Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It's National Volunteer week! I've said it before and I'll say it always---FFRC has truly the best volunteers in the world! Their dedication, the time they give, their compassion--it's all top-notch. They truly are the backbone to this Rescue Center and I very much appreciate each and every one of them! 

We had BOXES last night---such an exciting time with the goodies coming in for Catathon! Many thanks to each of you.

Mudjie - CATATON T--Shirt L Guadelupe National Park

Alexandria & Thomas Washington DC with mom Loreen CT-- 2 Super Mega bags snackers, 2 bags ProPlan snackers, CATATHON - Fitbit Zip  Activity Tracker

Beth/Eaglewatcher - IL  2 new comfy beds for the Nyla Niners

BKarg - CATATHON   Bath & Body Works:  candles, showergel, & frangrance mist

Zoolblove/Pam T - CATATHON: 17" Roaster/baking dish, Cook's Companion set

Severen - UK  Tuxie key chain, and 2 set of matching keychains to share with a friend

Deb11111 - 24 boxes appetizers!

Wendy/Mistykitty & Joe--visitors this week - case of Gatorade & water, Chips for Vols, band aids, postie notes, white out, Cups, 3 bottles hand soap, CATATHON or Fun-raiser--Santa Pillow, Headband, Hat, Shawl & Pretty Afghan. Also 2 - 32 Ct. cases Friskies, Dry cat food plus box load of items for Catathon--all Special Soaps, bath bombs, bath soaps from their friend at etsy.com/shop/EdsApiaries   Good stuff! 

Friday Mary  - Vol from Archbold--6 doggie snackers,  Mr. Clean, sink strainer, 4 boxes band aids.  CATATHON:  3 rolls Frozen Duct tape, Kitty towels, cat purse, Butterfly pin, Magnetic kitty memo pad, Tiny Kitty purse, Whipster Sr. & Whipster Jr., hanpainted Xmas ornament, Cinderella Snowglobe

Martha & Charlotte - Jacks Sew & Vac in Bryan   CATATHON:  Sewing band aids, magnetic pin cushion, gift box of beautiful scissors and measuring tape, magnetic needle case

James - OH  Donation

RoseSF6cats - IA  Donation in memory of Clark father to her friend Kathy

Sue/macncheesanddoodlesmom - MA  donation for Catathon

Dewitty - WI card Happy Spring card with Chicken $5,  weight circles & a whisker from both Binks and Tryphosa.

Tony & Tara---adopted cats from FFRC, donated a big 5 gallon tub of laundry soap!

Our 4 newbie kittens are doing great. They were 6 1/2 weeks old upon arrival (Friday) and their birthday is 3/8/17.  They were found inside a drive thru car wash, huddled along the wall, with a bag of french fries beside them that were covered in ants. Now, that's no way for kittens to be. So, the person that found them brought them to FFRC.  

We have 2 male dark tigers and 2 females tiger/torti blends.  They are a tiny bit shy so we are spending lots of time with them talking to them and holding them. They are eating good by themselves. They sure like to play!

And here are their names---get ready for this!  The boys, because they are twins--one is named Bubble Buddy and the other is Bubble Pal.  Can be called Buddy or Pal or if people can't tell the difference, call them Bubble!  And the girls--they are now known as Sudsy Sis and Sudsy Sue.  Sudsy Sis has a bit more gold on her sides than Sudsy Sue.

Our 3 siamese cats, Hugh, Hooligan and Harriet will be going to the vets today for their physical. We require that on all cats before adoption. It won't take long and they'll be right back! As soon as they get their second vaccine, they will be able to pack their bags for their new home--all being together! 

Polly is on the floor playing with a fuzzy ball. I love to watch her--she gets so wound up in her play. A real joy to watch. And Joline yesterday actually jumped in the air yesterday to get a "flying butterfly" toy. That was wonderful! 

Next Tuesday is another HumaneOhio surgery date. Looking for a good turnout.  I asked HumaneOhio yesterday for an additional May date for surgeries. They've given us a couple to choose from and so will decide that today. 

Nyla and Niners continue to do well.  Little Breezy took 7 ml's of KMR this morning---not much, just enough to top her tummy off. Babies are investigating their room more and getting sturdier legs. The beauty of mama raising babies instead of humans--they can keep those babies so much cleaner! They are spic and span clean! Such a good mama.