Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Weds., April 26, 2017

Let's do a Catathon update!  And a thank you update!

Many thanks to you--your donation and help to FFRC is appreciated!

Janet S, Toby & Harley--donation in memory of Walter, Lori & Barry's cat. 
Pam S--donation to FFRC
Tim D from UK--donation in honor of Anayaa
Jill M from CA--donation to FFRC 
Eartheyes/Margaret--donation to FFC
Keiko--donation to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Christopher & Erin M--donation in memory of Fred Connor
Christopher B--donation in memory of Fred Connor
Megan L--donation in memory of Fred Connor

And now to the Catathon update:

The Baskets that we have so far and their "status":

Crochet & Knitting--needs just a little more help
Sewing--has a sewing machine and some accessorie--just a little more help
Black Cat Office Supplies---complete
Survival Food Bucket, First Aid Kit, Survival Pack--complete
Bug Out Survival supply, with 8 day food supply--complete
Cat #1--complete
Cat #2--needs a little more help
Dog--needs lots of help!
Ferole Artwork--complete
Homemade Garden Goodies--complete
Puzzles --complete
Baby Girl --needs little more help
Baby Boy --needs little more help
Laurel Burch #1 --complete
Laurel Burch #2--needs a little more helpGarden--needs just a little help 
Canadian --will be complete with our Canada friends!
Kitchen --complete
Baking --complete
Larissa's Artsie Treasures--complete
Camping  #1--complete
Camping  #2--complete
Hello Kitty--almost done
Summer Fun--needs just a little more help
Edible Delights--complete
FFRC Volunteer--in progress by Vol
FFRC Mod--in progress by mods
Minnesota State--in progress
Movie --almost done--needs a bit more
Cats R Us--complete
Homebound/Nursing Home--complete
These Baskets above are all approximates, subject to change as we get further in the planning!  We also have our list going of Big Ticket Items, Small Big Ticket Items, Fun-Raiser for Catathon Items and the Big Big Ticket Items.  And yes, these all make sense to us! lol   I'll get those items posted in an update too soon. 

Thanks to all that make this Catathon possible!  Remember....the date is June 25, a Sunday.  We're looking forward to it.