Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday, April 2

This land is back to the cats! But we sure had a great day of having fun with reptiles yesterday! Thanks for joining in on our fun!

FFRC had it's surgery day yesterday for the public.  We did 17 public neuters, 1 FFRC neuter and 1 spay for Zara.  I love seeing the numbers keep climbing!  Our new 2017 total so far is 110 females and 100 males, coming to 210 total! And more are coming! This Tuesday we have another HumaneOhio spay/neuter day with high number of females. We have a very full schedule for this day. 

Little Olivia also needed a little extra work on her tummy incision. It appears she had a reaction to her sutures and had to have them removed (under the skin). This area then was stapled. She's fine and is here napping on my desk. 

Dr. Darcy did some physicals for FFRC.  Asha, Bonnie, Kiara, Magic and Vernon were all checked and all are fine.  So far, no dentals either!  In a couple weeks though, Dr. Darcy will be coming to do physicals on as many outside cats that we can do.  I have no doubt we will have a few dentals to do then. 

Big thanks to Joyce D for the pizza lunch on surgery day. And to Gusti for providing our drinks.  Larry (Martha L's husband) made his famous Brownies. We also had an anonymous friend that provided other goodies for us!  We were very well cared for!

We have more thanks to give too:
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Donna Bu--donation for Coralie and Spiker.
Fran D--donation to FFRC, in memory of her brother Skip--to go to the Feliz Navaidad Fund for Trucker

Did you catch that name Zara above? Yes, I adopted another cat. I know full well I should've adopted another FFRC cat, but I couldn't resist. This sweet girl needed a home and I sure reached my hand out very quickly! She's a Z, in other words, a sphinyx. Her markings are that of a torti.  She is 2 years old. We have her caught up on her vaccines, wormings, leuk/fiv test and is now spayed. She's doing pretty good getting use to my house of cats and I love her! 

The Moss farm is also getting a new friend. My granddaughter Ashlyn is now the very proud and very excited owner of a new horse. His name is Gunner, a Tobiano Dunn (gold/white) Paint. Gunner is 12 years old. He will be arriving today at noon. The entire family is very excited too,  sharing Ashlyn's joy!

The FFRC shirt order will be going in Monday morning! As soon as we get them back here to FFRC, we will get them packed and on their way to those that ordered them! Thank you for these orders!

Nyla and the Niners were looked at by Dr. Darcy. All are looking good. Each tummy is round and worthy of the FFRC belly look. That Nyla---what a smart girl she is. Here is an email that I received from Nyla.

Dear Mama Jacci,
I luvs you very very much fur takin good care of me and my babies. But I haz made a decision. I knows you wants me and my babies to move to the big blue thing, buts no. Thomas haz been watchin over us too and we haz decided to stay in his house. I iz keepin my babies wif me till they iz 5 years olds. I knows you iz thinkin not enuff room, buts Thomas says iz ok for you to adds an addition, maybes 9 additions. Hahaha, Iz just kiddin, Mama Jacci. We just needs
2 additions cuz the girls will share and the boys will share. You knows you iz always sayin its nice to share.And whens the babies do move out I will haz rooms for nice big poofs ands cabnets for snackers. I show you the blue prints whens you gots time.
Love, Nyla

And with that, have a wonderful Sunday!