Monday, May 29, 2017

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial is a federal holiday in which the United States honor those that died in active  military service. To put it simply, Memorial Day is for the American troops who didn't get to come back. We are thankful for those who have served and sacrificed in the name of freedom. 

We are now 27 days to Catathon! But......first will come the Catathon's Fun-Raiser which is June18th to 9 am on June 21. There will be TEN extra awesome items that we are excited about. As the time gets closer, you will see information on this on our ustream cam site and facebook pages and FFRCnation page. The date for Catathon is June 25 and it starts at 1;00! Starting in June, we'll give you some previews though of what baskets are in which rounds!

Tonight will be a big night for the Niners---they will now spend their nights staying in the Main Area, along with mama Nyla! This is part of their grow up time. Yesterday while the Niners were up during the day, the 3-some kittens (Cinnamon, Paisley and Helga) were on the floor of the back Thumper's Room. They sure know how to zoom and dash about! No worries if they take a little tumble--they just roll on their round tummies, get up and go again! All 3 are eating very good. Cinnamon is definitely the most adventurous of the 3.

We had an adoption on Saturday afternoon. Sweet boy Bubbles Pal was adopted! He was already loved very much before even getting to his new home by his new mama. I'm quite sure he will be one extra happy boy. 

Paddy Cake is walking around meowing and meowing. Of course---he has his spring toy in his mouth! This is a daily ritual that he does. Kismit is filling out and is getting a healthy coat of fur. She loves chicken and truly is a wonderful adult. She needs a home that will give her lots of love and petting. Giovanna too is a wonderful cat but an older cat. She literally melts when she is held and has her ears rubbed. 

Our four cats that had their dentals are doing good and eating everything up. It's always wonderful to see them still eat dry food even when they have no teeth. Cats can do that! 

Wanted to give you an update on Joline. As mentioned on the 5/21 blog after being examined by Dr. Darcy, it's confirmed that she has a worrisome growth in her mouth. This is a growth that is not "fixable".  Yesterday she was treated again for it and we are also giving soreness meds. She's eating good so that is nice to see. We are keeping a sharp eye on this. 

We have thank yous to give! Our hearts are always grateful.
Joni R, our MI friend--donation to FFC 
David and Julie P from UK--donation in memory of Trucker's birthday
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Fred and Sasja, Olga and Marno from Netherlands--donation to FFRC
Fran D--donation in memory of Trucker's birthday
Gusti--our Germany friend--donation for food for Helga and siblings, "The Helgas"
SonJa--our visitor this past week (working hard on descriptions for Catathon)--donation to FFRC as a thank you to Jenny and Brent and to the Lorenz family

We have taken on a new young adult cat. She is slate grey with white. She came walking out of the woods where a man was fishing. He noticed how she was walking very stiff legged and brought her here to FFRC.  It appears that her two rear legs and possibly pelvis had been fractured at some point. One rear leg is very stiff and the other is very hobbly.  But these are healed fractures--not in very good position though. She knows how to get around and is cruising about already here in the main area. She is a beauty and has 4 cute white feet. Her name is Nellie Bly. Nellie Bly was an American journalist and a charity worker. 

I received a very special email from Nyla. That wonderful cat, in addition to being such a great cat mama and a sweetie, is also very smart--she knows how to work a computer! Here is her email to me:

"Oh hai Mama Jacci! Youz remembas wenz iz said iz keepin da babies till they waz five years old? WHAT WAZ IZ THINKINS??? Donts gets me wrong, they iz the bestest babies ever but I thinks they be happy in thiers own homes. So youz can be on da looks out for the bestest furever homes for dem cause dats what you do. Wen days all settled I will be readys to move intos your house.I heards youz was lookin for your very own cat and youz gots lots of rooms.I waz gonna brings da little house wit me but Thomas sez no. He sez da little house stays for futures babies so he cans watch overs dem. So dems da new plans Mama Jacci. I luvs youz, Nyla "
So...........I had to have a heart to heart talk with Nyla. She understands now how wonderful it will be when she gets her very very own home--that someone will eventually walk in here and fall in love with her. She knows I love her dearly but that there really is a forever home for her "out there".  I'm so wishing her a lovely home, one where she is spoiled rotten and has lots of toys and cushies and love to give her. We'll keep our hearts, ears and eyes open for that special home for our Nyla. 

Enjoy this day with your family, friends and pets!