Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday, April 27, 2017

First it's very sunny with blue skies and then it pours. Then the sun comes again followed by another bout of rain!  Oh well---makes the grass green, the frogs chirp more and helps those spring flowers!

This morning we had a combination of the Niners and the Bubbles & Sudsy kittens! All 13 kittens are now in the back Thumper's Room.  Nyla was just fine at first and then got a "whiff"--a different kitty smell came to her and she investigated.  She whapped a couple but has settled down now. This is good for all 13 kittens. Lots of playtime coming up! 

Our Snowflake is not feeling so very good. We now have her in a pen in the front Thumper's Room--this will allow us to keep a better eye on her.  She's on medications to help her eye to feel better and to heal.

We had BOXES yesterday.  We moved the time to 4:00 to help me with an appointment that I had on the farmyard. Many thanks to you all for your gifts to FFRC.

Billie K/BKarg - CATATHON: Vera Bradley Nomadic Floral: Throw, Travel set, Tote, Hanging organizer, Pill case, Make-up bag, Medium make-up bag, Small purse

Rita ViCaprio - CATATHON or Fun Raiser - Pastel Oil Painting: 'Forever Home' of an Orange & White Kitty in memory of TinyToes

Jatcat - CA  Trac ball for Henrietta, Hugh & Hooligan, Figure 8 trac ball for FFRC

Anony - 2 Tower Trac Balls & 4 Trac Balls with scratchers

Miranda - case of 9-Lives

Mich & Vern - MI CATATHON:  Pretty wicker basket for the sewing basket

Zoolove/Pam T - CATATHON: Painted glass bird bath, Humming bird feeder, Bird feeder & bag of KT Birdseed

Anony CATATHON: Dog bed

Anony  1200 9" plates

Severen UK : CATATHON:  Hello Kitty keyrings,   3 grey/white kitty key chains, 2 Brown/White Kitty key covers

Anony CATATHON:  Hello Kitty Toothbrush holder

Chris, Lee & Darrah  - Donation in memory of Fred Connor

Mike/sophieandlucysdad  MI   Coupons

Kittiesmom  MI  Coupons

You all know I have a passion for rescuing cats. My other passion is horses. Yesterday, my family and I took in 2 very neglected horses. My intention was to take only one of these horses, but after seeing the wounds on the second horse, I accepted both of them.  These two horses have been neglected for a very very long time. They are so in need of a ferrier for their feet (will happen next week), a vet visit (the vet is aware of these 2 horses and will be in touch tomorrow as to when they can come), a major brush out (appears to have 2 years of old dead fur on them), a bath (their fur is caked with manure) and treatment for multiple wounds that have been neglected.  Isn't it wonderful that hearts can be open to love lots of things!  Give us a few months and these 2 horses will be beautiful/handsome! 

Just had a change of plans.  Nyla asked that those 4 strangers leave her room! So....the Bubbles and Sudsy kittens are back in their own room!  

Coming soon!  Voting Food and Cat Caves!  Keep your eyes open for information. Voting starts on May 1st! 

The cats are all doing great, I love to watch the interaction of their playtime. For cats that don't speak English, they sure do communicate to each other and to us. Alma has a huge vocabulary for bossing us around! The look Paddy Cake gives us after his eye cleaning definately speaks volumnes! Mew the Porchie is always full of conversation. Farrah with her toy in her mouth loves to tell us what she is doing, same as the Paddys. 

All is good. Wishing you all a peaceful day.