Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday, April 15

Lots of visitors this week and weekend! I love it. It's wonderful and a bit humbling to think that people enjoy coming here to FFRC.  I do know for sure the cats love it too---lots of extra petting and brushing.

We had BOXES last night. I'm very grateful. Our Catathon baskets, etc. is looking good! 
Lorette & SW Hardware - Stryker OH,  8 bottle Dial Foam Hand Soap, 3 boxes 13 gal Glad bags, 9 Bottles Windex, 30 non scratch Scotch Bright Scrubers,  5 bottles White Out, lots of AA AAA & C batteries,  10 Bags Party Mix Snackers,  Vols:  Peanut Butter Crackers, 15 bags peanuts, Case of Gardettos snacks

Heather R - One Fast Cat cat wheel--wonderful!

Butterflyclass from Belgium Teacher & S B S H H R N S--- 3 Very Cute Easter Bunnies,   6 kitties colored with spriral tails by the children,  3 Kitty pillows colored by the children

Eaglewatcher  CATATHON--  Coleman Dome 4 man tent,  120 Saline Flush Syringes 10 ml

Lannml - Nylas Niners a lady bug play station

Lindsay H - WI  Zelda magnet made by little sister Paige, Lots of Tiki and Natural Balance pouches, some toys for kitties

Di, our wonderful moderator- 24 rolls Sparkle Towels

Anony CATATHON - Laurel Burch Cat Umbrella

Peggy & Bernie/Halos mom & dad  CATATHON or Flash Sale etc
  Kitty watering can, Kitten with girl figurine, 2 Kitty Coasters, Dove Suncatcher, 
  4 notepads with pens, 4 knives for spreads or dips, 5 puzzles, Book: I Could Pee On This
  Bunny socks
  Snackers, case of Fancy Feast
 Beautiful pen made by Bernie for Jacci

Jim & Debbie - GA-- Pop Tabs, Lots of folded potty bags, Lion toy, lots of mice toys, Comb for Long Hair Kitties,  bag of 12 kitty toys, 3 Tubs Temptation Snackers, lots of Wash Cloths, Dish Cloths & Towels      CATHATHON-- Crystal Puzzle Cat & Kittens, Cat 24 ct cupcake papers and deocrations, 48 ct cupcake papers, 96 mini cupcake papers, Calico kitty puppet, 

Tammy & Keith/Vistors--2 boxes Sandwich crackers, Cookies,  4 cases Friskies, Kitty Snackers, Dry Cat Food,  Paper Towels, Clorox Wipes, 9" & 6" plates

Sonja - FFRC Canada Branch Mod--  2 bags Maple Caramels, 2 bags Toffee Cremes, Bottle of Maple Syrup

Friday Mary Vol--3 Lysol Wipes, 2 Lysol Toilet Cleaner, bunch of spatulas,   2 bags kitty snackers, Lots of Broths for Jolene,  Rice Krispie Treats

Andy A/Tazzmom--Donation. Catathon: 4 puzzles, 7 piece Kitchen set towels, hotpads & mitt, 2 Baby Healthcare & grooming  Boy & Girl, Ninja Express Chop,  Farberware Cutlery Set

Joyce A - CA  CATHATHON Donation & Kitty Easter Card

Sherry/Neuromom & David - NY-- Easter Card with 2 Chicken $5 

VeryOldMan--donation to FFRC in memory of Guddu and Trucker

We took on 3 new cats yesterday---all siblings, all Siamese and all very sweet.  They are tested, vaccinated, wormed, etc. and are now in Cat's Corner Room.  They are a little mystified as to what happened to them, but I don't think it'll take them long to adjust. We'll give them a few days in Cat's Corner Room to settle in.  Their owner has to move and she can only take a certain amount of the cats with her, so these 3 came here. 

The Siamese cats are 2 boys and 1 girl. The girl is named Harriet. The boys are Hugh and Hooligan (all Name a cat names).  Hugh is slighter darker with Hooligan being slightly lighter. I call them triplets! They are 7 1/2 months old, with a birthday of September 1, 2016. 

Farmyard news:  the baby chicklet from last year is all white, big and full grown! She's even started to lay eggs already! We've been gathering eggs up daily.  The ducks, geese and peacocks are doing wonderful. We are in the process of adding 10 new horse mats to the corral for the horses to give them more of an area for when the corral is so muddy.  First though, the stone has to be layed to keep the mats up out of the dirt. Lots of work.

Snowflake is now up and about in the Main Area. She is so sweet and quiet. Seems to accept everyone as her friend. Each day she looks better and is starting to get a little weight on her. Still putting meds in her left eye.

Take care and have a wonderful, blessed Easter tomorrow!