Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Where do we start?  Lots happening.

First—our surgery day is done.  We started about 7:15 this morning with check ins and done with that about 8:30.  We had 19 male cats and 1 female cat. The female was our Olivia. She is now spayed and doing just fine. She’s eaten a couple times already after recovery and is napping again right now.

The 19 males did fine. We had one with an abscess on the tail, one with a growth in the mouth and one that we did an umbilical hernia repair on.  But all have recovered and went back to their homes. 

We have another HumaneOhio surgery date this month. In April, we will again have two HumaneOhio surgery dates and another FFRC surgery date.  We want to get as many spayed and neutered as we can.

Todays surgeries brought our total count to 153, which pleases me. This breaks down to 78 females and 75 males.
Many thanks too to Joyce D for providing pizzas for us while we’ve been working today. Also to Gusti for the drinks. And Larry brought his brownies. We also had an anonymous friend donate for a fruit platter and cookies.
We also did some physicals.
Livingston did indeed have a suture deeply imbedded in his tail that was causing some discomfort. We were able to get that removed.
Hensley—need to continue to watch his teeth. He has a couple light fractures of his top K9’s.
Coralie—all is fine, teeth good, physical good
Chester—will continue watching his teeth also but they look improved.  Physical good.
Farrah—physical good.  A little tartar but was removed
Arley—had his physical and he passed with flying colors
Gia—physical good
Alma—physical good
Nyla—all appears fine.  We are just on the wait-and-see-and-let-her deliver-on-her-time!  She appears very happy and is eating, although in smaller amounts. I imagine that is because there simply isn’t room “in there” for much food. I truly do not think she can possibly go much longer.
We had BOXES last night---I am so very grateful
Clark, Jessie & the rest—Happy 6th BD to Katharine, a HB to Brody, Happy BD to Chester—each received their $5 chicken money. Plus a happy 20th birthday to Sea Turtle.  Yes, our sweet girl is now 20.  She received FOUR of the $5 chickens---she said she’s not sharing either!
Zoolove—can opener & multi tool for kitchen CATATHON
Andre & Suzanne with Freemont & Lorenzo—for Hensley—tub of Party Mix, case of wellness
MLS—kitty card & note—2 boxes qt bags, 200 kitchen bags, 360 6 “ plates, 500 spoons, 3 pkgs of postie notes, postie note dispenser, box of 32 individual snacks for vols.
Kittiesmom—St. Paddys card with 2 chicken $5 & coupons
Julie & David from UK—2017 calendar of Cotswold England—beautiful pics!
We also had a special donation to FFRC from the Defiance Eagles Aux 372---it’s much appreciated.

We also had some adoptions today.
LaRue went to her new home.  And yes, I did not show her on the cam. Things were crazy here and I simply didn’t do it. But, she went to a lady that doesn’t mind that LaRue is a bit shy and a little crooked mouthed. I think this was one of those matches that is just perfect.

Gem, our mod and friend adopted Arley (Harley) and Peanuts. She has been eyeing them for quite some time. I’ve already heard from her and it sounds like a peaceful household already! Iknow Artley and Peanuts are two wonderful cats and their new mama is too. I’m grateful they have such a home as this.

Now…………to some much much harder news.
Adelaide—our sweet girl is now in heaven. My plan was to have her as long as possible, give her a good life even though we knew it would be short. I just didn’t realize how short it would be. I noticed this morning that already her cancer had spread. It was hard for her to open her eyes and her forehead was more protruding. Breathing was also more difficult. I talked to Dr. Darcy and we both knew beyond a doubt that we could not ask her to stay longer. I promised her a life here of no pain and that she would be loved.  Both things are true but just way too short.

Alice Mary—with a much broken heart, our little baby is also in heaven. Dr. Darcy and I had a very long talk about her. It was so obvious that she was struggling to breath.  We have tried so so many things to help her life be easier. This morning I weighed her—the last few days she has lost ounces and today she was below her lowest weight of all. It was impossible to tube feed her more as it “didn’t set well with her” and caused even more difficulty breathing. Dr. Darcy believes that her larynx was damaged and was not able to be fixed.  I am crushed at this loss as I had great hopes to help this sweet girl be healthy and happy. I just wanted to see her play.

Cami—my dog.  While not a cat, she is certainly part of this rescue center. Many of you know she has been having troubled times lately. Some days are great, some not so great. I described all the things that Cami has been doing in the recent months. It is believed that she probably has a brain tumor and seizure activity. She is only 12, but an “old 12”. Her first 5 years of life was not good---she was part of a hoarding situation. But her time here has been good and she is so loved. We will keep on going with Cami and see how she does. Hoping she has way more good days than poor days.

Trucker—my boy and sweetie and Magic’s best friend. As you all know, we have tried a zillion things to help with his bowel problems. It has progressed the last few months where almost all stool is liquidy. I know beyond a doubt (cause I know my boy) that life isn’t always good for him. His tummy hurts much of the time---you can see it in his body posture and his eyes. Recently, his anal area is now very thickened and bloody. Dr. Darcy looked at him and feels that our Trucker is dealing with intestinal cancer at this point. When a cat deals with inflamed intestines for as long a time as Trucker has, cancer likes to “come in” and cause even more trouble. We went over the many many many things that we have done for Trucker—I have boxes of items that have been tried---all to no avail. One has to wonder that as disfigured as his legs were (the leg bones, muscles and ligaments were all displaced) if his abdominal cavity is also disfigured. 

Our discussion today was quality of life. I am not a believer in keeping a pet alive for my own wishing and wanting. That would be wrong of me to do so. Every pet has a right to have a good quality of life, to be loved and to know love, to know the joy and fun of living. When a pet is suffering, is beyond treatment, is no longer enjoying life, then sometimes euthanasia is called for. I know some people do not agree with me here. But, I have to do as my heart and soul guide me. I know of someone who made their pets stay alive on their own, to the bitter end, despite being in severe pain and no joy left in life. I do not believe in that. I promise every cat that comes here to be treated for pain if needed, to be loved and to know joy in life. When all resources have been tried and there are no further options, then that very very difficult choice sometimes has to be made.

These things are very  hard for me. I try to be brave for others. But………..I’m not really so brave. I hurt deeply when these things happen.  Trucker is still here with us, but I don’t know for how long. I do know I will NOT let him suffer. So, bear with me during these hard times.
Another part of this that is hard, is telling everyone. Each time I have to say it, repeat it, go over it, it hurts. But, my volunteers will need to know, my mods and admins, the viewers and friends of FFRC.

I guess there isn’t really anything else to say. Life is wonderful and I cherish it. Death is a part of life but it sure does hurt. Thank you all for loving these cats that I cherish.