthy and ornery.
Purresa's Babies\
Here are Purresa's kittens. Won't be long until they too are out and about.