Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday, April 7

Another adoption! Forte was adopted to a lady that lives in an assisted living program. He is going to have to many laps to nap in! I think Forte is a perfect cat for this kind of living. He has so much love to give and thoroughly enjoys being held.  I believe plans are still on for TJ too.

Tabitha is doing wonderful in her new home with Connie. She adapted quickly and even is starting to like the outdoor enclosed catio.  Also heard from Annabelle's mama. She is doing wonderful and is thoroughly enjoying watching the critters outside! 

Guddu, our new grandpa cat is so wonderful. He sure is enjoying all the food--I don't believe he's turned down any yet! His personality is amazing. He's so friendly and will sleep on anything that is soft.  His physical is coming up. I'm quite sure he will need a dental. 

Yesterday afternoon was our Flash Sale. Giant thanks to Mich and Vern for coming here to do this sale. They are both wonderful and give of their time so freely to help us. Many thanks to all the folks that donated the items for the sale and to those who purchased them. Packages will start going out the door today!  

We also had BOXES last evening! So much fun for me to see what arrives. Big thanks for your support. 

Mich & Vern--2 big bags of various chip snackers for the vols

Dewitty  - for CATHATON 8 pc Chefco Kitchen Gadgets, 8pc Kitchen Utensils set , Mixing bowls and measuring spoons & cups set.
LostGirl – CATATHON-several writing books, turkey stuffing bags, kids cookbooks, kids sticker organizer books
Beth – eaglewatcher – kitty cave bed
Mike – sophieandlucy’s dad – lots and lots of Sheba Perfect Portions, appetizers  & Snackers
Anonymous – wonderful bags of horse treats
Connii , Elliot,Isabella – Royal Cainin kitty food, 2 round scratcher bowls, 4 boxes of Fancy Feast Broth
Lois L/Lann – CATATHON– Peacock tiffany shade lamp
Furbysguardian--2 cans of KMR 
Zoolove – 1 case of baby food
Widdletigger – 1 large case of sparkle paper towels
Faithy – 2 bags of Dental snacks CET Chewies
John F – 20 ish cans of Sheba cat food, 2 boxes of plastic gloves, 2 bags of temptation party mix
Allen and Elaine from FL. 40lb bag of cat litter, 3 cases friskies, 1 case fancy feast classic, and 1 case fancy feast appetizers
Laura S/contessa – Boxtops
Keith and Jan T. – Trucker card & donation
Eleanor/elskates – Jacci birthday card and donation
Linda and Tom C – card with donation
Clarke , Jessie and the rest of the gang, - Birthday card for Merri & her chicken $5
Don and Joy / NY – card in memory of Trucker Donation to Feliz Navidad Fund
Jeanne S / Fl, - card and donation
Pat L, (mike’s mom) Card and donation
We also have more thanks to give:
Oopsiepa/Roberta--donation to FFRC
Michael JW--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Janet K from Amsterdam--donation for the kitties
Ginnie H--donation in memory of her friend Jon B who recently passed.
We have also had some FFRCfriends come forward with donations for Catathon. These are the ones labeled Catathon Help. Their donations will be FOUR times due to an angel FFRC friend! 
Things are happening for Catathon! Each week, I will give updates as to the progress of the Baskets, Big Ticket Items and the Small Big Ticket items. An exciting time of year for FFRC!
Today is important! Nyla's Niner babies will get their names! 
Livingstons tail fur is finally growing in. A  good thing because that naked tail tip was very inviting to the other cats to try to chase! Remember all the problems he had as a baby kitten with his boy parts? Well, no longer. All is 100% healed and it's a done story---he is fine and dandy and ready for adoption. 
I've had some people asking me about Magic. He is actually doing much better this week. I know he went thru a period of feeling a bit lost but he is now playing with the other cats and he's back at my desk like he always was with Trucker. He and Olivia and Zelda are napping together right now. 
Take care and have a wonderful weekend.