Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Another day of emotional ups and downs. 

I would like to pass on many thanks to you all for the wonderful birthday cards and surprises.  It meant alot to me. You all are wonderful friends and it's amazing to me how we can connect without actually having met in person, for some of us. 

And then I would like to send a big thanks to Deb11111 and DonnaJB for their generosity in helping us with the loss of Alice Mary and Adelaide.  Deb has been the organizer of this and Donna has made the offer of anyone wanting to donate to FFRC in memory of Alice Mary and Adelaide, their funds will be matched (up to $2,000).  We have been receiving those gifts to FFRC and I am grateful. You all know how dear spaying and neutering is to FFRC. This will be a boost to our spay/neuter program. We are already using some of these funds. On our 4/1 surgery day here at FFRC, we will pay $5 off for each neuter and donate the capstar and worming (most of these cats have never been wormed).  This comes to $10 per cat and is always appreciated by the owners. Many thanks to you all for making this possible.  We will also send up more money to HumaneOhio to cover our Voucher spay/neuter program that we have for people who take their cats themselves to HO for their surgery. We donate $20 per voucher. I do believe Adelaide and Alice Mary would've approved. 

We had BOXES last night. It truly was like Christmas. Every single item will be used and appreciated. Our FFRCNation is built upon kindness and the love for these cats.

Fran D - New Purple Stool
Vickie B - 6 bags of Baby Cat Royal Canin
Anony - 1 case Chicken Soup for the Soul food, 1 case WeRuVa, 2 cases Friskies, 10 bags Sheba Meaty, 2 bags Blue Buffalo Wild

June/Painteddaisy  Card for Joyful with her sponsorship, 180 9" plates, 2 sleeves 9" plates, 2 Purple pillow cases, Kitty Toys, Maple Syrup Taffy, Box of Trail Mix, Oreo & Peanut Butter Cookies, Vanilla Waffer cookies, Milano Cookies, Rice Krispie Treats, 3 boxes Cheese Crackers, Crazy Cat Lady Band Aids, 6 cans sardines, Bunches of Fancy Feast Broths, 4 cases Fancy Feast Kitten,7 cases baby food, 2 Boxes Appetizers

Katie L--2 Tubs Dental Life Treats, Case of Chicken, 6 boxes Meow Mix Cups, 5 cases Whiskas Purrfectly, Fancy Feast Broths, 4 cases baby food, 4 boxes Whiskas Gravy Sensations, 3 bags Pure treats, 1000 6" plates, 2 bowl scratchers, 2 tunnels, 6 Yeowww Cigars (Tabitha was loving hers), 2 pink kitty cubes

pjpanda & Bad Kitty--3 boxes Whiskas,  3 Boxes Planters Peanuts and 3 Boxes Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts,  24 bag of microwave popcorn,  2 Yoga mats

Sam & NM, Lurker Friend--Case of Friskies & 1 Case each of Purffectly Chicken & Fish
Mayumi - Tokyo Branch--  Musical Birthday card with a beautiful purple scarf with kitty & butterflies & Two bags of tea,  2 boxes of Tulle (Bondi Licks)
Anony - 6 2" rolls of Scotch Tape
Widdletigger --  Case of KMR, case of Baby cereal

4 bags Temptation Snackers, Sunkist Gems, 5 boxes quart and 1 box gallon zip loc bags
5 framed felted kitty pictures ( 2 Phoebe fur, 1 Jolene, 1 Jesse, 1 Alice Mary & Walter)--will have at a Flash Sale

Contessa--40 Canvas bags for the Vols
Sev - 5 kitty key covers
Diana C - Stamps & Walmart Gift Card
Vickie & Pat with Clark Jesse and the Rest & HB Card with a gift for dinner with Steve
Elaine & Alan - HB Card Donation for Jones' art work & Donation in memory of LittleKat
Andre & Suzanne - Yeowwww Banana for Hensley
EarthEyes - 3000 6" plates

Nyla is doing great as are the kittens.  I'm checking the babies twice daily to make sure their tummies are full.  If we have to help Nyla with supplemental feeding of the kitties, we can do that. But, for right now, their tummies are full. She's so good with them. Each are clean and toasty warm. Nyla is such a good mama. She has such a deep purr.  A little round up of info on the kitties:  we have 5 boys, 4 girls (subject to change, but I believe this is correct!).  We have 2 that are mostly white with grey tiger markings. There are 3 that are grey tiger with white. The other 4 are brown tiger with white.  There also appears to be 4 that have tiny white tipped tails.  Their names will come from our Name a Cat list.

Our other new kitten Forte, is doing great. He's the new little black/white kitten. He so loves to be cuddled.  He has a nice round tummy already. Love his 3 black pokie dots that are on his back.

And now to Trucker.  Our Trucker is no longer in discomfort and is in his kitty heaven. My heart is so very sad about this. I'm not going to go into the past about what all was done for Trucker.  It doesn't matter now. What does matter is the love he received.  Part of doing rescue work is KNOWING in advance that grief and sadness is part of this rescue world. While knowing that, it doesn't lessen the pain of the loss.  To spare us the grief means that we did not extend our love. And that would be more sad than the loss. To experience these deaths is to also know grief. But this grief is little compared to the joy and love received from every cat that has passed. Death may be the end of a life but it is NOT the end of memories and the joy of having that pet.  

Again I have to say, people think I am strong. Really, that's not true.  I try to show a comfort for others but inside I ache for these losses.

While my heart hurts, Trucker and I had a nice late evening that I have to tell you about. It will always bring me a smile.  He was always my special buddy and we always enjoyed our time outside together. Trucker and I had a connection and it was still there last night.  We went out to where the grass is and he watched the peacocks that he loved to torment. Several of the chickens were on the other side of the fence and he raised his paw up. I know beyond a doubt that he wanted to swat them--he always kept them in line out on the farmyard.  But I was holding him so he couldn't "get those chickens'.  I then put him on the grass. PB went running by and so Trucker did his Trucker thing---he ran right up to him with his chest puffed up. He always thought he was boss outside. I had to laugh at him. And that's when I noticed Trucker's face---he was sniffing the air and walked over to the shed. I could tell he was excited. I went over to pick him up and he got ahead of me, looking very intense. And there it was---Trucker found a stray cat all by himself. I could tell this cat was a bit nervous and told Trucker to stay back, which he did.  After sweet talking, i was able to pick up the cat.  So, Trucker and I then carried the stray into the Front Thumper's Room. She is now in quarantine (normal for all new arrivals). I do think Trucker was quite proud of himself. What did the stray look like?  Well, she is a brown tiger, just like Trucker. 

Trucker passed peacefully.  Even in his discomfort he gave love. Even when his tummy was so upset, he was sweet.  I will never forget this special boy. I feel like I can hear him say---I am with you all in your memories for ever and ever. 

A viewer sent me this---"Grief is the last act of love we have to give those we loved. Where there is deep grief, there was deep love"  Author unknown.      But.......please remember with a smile and with joy, what Trucker was---a happy, ornery, sweet boy. Remember all those memories he has given to us. 

I would also like to say a special thanks to my friend Donnajb. She told me early this morning that she would like to do a special tribute to Trucker. Anyone that would care to donate in his memory, please know that your donation will be matched (up to $2,000). This memorial fund will go towards our Feliz Navidad Fund.  This is our special fund that helps us with our cats that are above the normal need of medical help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.