Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Anayaa is beyond being excited about the thought of 1,200 pounds of Premium Dry Food coming to FFRC.  I keep telling her we have to WIN before that food can come here. And so she gives me that cute quizzical look.  I told her we all have to VOTE to win! Top place at SaveaRescue.org receives that much dry food! And 3 cat caves too--those are for the top 4 cat rescue winners.  

So, that sweet (always hungry) Anayaa is asking for your votes. Afterall, she never ever wants to be hungry again! You do not have to register to vote---just scroll down, find your Rescue (us--Friends of Felines Rescue Center) and vote!  You can also vote every hour on multiple devices, computers, cell phones.  We have at this moment, 2,658 votes. Second place is hot on our kitty heels though, so please help us win that food!  
The site is:  http://savearescue.org/online-contest/20000-meals-for-your-rescue/
Anayaa and the entire cats of FFRC and I appreciate your votes!

This afternoon is BOXES at 4:00.  The reason?  It's because at 5:30 ish we will be checking out our surgery cats back to their homes! Hope to see you then! 

We are happy to have another HumaneOhio Surgery day today! We had a good number of cats today which thrills me. We checked in 35 cats! This amounted to 14 males and 21 females.  

We have a new grand total! As of today, we have now spayed/neutered 306 cats. This breaks down to 177 females and 129 males.  Our next HumaneOhio is this coming Monday on May 8th. 

We have thanks to give. I am always grateful for all the support.
Nona--donation to help with Nona of the Niner's (child support!)
Brenda R--donation to be used as needed
Carol G--donation in honor of little Polly
Donna B--donation  in honor of Spiker and Coralie

Sunday we had our 3 Siamese adoptions to a wonderful couple--Graweyr & husband Raymond. I've already heard back from them and all is super. The picture I saw this morning shows 3 wonderfully happy cats napping, piled up together on the couch! So happy for these siblings to stay together.

We have some sad news to pass on too.  Our little Snowflake has passed away. I do not have any explanations for this. She was never 100% but showed progression in healing. And then things went downhill quickly. Her appetite declined. We had her in a warm pen, with a heater and was treating her with antibiotics and soreness meds. I happened to go by her pen, saw her head was up and she was looking about and the next second she laid her head down and was gone. These are the ones we ask Why, What happened. I do not know. I do know that she was clean, had yummy food presented and comfy cushions. And even more---she knew what love was. 

Better sit down for this news. It's very exciting and happened quickly.  We had a family come in about 2-3 weeks ago and fell for Livingston. They also were interested in another cat--a friend for Livingston. And they choose..........Franklin Thomas. I did not do this adoption on cam----some of the family was on cam this morning and it was to be a surprise that it really was going to happen. So, this adoption was a "quiet" one. And what a surprise it had to have been for the family---they were so hoping for this to happen!  Makes me smile!

The Bubbles & Sudsy kittens are out quite a bit now. And, more good news---2 of them are now on hold--Bubbles Pal and Sudsy Sue--they get to go to a home together but of course, must wait until after their neuter/spay.  We still put this group back into Cat's Corner for night time. 

Nona and the Niners continue to do great. Since the kittens have now received their beginner vaccines, sometime soon we will be bringing them up to play in the Main Area---not quite yet though. But not mama Nyla. She is not too keen on the other cats. She is a wonderful people cat and a great mama. 

Please remember........those votes are important to us!