Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday, June 23, 2017

TWO more days to Catathon! Yesterday we had our phone trial with Arthur Phone Company--we have SEVEN phones ready for Sunday. They all work properly. Thanks to you all who called in to flood the lines so we could make sure all were working!

Our pre-registration is now over. We will make a copy of those records to help us with bid taking, calling the winners and sending items out. Monday morning bright and early, packages will already be in the process of packing and sending off!

Remember, you can still make bids even if you are not pre-registered.

Just so you know:  Minimum beginning bid for any item is $25.  Bidding amounts are minimum of $5 increments.

Highest bidder gets the Basket or Item! The winner will receive a call on Sunday to let them know. At the end of each round, a bell will sound.  If a call is in process and the bell rings, we will of course finish that call.

We have a special friendly competition in Round 7!

Winners of the Fun-Raisers will be drawn during the rounds with the consolation prizes being drawn in Round 7. Many thanks to Pat P, Marcia, Lynnette and Bill for counting all the tickets for the fun-raiser!

I got a registered letter this week---there is a possibility of a special guest appearance after Round 7. Keep your eyes open!

We had BOXES last evening and we are so grateful to you!
Thursday night Pat – broths and appetizers, 2 bags of dry food, and a blanket for a fun raiser consolation prizes.
Denise and Richard – bleach and paper towels
Ellen (Ellsiesue) – weight circles and check for fun raiser.
Diana C from Ohio – donation in memory of Fabio and Olaf (for outside cats), 3 mice and toys, cat treats, bowls, potty bags, case of fancy feast poultry and beef.
Declan (Bigsis)  Cat toys.  Hang over the door toys. These are for siblgings & friends of the Niners

And more thanks!
Sharon S--donation to FFRC
Billie K--donation for the latest new kittens, especiall medical care
Eric M--donation for Olaf, Fabio and Joline
Maite--donation for Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr
Gusti--donation in memory of sweet little Tess
Zoolove--donation to FFRC, for a successful Catathon!

Amelia & Meredith Canales--two wonderful sisters who held a lemonade stand to raise funds for the Rescue Center. I asked what they would like the money to go to and the answer was---anywhere it's needed. Two awesome girls.  Their total for us was $51.00!  A super good "job" by these two girls!  Many thanks.

You might have heard already, but our little Tess passed away night before last. We knew from the beginning that she may not make it. Her heart had such a bad murmur---our fear was that as she began growing, the heart would be more compromised.  She was eating very well and she was growing and had gained a half an ounce already. But, her heart couldn't support her. My comfort is that she was well loved and got to hae lots of kitty friends which she so enjoyed. Thanks for loving her already.

We had two adoptions yesterday~ Two more of the Niners went to a wonderful home! Nona and Henry R Peeps were adopted together to a wonderful couple. They are both so excited to have these two kitties in their homes. They will be well loved. Nona had been spayed at Dr. P's earlier this week.  

We also had a Niner adoption on Monday--Declan. Happy family, happy kitten--good adoption! He was our first of the Niners to find a home~

We had a cat returned yesterday. Her name is Grishko--a name for a dance shoe. Due to family separation, she needed to return. She was well cared for and will be much missed by her mom. She's settling in very well and is out and about in the front Thumper's Room already.  Won't be long until she is in the main area again. She's a long hair grey slight torti cat.

Breezy was taken to HumaneOhio yesterday for her spay, thanks to Angie M.  She and her sister Jackie P drove her there and also returned her last night. So kind of them to do this. Now Breezy can be adopted!

All the kittens are doing very well. After Catathon, we will work on getting all those kittens that are in the back Thumper's Room up here to the Main Area. 

We also took on another kitten too.  Her name is Emmasynne (a name a cat name). She is 7 weeks old, is gold and white. She was found on a country road, all by herself--no littermates or mama.  She is in the back Thumper's Room making friends. 

Rest up today and make sure your phone finger is ready for action on Sunday!