Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday, May 27

Happy Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to all those who served for our country and the families that supported them.

We have so much enjoyed our weekend visitors--Donna and Kelly of 2 Loons Jewelry. They will be leaving today. Yesterday, they gave a "tour" of their jewelry line, including the FFRC necklaces. Very nice products with very good pictures of our FFRC cats. They have a great line of jewelry. For each FFRC pendant they sell, we receive a donation from them! Their website is: Check it out, you'll love their jewelry.

Nemo, the black cat with the fish hook that was embedded in the jaw is doing so much better. The wound is healing and so is her "afraid soul". She is now in Dodger's Pen and LOVES to be petted. Connie D and Judy S, 2 volunteers petted and petted her on Friday and reassured her that life was good. She now is not afraid and likes the attention. She also loves the hammock in her pen!

I have Purrby and Purrkins on my desk (and Zelda of course)--they seem to think this is their kitten playground and of course are making quite a mess with my paperwork. It's no wonder it takes me forever to get things in the computer--always have to backtrack and correct things! But, then, that's the fun of having kittens!

Dollianna is all back to her normal self. She's playing, strolling about and eating good. But, she certainly enjoys the good life. The fluffier and prettier the bed is, the more she likes it. She wants to lead a very pampered life, which she deserves!

We took in a new kitten yesterday. He's a male, black white, about 11 weeks old. He was in danger of having a hawk get him--was being dive-bombed by the hawks. He's most unusual as he is a polydactyl--a kitten with extra toes. We get polys in, but not with this many extra toes. A normal cat has 18 toes, he has 26 toes! He's such a love--a real sweetie. His name is Bomber.

We are now back on the Parking Lot--happy day. It is so nice to have the parking lot open again--no more parking on the yard, across the road or in danger of cars being hit. The barricade is down! Now, we're ready for a heavy rain to double check Kitty City--no more flooding for this building.

We had BOXES last night. Thanks to Connie D, Kelly and Donna for their help--Donna was the catetary and Connie and Kelly put things away. I would also like to thank Sigrid for the many times she has helped with boxtime. She keeps me on track and knows where everything goes.

Aunti Fi--gave me a Twinkle pendant from the 2 Loons Jewelry (I love it)
Bantry--3 boxes for Connie>a CHICKEN stuffed animal (name must be cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck!), Happy HEN treats for chickens and CHICKEN of the sea (for Octavia by Connie). Thanks Bantry--you know how to add to our fun with Connie!
Nancy S/walkerconan from PA--case of Fancy Feast chicken, case of fancy feast poultry
Christine M--a gift, case of Whiskas Temptations, Four cases of Fancy Feast and a case of Party Mix kitty treats
Jane B/fritziebrd from PA--towel Catathon: hand-crocheted cat cushies--2 sets purple and 2 sets orange and a hand-crocheted black and white kitty. Very nice work!
Cat-Go-Round Wheel Company--sent new pads for the wheel FREE, to replace the worn out ones.
Anonymous-Too from CA--For Catathon: Douglas Cuddle Company--awesome stuffed cats: Peaches (yellow/orange tabby), Tug-of-my-Heart (black/white), Davey (brown tier and white), Sweet Puzzles (calico) and a black one. All are plush, super soft. This anonymous had also sent those awesome Boyd's Bears
Leenie--sent the padded envelopes for mailing out the cookbooks
Irene/ladydoc--For the catathon: food products from Western New York. For baskets called Tweet Treats & Hot in Buffalo Dinner treats.Also included were Christmas items--2 table runners, placemats, 3 lazer-cut banners, a doily, 4 fall placemats, 2 floral placemats, wall hangings and a cat door mat. There were 4 beautiful wreaths--blue/green egg for Easter, an amorylis wreath, bittersweet & fall leaves wreath, and a hydrangea flower wreath.
Susan TC from Defiance--a donation to FFRC
Michael G from MI--coupons
Diane (volunteer) a wonderful box full of blankets and bed mats for the cats--all colors, shapes and designs. Thanks Diane for volunteering and all your wonderful work.
Isabel L from Canada--Catathon: Collectors items--2 Energizer Bunny banks and shampoos & soaps for Kitty Kastle
Amber H and her 4 kids--Catathon: basketfull of baby items, Hello Kitty stuffed toys and pocketbook, charm bracelet, Mary Messenger Bear, Book & Recorder, children's sunglasses, color pencils, sticker book & a Scratch magic kit.
PJ-a webcam friend--sent a box of tote bags with the FFRC logo on them. Wonderful product which will be sold at the Catathon.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support.

We also received a box of 100 (with another 100 on its way) of Canton's stories called Cats beyond the Center's Walls. These are her awesome (and famous) stories of the sunporch cat/kitty city cats/cat's cove cats. They will be sold at the Catathon.

Kitty Campus Room 3
A view of Kitty Campus Room