Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday, April 9, 2017

What a beautiful day we had yesterday. Some blue sky, fluffy white clouds and some sunshine! Hoping it helps to dry up the majorly wet yards. The ducks and geese like all these surprise pools of water though!

Just some quick updates: Guddu is still eating with a big appetite. He seems like he cannot get enough food or enough loving! He soaks up both. Pippi is 100% after her fall and hurt back 1 1/2 weeks ago. She's back to normal and has been running the wheel again. Jessie is doing great--she has recently been seeking us out more for extra pets. That is nice to see. Hensley's appetite has taken a jump up! Paddy Purr's nose looks good--we keep track of that to make sure his "bad nose skin cells" don't come back.

We have names!  Finally......Nyla's Niners are named!  Mama Nyla is doing wonderful and all bellies are nice and round. They all look good. It's easier to try and learn names by dividing them into their colors:

White with 2 grey dots, male-----Henry R Peeps
White with tiger rectangle spot by tail, female-----Oh My Guinness

Grey & white, female, smallest one-----Breezy
Grey & white, male, white nose-----Adare
Grey & white, male, brown nose-----Declan (pronounced deck-lan)

Brown tiger/white, female, brown up nose-----Nona (means 9th born!)
Brown tiger/white, male, dot on nose-----Sloane

Light brown tiger/white, male-----Vester
Light brown tiger/white, female, white rt hip-----Vesta

Vester and Vesta look so much alike as does Nona and Sloane.  Thank goodness we can check if a boy or girl!  Adare & Declan will have to have a nose check to tell apart! A week from now I'm betting that they will be toddling around a little bit. 

Many thanks to Mary Braid and Edna Gem. They have been working hard at trapping the cats at the mall. So far 1 black, 1 grey, 1 orange, 1 black/white and 1 calico has been trapped. These cats are being neutered/spayed, vaccinated, flea prevention applied, wormed and then released. All are feral other than the black/white which we placed in a home. Unfortunately, there was one other cat trapped that was in very poor health (in sickness & in injuries) that we elected to let this one go to kitty heaven. Because he was wild, it would have been most difficult to treat. All the others have been healthy. 

We took in a new cat yesterday. She is all white and has the name of Snowflake from a very special FFRC friend--our Hannah P. friend. This female cat is young (no birthdate yet). She came in extremely dirty, frostbite ears, dehydrated (3/5), with an injured jaw that is affecting her ability to eat, major fleas and internal parasites.  She's got a rough road ahead of her. Dr. Darcy will be here soon so will examine her. In the meantime, we are hydrating her with fluids, giving soreness meds, syringe feeding her, treating her parasites, gave a bath and giving her antibiotics. She sure loves her heater to lay on. 

Happy Birthday to Joyful! She is 15 years old today. Joyful arrived here when she was ten years old, on 12/29/12. She had come from a home where drugs were abundant and was also abused. It has taken quite some time to gain her trust but she has given us that gift. She is now everywhere in the Rescue Center and does enjoy her ear scratches and back rubs. 

Many thanks to those who have donated to the Catathon Help Fund. During the Catathon your names will be read along with all the other donators!  The Catathon Help is donations made to FFRC specifically for the Catathon.  We have an Anonymous Donor who will FOUR times your donation--anywhere from $1 to $50!  Yes, that's right! That means a $5 donation really is $20! We have taken some of this donation and used it to purchase a few items for Catathon!  If you send in a donation whether it be by check or Paypal, just please make "Catathon Help" on it! 
Many thanks to you all and to our Anonymous Donor for this!

I want to send out a special thank you too to our Moderators and Admins. The mods oversee the chat on cam and the Admins watch over our FFRC fb page. In addition, they also help with Flash Sales, FunRaisers, events, etc. Both "jobs" are so very important to FFRC. We want clean, polite and respectful chat and FB entries. These folks who are our mods and admins give so much of their time for us. I've said it before and I mean it with my whole heart---they are the best admins and mods in all of cam/fb history. Their watchfulness allows me to not have to worry about these things. I deeply appreciate them. They have my respect and that's what I wish for them to receive from everyone "out there". 

Want a laugh?  Okay, so yesterday afternoon was rather weird for me. I was stepping down (in the house, from a step) and landed on Steve's foot. This made me roll my right ankle and then very much rolled my left ankle. I've always had "rubber" ankles--no fun. And then in trying to catch myself hit a pole that cut my thumb.  Sat down with ice packs that Steve got me and purring cats. But, sitting down isn't my "thing" so I came out to the rescue center to give Snowflake her bath. I turned the sink on, put the plug in and proceeded to trim Merri's toenails with the help of Mary/vol from Arch.  Well, that sink filled way too fast. Water flowed over 90% of the front Thumper's room, spilled into the bathroom and almost flooded out the Welcome Room.Seymour looked rather bewildered.  So......we mopped some up and shop-vacced some up. Then in trying to get the mop bucket back into the Main Area, I hit a bump and the whole batch of water then got dumped onto that floor---back to mopping and shop-vaccing it up. Oh brother---and the cats were looking at us like we were crazy!  A good laugh made the whole situation better! Snowflake did eventually get her bath! 

Here's some dates coming up:
April 12--Dr. Darcy comes to do physicals for the outside cats
April 14-Olivia's new family will arrive for adoption
April 18-21--Fun-Raiser!!  BOXES and Drawing on 4/21
April 20--HumaneOhio spay/neuter day
May 2--HumaneOhio spay/neuter day

Just a reminder---if I ever forget something that should be mentioned or you do not get a response back from a message from me, please let me know. I try very hard to keep up with correspondence.  Thank you. Have a wonderful Sunday!