Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday, June 4, 2017

What drama! Agnes arrived at FFRC Friday evening stating she wanted to adopt a cat from us. Welllll, after hearing some of her answers to cat care, I went to retrieve our information packet to give her. And when I came back to the Main Area, Agnes was GONE.  Turns out, she slipped Merri in her arms and disappeared out the door, unknown to me. Just about that same time, Elizabeth comes in the door asking where Merri was. We looked and looked--no Merri. Then I spied Agnes again and she was HOLDING MERRI. Well, that cane of hers went around Agnes's neck and she was brought back inside the Rescue Center. Merri was scooped up by Elizabeth who stated--no more shenanigans-Merri was going home with her!!!!!!!  

And so we had one of the happiest adoptions ever! Merri latched on to Elizabeth and Elizabeth latched on to Merri from the very beginning of time here. I've seen pics already and notes from Elizabeth--all is wonderful and happy!  And many thanks to Agnes for her appearance!

We have thanks to give!
Rita/wiscatmom--6 cases of water
Tabbycat and Lauren--lots of bottles of vinegar 
Shannon S--donation for the care of Victor, Markus, Leonard, Jackson and all of their friends. Plus to help with Markus's dental bill.
Tom W--donation in honor of Merri being adopted by Elizabeth!
Faithy/vol--donation to FFRC
Nona--donation to the Spay/Neuter fund in honor of Miss Agnes
Lauren F--donation to FFRC
Ju-in-ji--donation to FFRC, to be used wherever needed
Kittiesmom--donation to FFRC
Donna B from GA--donation for Spiker and Coralie

Have you checked out the updated FFRC's PawMart store? We took out the retired items and added new items! You can go to our website ( and click on PAWMART.  Many thanks to Vaun for doing this update.

Do you shop Amazon?  Remember, you can go to our website and click on WAYS TO HELP.  Scroll down and click on AMAZON.  Everytime you shop this way, FFRC gets a bit of a kick back! We just received $410.21 for the shopping done in March! That's like free money to us! Many thanks. 

Nellie Bly, our young adult with the rear leg "healed" injuries is such a sweet girl. She spends most of her time in the Welcome Room. But one little touch to her brings out a major purr. She loves to have her ears rubbed. 

We have grown again. Connie D has worked very hard at catching some of the neighborhood unclaimed cats and kittens. Our motto "spay and neuter those cats!" still continues! First, she brought in Kismit with her 5 white calico kittens (Harry is not a calico though!). Kismit had a kitten last year who is now an adult, still in that same neighborhood and had a litter of 5 of her own. This past week a determined Connie made it her business to catch that mama and the 5 kittens (with the help of a neighborhood girl). Two days ago, she caught the first 3 of those babies. Yesterday morning, another one was caught. Last night she was able to get mama and the last kitten! That makes 100% capture of these 2 mamas and 10 kittens.  

Here's the breakdown of these latest ones:
Dandelion Hope--Mama--white/black 
Jefferson--male--black tiger, no white
Jaam--male--black tiger, white feet
Clover--female--tiger, calico, 4 white feet & bib
The Idaho (The Ida for short!)--female--calico  bl nose & rt muzzle
Mama Dandeliion's birthday is 5/12/16. The babies birthday is 5/4/17.  

Cinnamon, Paislie and Helga have made friends with Jefferson, Jaam and Clover. They spent quite a bit of time yesterday together in their playpen -- visible to people to help them to know that people are good. Soon, we will reunite all of Dandelion's kittens!

Today we will be putting Dandelion and her 6 kittens together in the back Thumper's Room. We will even let Kismit come and see her daughter Dandelion. The other 3 kittens (Cinnamon, Paislie and Helga) will also visit.  But........soon, they will all be up in the Main Area. We just want everyone to get reacquainted! 

We are launched!!!!!  You'll need to visit our website again ( We have two major things going on:   (many thanks to Vaun and Clay for all this work!)

PREREGISTRATION is now on! It sure helps on the day of Catathon, should you bid on an item. We don't have to get as much information on the phone and that speeds things up!  If you pre-register, that doesn't mean you HAVE to bid---it's for just in case you want to! You can pre-register until 5:00 on June 22. 

View the SCHEDULE & CATALOG--it's now available to check out! All the baskets, the big big ticket items, the big ticket items, the small big ticket items  are right there for your viewing pleasure. Each are organized into their Rounds. Pictures were taken by Jen C and the descriptions were done by SonJa.…/catathon-2017-schedule-catalog/

One thing---as you view these items, if you notice anything amiss, please don't hesitate to email me about it.   Catathon is now a mere 21 days away! Enjoy the website!