Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017

What a wonderful day---it's Good Friday! The cats were sure they were going to get a chocolate covered mouse on a stick---but, no.  I told them on Easter they will get some extra snackers. And chicken too! 

We had BOXES Weds. evening! Many many thanks!

Anony - CATATHON-- Camping Basket:  Camping pot set, Emergency Cooking Set, 4 pk LED Lanterns, Tent, Campfire Forks, 2 hiking backpacks (blue & red)
Kittiesmom - CATATHON--16 movies for Movie Basket.    Frontline meds 
Miranda - Yeoooow Catnip
Fergies Guardian - 2 cases KMR
Mr & Mrs Medic 101 - 2 cases Fancy Feast
Anony Catathon - Horse pattern Laurel Burch bag and scarf

Jeannette B/Furhavenkitties - TN  note from Ricki to Magic       Kleenex for Jacci, Card in honor of Turcker, Memory coin " Left paw prints on your heart  Love Trucker"     Yard marker " Trucker My BFF - Magic".  3 bags of pom poms & bag of party Mix for Trucker 

Macncheeseanddoodlestoo--CATATHON - Summer fun  Wet Head & Sidewalk fun, Mr. Giant Bubble Fun
Katie L - Canada - 4 Cat Ball cave beds--awesome!
Dennis & Lynn T - CATATHON-- Donation 
John & Suzanne C - FL  Kitty Card  Donation for Catathon & Turckers Feliz Navidad Fund
Clark, Jesse & The Rest :
Happy 1st B-day Pippi  13 Apr 2016   Chicken $5
Happy 5th B-day Pania 12 Apr 2012  Chicken $5
Happy 1st B-Day Bonnie 13 Apr 2016  Chicken $5
Nancy B - IN  Catathon Donation
Sydney/day visitor  Bag of Litter and bag of Cat Food

Many thanks too to:
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Nycbird--donation in honor of baby Nona
Gusti--HB fun for Rosemary--she gets to pick something out of the store (catnip toys!)
Sharon S from KY--donation for FFRC

And then.......we had BOXES last night too!  (I got behind on the blog, so we double up!)
Madisonpepper/Marilyn S -Scotty Dog slippers, 2 White porcelain kittys, Frozen Jammies, Kitty gloves and handbag, Cat earrings, 5 prs Christmas socks , Amber cat ring, Links of Love kitty necklace

Anony - CATATHON: Laurel Burch Cat Throw

Karen T/Black1031Cat - NJ CATATHON--2 kitty clutches, Kitty Shirt long sleeve, 
T-Shirt with 3 cats, Pantyhose with kitty on leg, Cat Bookf Life is Sweet, Cat Pillow cover, Black cat earrings, Kitty pin, iPhone kitty cover, Kitty Coin purse, Card & Donation in memory of Trucker & Donation to Catathon

Joanne B/jz-nyc - NY - Catathon:  Hello Kitty:  Stickers, 3 Activity Books, Time and Money    Book, Paint by Numbers, Math workbook, Crayola Book, Color & Trace Book
Aleeda -Catathon:y Made by hand - 2 Kitty hotpads & Matching apron
  Book: Oh Baby the Places You'll Go  Dr. Seuss
Linda/mls - Kitten food Purina OM, coupons, weight circles, Box tops & measuring cups
John & Julia - Catathon:  Spa Basket:  Lots of Shampoo's and Body washes & bar soaps
Pckrbckr - Minnesota Basket: Triple Crown BBQ sauce, Dr. Watkins Hand Soap & Dish Soap,  2 jars locally made Salsa, Locally made Spice blend, Locally made Granola &  Pancake/Waffle mix,  For Vols & Jacci & Steve = Locally made candy & Kueig coffee

Beth/Eaglewathcer - IL  Camping Basket:  Camping lantern, 24 piece Tableware set, 
Coleman butane stove, 2 Coleman sleeping bags
Pat/Our Thursday Night Vol  4 bath towels 
Susan G - NH  Box Tops
Napa Our Mod - MA - Donation for Bonito/Pania Flakes for Pania

Oh-oh---the Niners are exploring more and more! It seems like many will be a bit of long furred kitties. They are all so very sweet. Because they have mama to love on them and people who love them, these should be extra friendly kittens.  They are now 3 1/2 weeks old.

I do need to let you know that our Granpa Guddu has passed away.  He arrived here on April 1 and so was here for 2 weeks.  When he first arrived, he just was so happy and hungry. He ate really good and loved to show us his sweet side and to take all the hugs and holdings that he could get. The last few days have been rough for him. His appetite virtually disappeared and we were syringe feeding him and giving SQ fluids.  But....Guddu was tired and past away in his sleep this morning.  He had many "we love you, Guddu's" especially this past week. I will focus on the fact that he was loved and he KNEW it. And I'm glad, after being abandoned, that we had the privilege of having him here at FFRC. He was a real gem.

Wednesday was a super busy day for us. Dr. Darcy was here and did physicals on as many cats as we could get. Because I always get requests as to who we did, I'll do a quick list!
Covies: Mayor Anony, August, Charlie, Jackson, LeLe, Lucas, Marcus, Muffin, Oliver, Rowland, Rory, Sevaun, Soyboy, Sylvan, Timothy and Victor.  The only two that we couldn't get were Jersey and Nikka. 
Porchies/Barnies/Firecats:  Azar, Ceasar, Fabio, Jimmy James, Leonard, Mew, Olaf, PB, Sargent, Shamballie, Whiskers, Zavatar, Rena, Harvey/Zippy and Kerry

All received their distemper vaccines, a wormer, flea prevention, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, weighed and their physical.  Many were brushed/combed out. 

We do have a few that need dentals, which we will schedule: Marcus, Rowland, Rory, Fabio, Zavator, Kerry.  The wait list is: Mayor Anony and Charlie.

All in all, it was a great day--was fairly warm, had some sunshine and by the end of this day we were thoroughly covered in cat fur!  Many thanks to Dr. Darcy, Lynnette, Eaglewatcher, LJ and  Bedheadsdad for your help. 

TJ was officially adopted yesterday. She is a bit shy, so I showed her to the cam and then she went into a crate to be ready.  My hope is that her new mama will win her heart over completely and TJ will lose that shyness.  I think it can be done!

We saw Forte two days ago. He came and visited to get his last vaccine. Oh my goodness, his new mama sure loves him! And he is indeed a big hit with the staff at the Assisted Living Home. He's a perfect fit!

Our new girl, Snowflake is improving each day. Her appetite is picking up and is now able to eat by herself. We no longer give her slurry food--she's managing to eat can food fairly well. It appears (Dr. Darcy looked at her) that she has had a previous hit by car, probable upper jaw injury. Her teeth alignment isn't too good. We will keep an eye on this and if needed, have the two teeth removed that is holding her mouth open a bit. Time will tell. Right now we want to focus on getting her healthy. She was up in Main Area for about 45 minutes this morning. She's a real sweetie girl.