Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Livingston is admiring himself in the mirror.  Yes, he is indeed quite handsome--just ask him!  Jessie is above Dodger's Pen--her usual morning spot--in the big Garfield bed that she calls HER bed. Zelda is in my lap--she very quickly passes out glares to any cat that approaches "her" lap. But....they don't pay too much attention to her. The proof is the 5 cats on the desk! Chester is on the cat walk in the Kabana Room. He so loves watching the outside.  Spiker is inside the orange sailboat--kicking for all he's worth at the sides!  And the 3 meezers--they are happily napping together on the refrig and in Tabitha's paper towel cabinet. I love seeing these cats happy.

You might've noticed we got a tiny cold here inside the Rescue Center. Three cats came down with the sneezes and watery eyes--Bonnie, Joline and Spiker. But, today all are much better and all 3 are eating good. This will "spark" their immune system and be even stronger.  No worries---we have them on antibiotics and eye ointment and extra TLC (which of course, is the most important!).

We had BOXES Thursday evening. You all are so very appreciated.
Jim & Debbi - GA  CATATHON and other things--Pop tabs, folded potty bags,
Books:  Cats & Daughters, Black Beauty, Wizard of Oz, Heidi, 2 - Ann of Green Gables, Jungle Book, Little Princess & Little Women, Activity Books: Coloring books, Xmas Doodle Book, Sock Monkey Activities, Variety Activity Book, Friendship Bracelet Book,Zen Doodle kit, 
Mehndri's Doodle kit, American Girl Bracelt design kit, Simple Embroidery, Quick Stitch kit
Paints & Brushes, Sport themed pencils, Kitty Stickers, Kitty Book mark, Cat Patches, Hello Kitty: Book, Pen & memo pad, 2 owl plates, Lip gloss in small purse, 5 Auto Coasters, Queen Size Kliban Sheet set, Kitty Apron & 2 oven mitts, Soft Kity T-Shirt, 5 Doggie Toys, lots n lots of wash cloths, and hand towels.  For Jacci - hanging angel, For Jacci for inside FFRC & a special box with a bag with a saying 

MK CATATHON-- Mod Basket/Our National Parks Coin Collection book & Quarters thru 2017

Keiko - CA  2 blue kitty beds for Bubbles Sudsy's & Niner babies

Manna R from CO & 4 kitties - Card with note Donation CATATHON

Kirk & Leslie L - Card and Donation in memory of Fred Connor

Paul B with Malcolm & Tilly - CA  Donation in memory of Alice Mary and in honor of Forte  also in honor of their mother.

Anonymous Friend--donation made in memory of Barbara W's daughter, Karen,  for a beautiful red maple tree for FFRC

Also thanks to:
Phyllis B--donation to FFRC
Danae W.--donation to FFRC
Janet M--donation to FFRC

Anayaa is jump running thru the purple office---she is such a happy girl. Not what is so fascinating, but Felicty has climbed up and down the purple spiral staircase 3 times now. Maybe it's exercise day! Vutomie has learned Livingston's relaxing thing---she loves to be on the yellow table, kneading and sucking on the black/white bed! 

The Bubble/Sudsy 4 kittens are now out and about in the Main Area. They have done very well. Yesterday they were out probably 8 hours. Today they have already been out a couple hours but will go back in their room until the Rescue Center is a bit quieter. I'm very pleased that they are relaxed and calm......and so very playful!

The Nyla's Niners are a hoot--here, there and everywhere! Sometimes they nap by themselves, sometimes in a small group of 3-4 and then sometimes they all pile in on each other for sleep time. Mama Nyla continues to take very good care of them. I am amazed that other than Breezy we have not had to supplement any of them. They are now eating probably half by themselves along with Mama. 

Tuesday is our next HumaneOhio surgery date. Hope to have a very full schedule.  

Update on the 2 neglected horses.  The mare is called Anna Mae and the gelding is called Benny. They all seem utterly relaxed and happy already. They surely are enjoying their frequent small meals and plenty of fresh water. The ferrier will be here Weds for their feet care. The farm vet will be here Thursday to give them a check up and tend to their wounds. In the meantime, twice daily we clean and treat their wounds and give them antibiotics.  Yesterday they got a short time out on the grass which they loved.  They have been promised to never have to worry about food, water and to always have a good shelter for them and lots of love.

Have a great weekend!  Enjoy the cats.