Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tummy check on the Nyla Niners showed all 9 tummies continue to be round and full! And....a new assessment: a few have tiny little eye slits happening! Soon, they will be checking out their new world! Mama Nyla's appetite is picking up which is good. 

We had BOXES last night. And.......we are so very grateful for these gifts to FFRC
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of baby food
Eaglewatcher--2 cases RC baby cat can food (perfect for young kittens & mama)
Julie P from IA--for a fundraiser--Kids Fire Tablet
Kathy/justme--For CATATHON--Brothers sewing machine
Pam/zoolove--For CATATHON--Cook's Companion Ceramic Nonstick air fryer
Billie K--2 cases RC baby cat can food, bag of RC mother/baby dry food
Jodi/jobear--3 cases baby food
Nona--3 cases KMR
Neil & Jean S from OH--donation and support of thekitties
MacnCheesemom and Doodles--card and monthly donation
Rich & Rosesf6 with Marble, Blackie, FLuffy, Brownie & CHeckers--BD card and $5 chicken
Snoopybaby, Preakie & sisters--BD card and $ for chicken
Joco--big box of puffcorn for the volunteers
Faithy--BD card & cake--2 boxes magnets, push pins & paperclips
Hannah & Michelle from MI--4 cat snackers, 3 bags candy, 2 boxes Kleenex, 2 bags Purina One
Sue/Cinder--For CATATHON--(black cat office basket)-metal bookend, over top door hanger, jar paper clip holder & black sticky notes with white pens
ProMedica Gift Shop in Defiance---thanks for the towels, sheets, etc! 
Di/Miau, our wonderful moderator--very cute Paw gloves/different colors---will see at a Flash Sale!  (2 pairs will go for CATATHON!)

Hurry! Hurry!  April 1st is coming up fast and that is the last day we can take the shirt/sweatshirt orders! Please check FB chatters page for info. If you can't get that, email me and I will get you info!  Thank you!

Did you know that FFRC is collecting the Purina's weight Circles? Yes, we are! Specially marked bags of Purina dog and cat food contain the weight circles---cut those out and send them to us! We can then collect them--they will earn us points and can be redeemed for food purchases.  Thanks for any help!

Here's the next 3 surgery dates:
March 28, Tuesday--HumaneOhio (hoping to do 30 some cats, mostly females)
April 1, Saturday--FFRC surgery day--this is an all-boys public day
April 4, Tuesday--HumaneOhio (again, mostly females)
These 3 spay/neuter dates fall within a week---will keep us hopping but wow---very productive in reducing productivity! 

And speaking of dates, remember to mark your calendar for June 25 for Catathon.

Franklin Thomas and Olivia are playing hide and seek. So cute to watch. Olivia looks like a fluff ball flying by!  Olivia will be going to her new home in April!

Giovanna is still in the Main Area and is doing wonderful. A bit shy at first but sure loves to be petted and fussed on.  You can tell the temperatures are nicer because the cats are once again enjoying going out into Bella's Place, the dog run. But not today--it's raining.

TJ has figured out the Kuranda Towers--she can zip up and down them quickly now. Gia has lost a bit of weight and that is good. She's such a great purring cat and loves people. The windows are open in the Kitty Kabana with 5 cats lined up watching the great outdoors. Felicity is in her red poof. She looks so sweet all sunk into the middle. 

I can finally say that Pippi is feeling better. You may know that she took a bad fall and really hurt her neck, back and hips.  Catopractor visited her 3 times which was a huge help. We gave her anti-inflammatories and lots of "we're sorrys". This combination helped and she is able to move easier today. 

Anayaa has us all figured out. A certain meow from her means she's hungry NOW! And of course, we obey. She looks very shiny and sleek. Joyful had her big spa day yesterday. She was brushed, had her eyes cleaned, her ears cleaned and her toenails trimmed. She has forgiven us for this invasion and has already accepted pets today! 

Have a wonderful Sunday. On to a busy week ahead.