Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The official countdown has begun. We have 8 days now until Catathon. This next week will be very busy getting the last details done. An exciting time for FFRC.

Remember you can still pre-resgister for the Catathon. We'd like to have all the pre-registrations done on June 22. That way it gives us time to get these records ready for the big day! You can go to our website at and check out the pre registration info. This doesn't mean you have to make any bids--it just shortens the time on the phone should you call in for bids! To call those bids in, you simply use the regular phone number---419-393-2400!

Tomorrow, Sunday is the first day of the Catathon Fun-Raiser! Watch on our cam and facebook pages for info. We have 10 awesome items for this fun-raiser. The ticket money will be added to our Catathon totals each round. We will have 2 winning tickets drawn for Rounds 2,3,4,5,6.  And in the 7th round, we will draw names for the wonderful consolation prizes!  

This Thursday Arthur Phone Company will be coming to get the 7 phone lines in place for the Catathon! After they have everything connected, we will do as we've done in years past---ask you, the viewers, to call us. We need lots of callers to do this so we flood the lines and make sure all our lines, connections and phones work!  When it's time, we'll give you the thumbs up to call in!  We won't have time to chat---just a quick response and good bye--that way we can keep calls coming in to check them! 

Friday we will have a big screen TV coming to be used in the Shelter House. This is for viewing of friends that are watching from there. Rent-A-Center will be bringing the TV and picking it up free of charge. And no charge for the rental either! Thanks Rent-A-Center!

Yes, only 8 more days. Be sure to take some time to view all the items involved in the Catathon. Every item is wonderful and donated by our FFRCNation!  Many thanks. You can view every round and every item by going to our website at

Just wanted to repeat what our goals are for the Catathon! As you know, this is our biggest fundraiser of the year! 
Lights under walkway--very dark there
4-4 foot resin tables
6 big recycle containers
Window in Dog Room--Camvi wants some natural light!
Screen In the Porch
Liability Insurance due
Cement pad under the Covies jungle gym
Cement pad inside the Feeding Station
Fence to protect visitors on farm yard--very important due to Mercy's blindness
Insulate Firehouse for the cats
Operational cost needs--much needed

Please know that every penny will be used wisely!

We had BOXES yesterday! YOU are appreciated!
Justme - IA - Happy 3rd B-Day Vern!  2-Boxes Squeeze Ups Delectables plus a System Recovery  Kit
Billie K - 3 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat, and 2 Cases Royal Canin wet food for Babies
Vicki B - 6 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat
Janice K - OH  Large Box of pillow cases, condo pads & crate pads
Amy G - Tsakani's rescue person - A small afghan, rug and paper towels
Joey3100 - 32 rolls Brawny Paper Towels
Plee - 36 Fancy Feast Broths Variety
Anony - Coupons
Tracy L - OH  Coupons
Art & Moe S - IL  Thank You Card
Annette/Furhavenkitties-- 2 more toys for Vesta & Vester for adoption basket
Jan from Hawaii--donation in memory of Joline, Olaf and Fabio
Fran D--donation to FFRC, in honor of Vernon's birthday

Need a good laugh for the day?! Don't forget to check out the FFRC Giggles Videos. We're so sure you'll enjoy these! And then share them with your friends!  Many thanks to JustMe, SonJa and Dawnstar for making this possible. Here are the 5 Giggle Videos:

We had an adoption yesterday! The first of the Niners has found a home. Declan went to his new home. Lots of love there for him! More adoptions coming up! 

Have a wonderful weekend! I know I am! My granddaughter Ashlyn is marrying Josh today!