Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday, May 4

Busy day yesterday! Thanks to Steve, Paul and Sigrid for helping with the Storage Room yesterday. We made a lot of progress! The shelves are in, the cabinet and 2 sets of cupboards, freezer and anesthetic machine are now all in the Storage Room! Today will be box labeling time. I just love it and knowing where everything is, is wonderful. Thanks to everyone for making this a reality.

Bondi is an real sweetie. She gained 6 ounces just yesterday. Isn't is interesting, by just having food available, what a difference it makes. So sad for her to have gotten into the condition she was in. We is craving human contact, so we may move her to Patience's Pen today so she can be close by.

The 12 kittens are running crazy. They are crazy, silly and high energy. Purresa's kittens are certainly entertaining. They are stronger and more playful. The 5 kittens of Shaling's still sleep alot but are starting to play with each other's feet and tails. They still have their blue eyes.

Putter is feeling better. He had a rough couple days after his dental, but he's back to being Putter. Emaline's sore above her eye is doing much better--we're making progress with her new ointment.

We had BOXES last night. Remember that song that I like so well--Lean on Me? I found a saying that goes along with it that I love. It's "I'll lean on you and you lean on me and we'll be okay". Wanted to share that!
Joe & ConnieS/warpedinMN from MN--handwoven rugs made by Connie--many shades and sizes, all of which are just beautiful--for the Catathon. Joe made a stained glass picture (red/white/blue heart) for the Catathon, also very nice.
Leenie50 from AL--Charles Wysocki counted cross stitch pattern/kit for Catathon
Anonymous--Friskies gravy sensations for Putter and Friskies tun and egg for Cutie
Anonymous--2 bags of Royal Canin dry babykitten food, Fancy Feast kitten canned & Fancy Feast gravy lovers case
Anonymous--Royal Canin baby wet food
KellyR from CA--Kitty Heaven on Earth sign for FFRC, Yeowww! catnip toys, post it note, Fancy Feast, Volunteer treats, Natural Balance formula & Wellness canned food, cabinet magnets, 3 LiveLaughLove hand towels, & 2 kitty blankies. For the Catathon: big Hug coffee mug, Hello Kitty travel cup, Kitty laval stone sculpture & a carved item "Love of Cats & People".
MarciaR--Pet's Eye View Camera (we'll have fun with this!)
LindaS--4 cases of Scotch packing tape--will come in very handy for the Catathon
AmyD/stitches72 from PA--many handmade items for the Catathon--bookmarks, support ribbons, kitty toys, kitty magnets--very nice! She is also sending 3 Avon baskets for the Catathon.
EleanorFD--donation for medical exenses for Angel Kisses, FiFi & Jaina
Mimi from FL--coupons
Kelly/loon2 from display of one of their FFRC jewelry lines--Putter

We also heard from the GiveLitter coordinator! We will receive our giant load of litter later this month. This will help us tremendously. Thanks for your votes to make this possible.

I wanted to explain to you all what is going on with the parking lot and Kitty City. As you may know already, this spring has brought severe flooding problems to Kitty City. It will become inches deep with not very much rain. The contractors looked at it and we are in danger of this building becoming permanently damaged. We had a lot of work done inside Kitty City last year that could possibly be damaged to the point of not being able to repair it. Because of the water problem, this building has sunk--it is now 4 inches below the ground area. Barth's is the construction company we have been working with. They are willing to start the parking lot project, even though we do not have the funds to pay for it yet. I had hopes of doing the parking lot in 3 sections due to the cost. But because of the Kitty City problem and the way they have to do the drainage, it must all be done at the same time. So, they and we are stepping out in faith that we can do this! The Catathon will help alot and they are patient in being paid. So......before the next rain comes, they are starting this project today. The 3 drain basins and the long line of drainage pipes are being laid. Last week they already drilled under the road and laid a drain pipe to the river. The rain water will then flow straight into the river. All water will then be able to flow away from the Kitty City. The other reason for cement is that we pay an enormous amount of money every year to have the parking lot restoned, due to the heavy volume of traffic. This will be a huge help to FFRC and Kitty City.
Boomer & Dix
Boomer and Dixon hard at play!