Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday, May 25

Tomorrow this time, we will be on the Parking Lot! Today, we have 2 visitors arriving. They are Kelly and Donna (2 Loons). They will be staying until Sunday. Tomorrow, on Saturday, at 11:00, they will be showing to all the webcammers, their jewelry line with a special FFRC line. Come watch--maybe you'll see something you'd like to order. FFRC benefits from each sale.

Dollianna is feeling better-she is now up and around and playing! That is so good to see. I've come to the conclusion, she decided she was going to take her post-op surgery rest for all she could get! She loves cushie beds and truly enjoys sinking right into them! She is on a confirmed hold now.

It happened--County caught his morning fly! One of the kittens wanted to "help" him, but County made sure this was HIS event--no kitties welcome for the hunt-down. Purrdue and Emma Lou are tousling like wild tigers on the rug. Their energy level is amazing. Buttons is on a box right above, watching them, like she doesn't understand WHY they want to act like that! And of course, Queenie is there playing with them. Truly an adult with a kitty heart.

We've heard from Shelley about Boku and Boomer--all is well there. Much loved kitties and the introduction to their 2 resident cats is going pretty good. We love hearing back from our adoptive families.

Yesterday the cats had access to their outdoor porch enclosure. I went out to visit them and there were 18 cats and kittens there! They love the sunshine and watching the birds at the bird feeders. Badu also loves it out there--she takes a whole shelf just lounging.

We had 2 teachers visit us yesterday, from the IEC school, in Jewel (Independent Education Center). The students voted on helping FFRC this year, by doing fundraisers for us! Some of the projects they did were: they made bracelets, Valentine decorated suckers, a talent show and made/sold Puppychow. Yesterday, we were given their donation. Such an awesome thing these students did---thank you very much!

Emaline is at a good place right now with all of her medical issues. Her inflammation problems are taking a break! Spruce and Linden kittens are wrestling maniacs. Farrah continues to do good with her reduced seizure dose. We will continue to monitor her.

We took in a new cat, night before last. She's a black, young cat named Nemo. She was found dragging a fishing pole behind her, with the hook stuck at the far back of her mouth. With Sylvia/Gentlesong and Steve's help (one held the tongue, one held a strong light), we were able to remove the hook. The hook part itself had to be removed from the outside of her jaw, while the remainder was removed from the inside of her mouth--it was STUCK in there. But, she's doing great. I feel she's truly been an outside cat and is not very comfortable being inside. But, we'll "test" her out and see what we can do for her to help her be more comfortable.

We had BOXES last night! Wow--I'm just overwhelmed by all the support. Thank you.
Aunty Fi--3 boxes of Hello Kitty Bandages (yes, we DO use those cute bandaids here for our many scratches, etc.!)
Mary C/Midwesterngirl from IL--From The Animal Rescue Site: a "cat mom" necklace, cat sticker, a neat cat kitty wallet/clutch, and a neat Cat doll that's dressed and has pantaloons! We also received a picture of her 3 kittens.
Cheryl L/momreadz from PA--For the rescue center: crocheted catghans in various sizes and colors--so nice. She has 3 rescue cats.
Rebecca from UK and Willow--a beautiful purple bath robe, very soft, for the Catathon
Faith M from MA (sister of BBMeg)--a card, 2 copies of the Prayer for Protection, 2 hand embroidered Pillows (one for Jacci and one for the Catathon) The catathon pillow is called the Paddy Pillow. For FFRC: K-cups, iced tea mixes
Tamar B/TBR9718--For the catathon: 7 t-shirts all from the Cafe Press. One is a pink one that says Foster Mom" on it, for volunteer Martha L. The others have various sayings: Cat Rescuere, Love, Foster, Save, Rescue, Spare Love, Foster, Adopt, It takes a village to help homeless cats. Wonderful shirts.
Kimberly B/Wyliesmom from CA--For the Catathon: 2 new make up bags and 4 cat books that are wonderful. We also had pictures of her cats--Wylie, Cowboy & Trooper.
Marge Gmom/Glynismom--For the Catathon: for a Leslie Ann Ivory basket: pillow, books, laptop/writing desk, tray, collectible cats, cat music box, towels with cats on them, a cat sun catcher, and various pieces of cat jewelry.
Sharon T from CA--3 bags of Royal Canin Dry baby food, a case of Friskies Pouches and a case of Fancy Feast kitten
Amanda/McLurker--a tracker ball toy for FFRC. For the Catathon: white basket with 4 different china teacups and saucers, a round box with 6 beautiful cups and saucer sets--exceptionally pretty detail
Beverly G--Catathon items: "Talking Cat" toy, magnets, kissing magnetic cats salt & pepper shakers, pet health record books, snowman, scentsy warmer, asian poppy diffuser, a large tote bag, metal santa sign, book, picutre of cats, picture holder book, Country Commandments sign, a gourd cat, a stuffed moocow and a hand painted cat rock. Also some Reeses' Pieces and laugh/memory stones. We also got to see pics of her Miss Kitty and Bob, in a letter about their story.
NancyL/luv4cats--coupons and Alaska magnets
Pat L from KA--coupons
Colleen P from CA--personal card
Carol, Corky & Tami--for the Catathon: an original signed screen scipt from Nora Effron's "When Harry met Sally", a Face Production. This is a SIGNED script by Billy Crystal who played Harry. Awesome!

That Dahney loves her kitties so much. She is forever "mama calling" them and they will come running to her. Such a wonderful thing to see. Yesterday though, she did something different. She was way up top on the green catwalk and called her kittens. There they went--all 5 of them, up the furniture, to the loft, to the catwalk. And then they were PLAYING up there that high. I watched them for awhile--they were having so much fun and no one fell!
Two of Dahney kittens--the D litter.