Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The sun is shining and I can see blue skies! Many places where the sun is coming in, there's a cat lounging in the sunbeam. They are soaking up that sun! The morning birds are singing. Buds are coming out strong now on the trees. Grass is growing. The Covies playground has already been mowed once and needs it again. Goose eggs are here and there in the grass (they never clutch them up--just drop them wherever!). 

We had a great day in the horse corral yesterday. Dion came with his Bobcat and hauled tons of stone for us--he placed it in a large area around the hitching post. We then leveled that out and put all the horse mats on top---gave the horses quite a large area now to be out of the icky muck, for when it rains alot. 

I've heard from Tammy and Keith who adopted Olivia. It sounds like she is doing wonderful and acclimated quickly. She's already sleeping on their bed! Yesterday she was playing with the laser light.  All is good in Olivia's world!

We had BOXES last night---wow---it's amazing to me. I never cease to be in awe of you folks "out there"--helping us with this, helping us with that, over and over.  I'm so very grateful.
Jobo and mom - 3 Lg bags of snackers, case of can food

Zoolove/Pam T CATATHON - 40 in. solar Infinity Wind Spinner, Bicycle Wind Spinner, Cardinal Bird feeder, Black Cat Basket:  Cat clock, Welcome rug & metal cat wall art.  And 2 bottles of No More Bugs Cedar spray

Susan345 - 4 boxes Gallon ziploc bags, 150 Quart ziploc bags
Joey3100 - 400 -gal ziploc bags, 200 Sandwich ziploc bags
Andrew - Snackers for the Doggies
Widdletigger - FL  CATATHON  Cat Wine glass " You are not really drinking alone if the cat is home",  cat bottle stopper, 6 wine glass markers
Eaglewatcher- IL  CATATHON--Coleman family cookset, heavy duty tent accessories,  Pie Iron
Lostgirl - CATATHON  Wavy cutter, 12 Tote bags & pan protectors
Lannml - Zebra Kitty Play Station for the kitties!
Dawn a volunteer - Round cutglass/mosaic bird feeder
Dianna C - OH  Fuel Card and Donation
Severen - Kitty Key Covers!

Karl T/2catsdad - MI  note and photo of Comet his kitty,  Reeses pillow, Detroit Hat for Steve, 2 whiskers one from Comet and one from Gizzmo who went to the RB in December. Also doggie & Kitty snackers, 9 Kitty T-shirts     CATATHON:  Book: Deweys Nine Lives, Beanie Kitty/Tabitha,  2 Bob Bonn prints;  WildWest Art  Steer & kitty & 3 Cool Kitty Angels

I 'm sitting here at my desk, so enjoying the cats. Paddy Purr is curled up right in the front (as always and blocking my monitor view!), Zelda is in my lap, Hensley is napping in a sunbeam on the floor, Paddy Cake is staring at me from the steps, Magic is sound asleep on the second desk, Chester is on the floor enjoying his toes (he's cleaning them!) and Elsie is right behind me on the Kuranda Tower. 

Today the door was opened to the Cat's Corner Room.  First one out was Harriet, followed by Vutomie. Took a little while, but Hugh and Hooligan are now out too. Hugh was standing on his rear toes playing with a Ming String! Harriet has been over and tapped my leg for a pet! I do believe these 4 newbies are enjoying themselves. 

Nyla's Niner's are doing wonderful. All 9 have now been out and about. A couple have tried the Baby Cat nibbles. And a few have pottied in their baby litterboxes! They are growing up! They have already received their first worming. Later this week, they will receive their Bordetella.  They are 4 weeks old today!

The shirts are in! These are the ones that were available in March. Today the goal is to get them packed and very quickly on their way to you all that ordered! 

Our April Fun-Raiser is on!  Check out our different sites for info. If you have trouble getting this info, please email me! We have eight different items! All are wonderful. BOXES will be Friday at 5:30 with the Fun-Raiser at 6:00 pm.  Many thanks to all those that help make these Fun-Raisers possible! 

Thursday is our next HumaneOhio surgery day. As usual, check ins are 5:30 to 6:00 am.  Normally the truck returns around 5:30 pm.  Hoping for a full load on Thursday!