Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Wow--what an amazable night last night was! It was our BOXES and DRAWING for the Fun-Raiser! You all never cease to so amaze me!

First, we had BOXES--a thousand thanks to you all!
Attila the mun: CATATHON: Hello Kitty - Cupcake papers & decoration, Make-up brushes & Pillow sham cover

Joyce D - CA  CATATHON: One piece kitchen mitt, 2 kitty pins, Statue of a Meezer, Wood sleeping kitty, Nesting Kitties & Mouse, White Cat figurine, Painted Blue Kitty statue, Blue Kitty with painted vest, Laurel Burch coin purse, 2 wood kitty puzzles

ScCathy/Mod CATATHON:  Yosemite National Park: Shirt - L, Green Mug, Doodle Life Coloring Book, Historic Yosemite Park Book

Mudjie - Mod Basket - National Parks Book, Mister Basket Cologne

Leanne Canada - CATATHON: Canadian Basket: Scrapbook, Frozen book, Hockey Stickers, Montreal Canadians: Sweatshirt, 2018 Day Planner, Hat, socks, Flip Flops, flag, Napkins, Plate, Cups, Maple Creme Cookies, Toronto Maple Leafs Stickers, Canada:  garden flag, LED lights, Note Book, Lanyard, Puzzle, Teddy Keychain, 2 Lapel Flag pins, Bucket of Candy,Ball & Tote  Hello Kitty Plush Toy, 2 pr Hello Kitty Socks, 2 Giant KitKats
 for Lynnette:  Monkey Cards & Monkey socks

Purplecat CATATHON: Mod Basket Redwood Forest National Park: Cards, Pens, Coasters & Tote,  Muir Woods Chocolate

Geminiangel  CATATHON: Mod Basket:  International Peace Memorial magnet & pin, Cuyahoga Valley Magnet & Pin, Aviation Magnet,  President James Garfield Pin, Hopewell Cultural Center Magnet, President William H Taft Pin, Cuyahoga Canals Magnet

And then..........the Drawing for the Fun-Raiser!
Item A   Rosemary Afghan                52x5                      $260                  Linda So
Item B   2 Wheeled Cat Carriers       52x5                        260                  Zoolove & ElGeko
Item C   Rosemary Afghan                63x5                        315                  Ronald Rob
Item D  One Fast Cat                        146x5                       730                  Anony for the Mods
Item E  Warped Blankie                     80x5                        400                 Napa/Mod
Item F  Larissa Harliquin                   52x5                         260                 Madisonpepper
Item G  LJ Kabana Kitties                 79x5                         395                 Joe603
Item H  iPad Air                                205x5                      1025                Carly182

This total came to $3645.  And then the magical Bumper-Uppers joined in!  Many thanks to Joco, EarthEyes, Farmgirl, Gusti/Little Dot, Keiko and an Anonymous Friend.  Their Bumpers made our total then to be .........DRUMROLL!!!!          $4,090

We also had some fun consolation prizes!  Those winners were:  Echomist, Amsprinkle, Twkitty, Kerswill for Vols, Graweyr, Sharon & Mary, Smcuckerjoe, Painteddaisy for Vols, Pawlapurr, Stinkypeeps, Nocats, Laura Ba, iPurr2, Joco  for Angie M, Janet Sch

Needless to say, this was an awesome evening for me.  Many thanks to all the people who provided these items, to those who purchased tickets, to the Mods and Admins and others for promoting this event for us. Big thanks too to Marcia, Pat P and Connie S for counting all the tickets. It just takes a whole village to make these Fun-Raisers be successful and for you all, I am grateful. And to see all the congrats being said on the chat always makes me happy!

Every time you see a medicine being used, a syringe being used, a test being given, mopping solution being put into the bucket, a can of food being fed to a kitty, KMR being fed to another kitten, wormers being given, snackers being shared---there's a million things that we use---and YOU are ALL responsible for us being able to have these items.  I am grateful to you all from the bottom of my heart!

Have a few other thanks to give too!
Mary J W--donation to FFRC
Judeanlee--donation to FFRC
Jeanie A--visitor--48 cans Blue Wilderness, bag of dry Blue Wilderness, bag of Science Diet Kitten and a BLue Basics Turkey dry food bag.

Just a quick bit of news! I received an email confirming what I was hoping for. Our visitors here the other day sent an email confirming their decision---they would like to adopt ALL THREE of the Siamese siblings. Yes, that's right---together they shall always be!  They've never been separated. Hugh, Hooligan and Harriet will be leaving soon but no date has been set quite yet.  Just thrills me that these siblings are going to a home together. They are such a great 3-some cats--silly, playful and so loving.

The Niners are not to be contained in their little octagon nesting home any longer! Sometimes they are all piled up together and sometimes they are all sprawled out. They are so sweet, so loving and so very fun to watch. They are learning to play. And already many now are using their tiny little litterboxes! Nyla, the mama--she is just superb.  

Take care and have a joyous weekend!