Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Another spay/neuter day. We've been really tackling this problem of overpopulation! Today was the HumaneOhio day.  We checked in 28 cats.  A bit less than we had hoped for. Some of the owners cancelled as their cats were already pregnant. Hoping to get those mamas to be spayed as soon as we can.  Remember---mamas can be spayed when babies are 6 weeks old. If you wait much longer, she will already be pregnant again.

Our 28 cats consisted of 9 males and 19 females.
This brought our numbers so far to 129 females and 109 males--a grand total of 238 done for 2017. Last year at this time we were at 158 cats (81 females and 77 males). 
We plan on continuing these events and already have many scheduled!

We have been helping with the Mall cats here in Defiance. Another male cat was caught yesterday and is on the neuter schedule for today. He will have his ear tipped and returned to his home where the rest of his cat family is. We will continue to try and get this colony neutered (have 2 done now from there). 

We took on a new cat. His name is Guddu (pronounced Gu-du--a name from the recent Lion movie). He's an old fella and was found outside sleeping on a bed of stones. Poor boy---he's so thin, had major fleas and worms and very bad teeth. He actually doesn't have many teeth left but will need the remaining to be looked at. He's a brown tiger and must have been a magnificently large boy in his prime. His feet are big and his legs are long. He apparently lost his home when his elderly mama had to go into assisted living. He's now in the Cat's Corner Room and will be out and about soon.

We have had 2 adoptions.
Annabelle did indeed leave on Saturday. She went to a home where she is the sole cat (which she will love!) and a new mama that has tons of love to give. And then to add to that, there's a huge porch she can go to where she can watch the birds, deer and squirrels come up to feeders. I do believe Annabelle has landed in a wonderful home! 

Tabitha---yes, our Tabitha that has been with us for quite some time. She went home with our volunteer Connie D. Connie has been smitten with Tabitha for a long time. I've already seen some pictures and it looks like she's going to slide right in to her new home! I'm so very happy for both Connie and Tabitha. 

We had BOXES last night! Such a lot of fun and gratitude from me to you!
Miranda - bag of ping pong balls
Janet B/Scooterkitty with Sadie & Gracie--flannel blankets for baby baskets, 3 bags snackers, 12 cans Fancy Feast
Zoolove/Pam T - CATATHON  Black Cat Kleenex holder for Black Cat office basket
  3 bags Temptation Snackers, Tidy Cat Light Weight Litter
Anony - 3 Tubs Temptation Snackers
Shawn/HappyFlame/Long Distance Volunteer--3 cases soda pop, Snackers
Jatcat - 2 pkg posties for dispenser, red box cutter, 2 envelope cutters, 2 pkg small posties, Sharpies & pens
KnittenKitten/Donna - CATATHON - Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker
Eric/Lovemypetz & Carrie - 6" & 9" paper plates, Fancy Feast, Sardines, 4 bags apples & 2 boxes ginger snaps for horses, 2 cans chicken, Dog & Kitty snackers, 30 gal garbage bags
Letty B/LucyLilly2 - Letter  CATATHON - Book - Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed, Window sill bed and Kitty climber, Dry Food, 18 Cans of Iams
Phyllis B - MI  Coupons
Sherry/Neuromom & David W - NY 2 Cards and Donation in memory of Trucker

Katie/Goofy - Sponsorships and donations thru her work colleagues $525. We were presented with financial help and goodies (RC kitten food, Purina One dry, Rachel Ray cat food, kitty snackers & Friskies canned food.  Many thanks to the following co-workers of Katie for your support---Nicky V, Ernie L, Valerie H, Anna B, Tim H, David K, Mike V, Samuel V, Tony V, Augie F, William O, Frank L, Annie L, Bill H, Thomas B, Becky C, Cindy S, Burt J, Andy L, Bill G, Ron B, Joseph S, Roberta S, Patricia B, Fran R, Art WE, Bette G-M, Lorraine H, Jessica R, Dexter J, Shelby J.  Many of these folks also sponsored different FFRC cats!

We also have thanks for:
Renee/jakesmeowmy--donation for April to FFRC
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Teletype/Validations Unit--donation to FFRC, for their dear friend Fran D in loving memory of her brother Mark. 

Many people have been worried about Hensley. And I understand that. When you love a cat and knowing they are not at their "bestest", it causes concern.  Hensley is happy and has been checked out by Dr. Darcy several times lately. CH is a weird thing. We do know that CH affects more of the brain than originally ever thought. If you take a brain of a CH cat (especially those with moderate or severe CH --Hensley is moderate), you will see in the brain many areas that are "pocked" and those spots then are not 100% working cells. It does indeed affect these cats in many different ways, depending where all the pocks are. This is also why Hensley is a seizure cat. I thank you for loving him. Rest assured, we will keep track of this boy!