Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday, March 31, 2017

We were socked with a lot of rain yesterday--bucket loads and thunder--a real thunderbanger. The farmyard is afloat but the ducks and geese are sure enjoying it. Everyone is dry and warm though.

We had BOXES last night! 
Lost Girl - CATATHON--bath and body products.  3 plug ins, 4 portable fragrance packs, 3 boxes of bottled scents for flower plug in.
Cinder - CATATHON--items for Black Cat Office Basket,  1 decal cover, 1 desk organizer, 2 pair of scissors, Black Cat Coffee Mug.
Pam T. (Zoolove) - CATATHON--for Black Cat Office Basket,  black kitty paper clips. desk divider (black) with compartments.
                                         *    *    *
Anonymous donor - lots of snackers--large container of  Party Mix, several packets of Temptations, 6 bags of Treats for the doggies, and packs of Fancy Feast Duos.
Pat (Thursday Vol)  - 2 towels, 1 large bag of dry cat food, paper plates, broth packets, and appetizers.
Anonymous donor - case of Classic Pate & Fancy Feast fish and shrimp, Party Mix.
Carla M.  (cj500) -  44 knit spring coil toys, and 30 knit blankies (flash sale!)
Pam T. (Zoolove) -   variety of jeweled kitty key chains for a Flash Sale.    
Anonymous donor - box of 30 snack packs of nuts
Widdletiger --2 cases of Iams wet kitten food, 1 large bag of Purina One dry cat food.

 Pat (Thurs Vol)   Card with donation in honor of Trucker.
Conii and Elliott and Izsabellah--belated birthday card, 1 pop-up birthday card.
Littleonemine  - card wth donation in memory of Adelaide and Alice Mary 
Michlynn and Vern - condolence card for Jacci.
Jim and Mary S. -  card/donation in memory of Trucker
Jill C.  -   card with donation for Alice Mary, Adelaide and Trucker.
Elaine and Alan - Birthday card with gift card from Appleby's for Steve and jacci,
                        and a private disc for Jacci about Trucker.
Caitlyn C. -  donation to sponsor Coralie and special food for Coralie 

LARISSA'S ART BOX--lots of Artsy item!  Larissa---you are amazing and have such a great talent. I know these items were made with love and we receive these with love and gratitude to you.
    -  Ode to a Black Cat box with keychains, magnets, and pendants inside.
   -  1 large and 1 small Harlequin Kitty paintings.
   -   Rainbow Bridge Pattern Items    Kleenex Box, Med & smallKeepsake Box
   -  2 Bad Cat Keepsake boxes, 1 medium, 1 small
   -  1 Blame the Doggie Christmas Tree
   -  1 Black Harlequin Box with Heart of Gold
   -  1 Black Kleenex Box with several black kitties painted on
   -  1 Pixie Gazebo with smushed pixie painted on the bottom.
   Pyrography Items 
    -  1 Heart Shaped  I Love Paddy Cakes box 
    -  1 Sevaun Box with dividers.
    -  7  plaques of following kitties:  Zelda, Elsie, Hensley, Walter, Merri Elizabeth
                                                    Derecho, and Coralie.
Special BD Gift for Jacci,  handmade statuette of Zelda to be displayed on a box.

Tomorrow is another surgery day for FFRC.  We will concentrate on male neuters again and should have approximately 20 males from the public coming in. We also have a few physicals for Dr. Darcy.  Later in April, she will come and we will do a whole Saturday for all the outside cats---they will be weighed, have their physicals, update on vaccines, wormings, flea prevention--the works!

I was asked about our washer and dryer and the efficiency of them.  Good question! Each day is different though because some days we do the laundry from the Porchie Haven and Firecat's house and the Covie Haven.  Some days we add in the Covie and Porchie's sunporch.  But......basically, we are running about 1 load per 3 of what we were doing before. Yes---that washer tub can be tripled. And the dryer is so huge--it dries the items quickly.  Many times in the afternoons we are done with all the laundry except when we are doing the outside items. The soap consumption is also much lower.  We love them and appreciate what this dryer and washer does for us. 

We have another date for you!  There's a Flash Sale coming up!  It's April 6 about 2:30 ish.  Mich (and maybe Vern) will be here! We have lots of items, many of which hasn't been shown here before. Should be a great afternoon. Many thanks to Mich and Vern.

AnnaBelle will be adopted soon. Not sure exactly what day but she is going into a home where she will have fun. This lady who will adopt her has tons of bird feeders and squirrel feeders. Should keep her very busy watching all the action. And she'll have a lap that is just for her!

Nyla and the Niners are doing great. Each day they are checked and tummies are still nice and round. As they grow, if their milk needs outgrows what Nyla can provide, we are willing and able to pitch in and help her. Names will be coming soon!

I've heard from Markie and Barkey---they are doing wonderful. They are inside and also have like a catio, so they can go outside safely too! 

I also heard from the lady who adopted Darcy and saw pictures of her. Looks like she is doing wonderful. She is so beautiful. She is getting use to the dogs and enjoys playing with her toys!

Next Tuesday is our next HumaneOhio date. We have another very full schedule--mostly females. We're trying to get as many females spayed as possible. When that Spay/Neuter truck pulls in, my heart just swells knowing that each spay/neuter done is saving lives. 

Olivia is doing wonderful--her fur is gorgeous. She's sleeping on my desk right now. I love watching her play. Bonnie and Franklin Tommy enjoy playing together--their favorite is chasing each other while they are carrying a toy in their mouth.  Livingston thought it was fun to play with Gia's tail, until Gia swatted him. He went and found a toy to play with! Giovanna is doing wonderful. She's a quiet soul but so loves to be petted. She is now in the Main Area all the time. 

It's been over a week since Trucker has been gone now. He has left a huge hole in my heart and is sorely missed. But---these other cats sure know how to make us all smile. And life is abundant there in the back Thumper's Room which is such a joy. Magic is doing ok. He had a couple days that I could tell he was sad---was off and not playing. But he too is adjusting. He's been playing with some of the other cats now. And of course is soaking in all the pets, love and hugs that we give him.

Have a great weekend!