Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday, April 11

What a grand way to work--6 cats within my petting reach! Love it!

We had BOXES last night. So many thanks sent to you all for helping us.
Barbara (Anita S's sister)--homemade Swarovski Crystal Jewelry--use anyway that is helpful! 
Orchawhales & family--60 lg. plates, 80 sm plates, cat toys, a great magnet , 2 boxes Kleenexes
Fergiesguardian--2 cases liq. KMR, 4 Sooth the Kitty Snugglies
Alexandra B &Thomas R from DC--cat card, bag Proplan dry, 4 bags snackers, 12 mouse toys
LJ--4 cases F Feast Broths & 5 new cat fur art pieces: they are called Buddy, Awwww Kittens, So Cute, Playtime & Love You

Leggygal--leggydews, biggydews, adoption bags, satchel bags for Flash Sales & PawMart  Also some great items for CATATHON: 2 Cobble Hill puzzles (library Cat, and Cat Quotes),       2 little girl onsie set w/pants and socks.  Polo 5 piece onsies with/5 different unisex designs, 9 Piece gift set for girls;10 Piece gift set for boys,  Coloring Book, Black Cat coin purse, 4 Piece baby boy gift set, Wall hanging "We made a wish and you came true", Laurel Burch SunHat, 3 Laurel Burch medium carry on bags in "Sun and Sand" patterns,  2 Laurel Burch large carry on bags in "Sun and Sand"  3 Piece Laurel Burch Cosmetic Bags, Laurel, Burch coffee mug, Laurel Burch umbrella

Joco--For sewing basket for CATATHON--needles, tape measure, case of Bobbins, pinking sheers, 2 deluxe seam rippers, 18 spools thread, box of 250 pins, pattern scissors

Clark, Jessie and the Crew--H15thB to Mew, and Happy 15thB to Joyful--both have their chicken $5's
Melissa L from NY--donation to FFRC
Elks Club, Defiance--donation to FFRC
Shannon S--donation for the care of Leonard, Victor, Markus & Jackson II 
Billie K--to help with Snowflakes' care
Tom W--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC

Tomorrow, Weds., Dr. Darcy will be coming to do physicals on as many outside cats as we can get! We will also weigh, cut toenails, give wormer, flea prevention, distemper & leukemia vaccines.  As many as will cooperate, we will do!  This is for the Porchies, Firecats, Covies & the Barnies.

Mama Nyla is doing wonderful. She still is supplying 100% of the milk for the Niners. We are feeding her often. She had a brown cigar toy this morning with catnip in it---she sure loved that! Nona is very adventurous and has stumbled out a couple times. Vester and Vesta too have been curious. It won't be long until they are toddling about! Nyla has her work cut out for herself!

Snowflake is doing better!  She ate lunch, supper and now breakfast this morning by herself! She eats slow and can only lap up her food but is definitely showing improvement. Dr. Darcy will also look at her tomorrow.

Anayaa sure knows how to let us know when she's hungry---which is most of the time! Such a coaxer she is! Paddy Cake, Paddy Purr, Jolene and Olivia had their little paws shaved a bit to help keep them clean. Also their tummies and bottoms too for cleanliness.  Paddy Cake always thinks he's a big boy and doesn't need any of that! 

We've been working on Albert's Garden and the Angel Garden, getting them all cleaned. The grass is green. Yesterday we had some nice sun--the cats enjoyed it coming into the windows. 

Take care and have a wonderful day! I told the cats to enjoy this reasonable calm before kitty season truly gets started. And then they have to hone up on their kitty skills!