Thursday, May 11, 2017

Weds., May 11, 2017

Happy birthday to Rowland!  He is one of our Covies and is now 14 years old. Such a great cat as are all of the Covies. Chicken treats for the Covies! And I know the Firecats will also want some. And soon as the Porchies get a whiff of chicken, they're going to have their paws out too! Ok, so really, chickie treats all around! 

We had the Niners up yesterday for a few hours of romp time. They are really doing very well. Nyla doesn't seem to mind the break. She actually came into the front Thumper's Room yesterday and seemed to enjoy it.  More Niners time again today for up front in the main area. 

We had BOXES last night. You all are amazing people and I deeply appreciate the help to FFRC.

Aunty Sonja - Treatsies for Vernie!  2 cases Delectable Squeezes

Miranda - Case 9-Lives 

Billypogo Mod CATATHON - Jamestown Glassworks Jamestown VA. Handblown oil lamp, coaster w/ship & Jamestown Glassworks patch

Rebbeca P  CATATHON - Laurel Burch: Carlotta's Cat, Travel Bag

Billie K/BKarg  CATATHON Grape Escape Snacks basket-- 14 bags of Krimples? variety, Wire Wine Glass Cork holder & Corks, Set of 8 wine tumblers, Wine acessory kit, jug of Pretzels & Jug of Pub Mix, Wineglass nightlight and air freshener

Marilyn S/Madisonpepper - Card:  3 doz cans of variety of cat food

mnsnowy - CATATHON  MN Basket things made in Minnesota--  Pampered Chef Roasting Pan, 24K gold plated collectable coins from the Grand Casino, Wild Rice Soup, Bag of Wild Rice, bag of wildrice, garlic & Herb bread mix, Blueberry Syrup, Bellflower Lavendar Soap, Honey

Sharon H - MI   Jacci:  Kitty Card & 2 pretty hand towels with kitties   CATATHON:  3 Kitty Kitchen towels, 12 Cat Lady Note Cards, Magent Barn Cat/Pottery Barn Cat, Cat Lady White cat figurines 

Minnkitty -CATATHON Made in Minnesota:   2 red Beeswax tapers, Roasted Wild Rice, 2 cans Spam,  2 Native American Angel Ornaments, Red Wing Stoneware Salt & Pepper Shakers, Dreamcatcher, Maple coated mixed nuts, Pottery lunch box

Joco for the MN CATATHON basket--My Pillow! 

Snoopybaby/Maria S - CATATHON:  3 movies, Set of Safari tea lights with tray, Nostalgia Quesadilla Maker

Zoolove - case of Beechnut babyfood

mls/Linda S - Collection of 40 Beanie Babies  to use as needed!

Clark, Jesse & The Rest
  Happy 14th Birthday Roland, 11 May 2003 & Chicken $5
  Happy 4th Birthdays Blake & Grady, 10 May 2013  and 2 Chicken $5

Shawn P ( Sarah P/Romeosmom) CATATHON: Framed Drawing of FFRC logo and kitties done by Shawn, 3 - 1 month Gift Cards to Catlady Box

💔Conii - Kitty card and a framed portrait of Trucker by Wanda.. It's so very beautiful

Deb 11111 - Send Gift Certicate $500 toward traveling costs to FFRC and 3 nights lodging in Defiance.  WOW!
Tom W--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Judeanlee--for CATATHON  diffuser with 3 essential oils, donation. Also a Cat fun pack, Cat lovers magnet & Little Piper Chime for the Vol. Basket

We had a special visitor the other day--Chris M. He arrived here especially for a donation to FFRC, in honor of his mom Suzi M from Ohio! How so very nice. Happy Mother's Day, Suzi!

An FFRC Flash Sale is coming up!  It will be May 23 and Mich will be here!

We will also have a special Flash Sale too coming up! It will be an Exclusive Warped Sale! That in itself promises to be a super duper Flash Sale---all of Warped's items. We're going to come up with a date pretty soon for that! 

For the month of May, we will not have a Fun-Raiser. The reason---because we're getting ready for the Catathon!  Speaking of Catathon.........a million jillion thanks to you all!! I do believe the Baskets are now full!  But....for the incoming items yet coming in, they will be placed in baskets--we are happy about that too! I know there's still things coming in.  We have 45 days left to Catathon Day. It's getting closer. Lots of work ahead! 

Yesterday the Covies so loved being outside. They were out all day, sleeping in the sun and playing on their jungle gym.  All is fine with the Firecats and Porchies and Barnies too. They are very glad winter is over.

I saw Jessie playing yesterday! it was so sweet. She had a catnip toy.  Magic is here at my desk with me--seems to be his usual spot for early morning computer work. He's my good buddy. Chester is strolling thru--he's heading to the Kabana, probably to watch outside. He's a car watcher! 

Pania's eye continues to heal! She is comfortable now. We will have Dr. Darcy look at it though, of course. 

 Next week we will be weighing the babies again to see who can be spayed/neutered on the 20th, here at FFRC.

The Niners are up and already scurrying around!