Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The ice cream truck came to FFRC last evening---such a welcome sound--that wonderful music we all recognize as the ice cream truck! Of course we had to have some goodies! A sure sign of spring and summer! He'll be back again. 

Two big dates coming up!
May 18, Thursday--a special flash sale called Exclusive Warped Sale. Our friend Warped has sent 5 magnificent boxes to FFRC. There's enough to have a whole Flash Sale just of her wonderful items! Her items are still in the boxes and will not even be opened until the moment of the Flash Sale! Suspense is fun! This special sale starts at 11:00. Come join us for the fun and enjoyment! Many thanks to Warped for providing her treasures to us!

May 23, Tuesday--a sale of many things from FFRC. This Flash Sale will be done by our Mich friend and will be at 2:30 ish! Lots of different items too! Thanks Mich for your Flash Sale help!

Friday evening we had BOXES.  Super big thanks to you all!
Vicki B - 24 Woolsie Balls, 2 boxes of Broths, 2 boxes Purrfectly Chicken

From the Kitties and Doggies Singing Happy Mothers Day Card
Julie P - 2 bottles of organic cooling spray for kitties   CATATHON:  Kitty Paw door stopper, Laurel Burch hat with scarf around it   Also: Carress Fragrance lotion, Soft Burgundy Throw

Janet B/Scooterkitty w/ Sadie & Gracie  AR - Kitty Card CATATHON: Knitting markers & point protectors, 4 sets of kitty buttons, Needle Roll up for knitting needles, 6 balls for dogs, Doggie frame, Kitty Frame, Cats Color Me book

Dianna B - Eliot Rose Defiance - CATATHON: stuff for the knitting basket

Plee - Box of Delectable Stew, 2 boxes Gravy Sensations pkts & Case of Friskies

Gusti - - 90 13-gal trash bags, 56 30-gal trash bags, 3 tubs of Temptations Snackers, 2 Tubs of Party Mix Snackers

LJ323 - Fruit Gems, 2 soft blankies, 8 felted cat pictures:  I Want:Franklin Tommy,, Hello:Joyful, Winner!:Mayor Anony,  Love You:Jesse, Flutterby: Jolene, Smile: Farrah & Zelda, Spring:Joyful

Ferole CATATHON BASKET:  All items use her own photos:  Flower Pillow, 11x14 Canvas, A Rose & Primrose, 12 Floral Note Cards with envelopes, wrought iron stand with 12 inch Slate Water Lillies, 4 coasters with Water Lillies, 6x6 Magnolia on wood, Tote with Sun Lite Tree, 12 inch acrylic tray with Daffodil Trio   All beautiful and it's own Basket for Catathon!

Craig M & family with Solee & Daisy : CATATHON or Fun Raiser:  2 Black kitty necklaces, Round rainbow rug, 2 round ying/yang black & white kitty rugs

Munchkinljs/Lisa S - NJ  toys for kitties some Giant ones too!
CATATHON Crazy Cat Chef :  2 pkg, kitty napkins, 4 kitty plates, 4 pkg kittie tissues, Kitty Tray, Cat tea infuser, Cooking for Two (you and your cat!), Healthy Cat Cookbook, Kitty Bookmark, Stackable Kitty mugs with holder, 2 Kitty Snackers, toys Kitty Cube, Kitty Egg mold, Spatula, 2 Kitty Cookie Cutters, 2 Hot Pads and one Kitchen Towel Awesome items!

Mary Friday Volunteer  CATATHON:  Sauder Village Pass for 2, Susan Wiggert: gorgeous handpainted Hummingbird Ornament , Fenton Glass opalescent pink basket

Mike/Sopieandlucysdad  MI  Lots of Coupons
Melissa L - NY  Donation
Theresa   - Donation
Colleen MP - CA  Box Tops
Arden & Charmaine--donation to FFRC
Becky J from PA--donation to FFRC
Lana H--donation to FFRC
We've heard about Vutomie---she is our sweet kitten that was adopted. She is doing great! 

We also had an adoption yesterday--our wonderful Chester went to his new home. This family so loved him and had to have him in their home! He was already taking baby food from the daughter. He's such a good cat and I'm sure this family is the perfect one for this CH cat! 

At times, all of the kittens are here in the Main Area.  They sure know how to have fun. Right now, Odetta, Goldidots and Luella are trying to climb the pole here in the office. These 5 kittens are slowly but surely coming around to being the friendly kittens we want them to be. Harry is super boy--things he can climb up anything! And they are growing. This morning we let the door to the back Thumper's Room wide open, inviting the Niners to come up on their own. Several of them have already figured out how to get up here! It's a long walk!  The Bubbles/Sudsy kittens are also doing well--so sweet.

We took back a cat that we adopted out 13 years ago. Her name is Brulee. She's a beautiful gold tiger girl. Her whole life was with one person--a man who loved her much. He passed away recently. The family simply could not take on another cat themselves. We were fortunate enough to find a young elderly couple who could take her. I wanted to wait to let you know about this so I could make sure all is happy with her. A phone call yesterday told me that she has fit right in (no other cats!) and enjoys their couch already with them while watching TV. She has a great purr for them.

We also took on some tiny kittens. Four kittens were left in a box. A car had stopped alongside the road and dropped the box on the edge. The car behind them stopped, picked up the box and brought in the 4 kittens.  Two brown tigers and two black/whites.  Unfortunately, the first night, the 2 tigers passed away.  The two black/whites were doing very well but this morning both seem rather sluggish. Will keep you posted.  The little girl is Siri and the boy is Pettigrew---both Name a Cat names. In the meantime, they are getting lots of TLC

Breaking News! Our Walter has become a Covie. I know, I know....this may be a surprise but he is so completely happy!  I have waited a couple of days to let you all know in case it didn't work out. Many of you know that Walter loves Bella's Place--the doggie run and is frequently outside in that fenced in area. The last month we've been having a bit of trouble with him being very picky at some of the cats. If you tell him--Come on, Walter--(you have to point), he runs to the back door to go outside. He loves it. But, we have also had increased spraying from him. Here a squirt, there a squirt, everywhere a squirt squirt---even on a shelf on people. Okay---so something had to change. I took him out to the Cove. He came out of his crate and immediately joined the Covies. I've checked on him often and he is always checking everything out. He's already found the Cove, THTJB and the Covie Haven. And the playground---all that space and grass and fun things---he's in Walter heaven out there! And I'm happy for him. 

Yesterday was Defiance's Lilac Festival! FFRC was present all day long--we were given free booth space! I want to say a special thanks to Mary Braid--she's the one who did the organizing for this. And a thanks to those volunteers who helped run the tables--Elizabeth, Pat & Vicki, Gem, Becky M and Amy, along with Mary Braid. We sold some of our Paw-Mart items, passed out FFRC information, answered lots of questions in regards to cats, had a drawing for 1 free spay/neuter for a cat, passed out fun cat info play cards to kids. It was a successful we made $213! So thankful for this! This came from $83 in donations and $130 in sales.  Many thanks to these volunteers for making this possible. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day......afterall, we're all "mamas" in some way or another!