Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Trill, chirp, purr and meows---lots of that going on this morning! Farrah has been singing and so has Kiarra. And then Forte chimes in too!  Such great cat sounds!

Wow---what a morning! Today was another big HumaneOhio spay/neuter day. I love these opportunities to get cats spayed/neutered that may not otherwise have the opportunity. Today we sent up 38 cats---wow!!!  This broke down to 31 females and 7 males. All of these 31 females qualified for the Beat The Heat program that HumaneOhio is doing for March.  Their spays were only $20!  This now brings our total to 191 spays/neuters done to date--109 females and 82 males. I'm a smiling today about this!

We had BOXES last night! Happy about all this support and so thankful! 
Hencass – CATATHON – 4 boxes full of Troyer Amish food. vegetable soup (3), potato soup (2), bread and butter pickles, peaches, pasta sauce (2), peach pie filling (2), concord grape juice, wedding salsa corn, angel hair noodles, pears, beans and ham, honey, licorice bites, blackberry pie filling, cherry pie fillings (2), mustard Dijon, orange marmalade jam, peach pie fillings (2), pickled baby beets, potato soup, salt water taffy, sweet Gherkins pickles, Troyer beef flavored soup base, vegetable soup.  Wow!
Zoolove – CATATHON - meatloaf pan (mint green), 2 matching cookie sheets & air fryer accessory set
Gina (catlvr) – CATATHON - crochet and knitting basket 12 skeins of yarn (6 different colors), 8 crochet hooks, 2 knitting needles scissors and needles.  
Cinder – CATATHON – black cat desk, black cat tape dispenser, black dot folders.
 Lann – 2 big rolls of bubble wrap
 Anonymous  - 54 bags of chips and Fritos, 32 box of chips and Doritos, peanut and peanut butter mix, M&Ms and snickers, licorice,  2 classic cookie mix, Nutter Butter bites, Milano dark chocolate cookies, 2 bags popcorn variety .
 Donna (knittinkitten2) – book, “I will See You in Heaven” (for the rescue center)
BillieK--2 cases Gerber baby food.

 Mary Dc in CT – donation in memory of Alice Mary
 Halley G in PA – to Staff and Volunteers – donation in memory of Alice Mary and Trucker and to buy Magic a treat (bed, toy, etc.)
 Ellie Sue H in NY – donation in memory of Alice Mary and Adelaide and Trucker
 Susan C in Defiance – donation
 Sandra S (krnk) – donation in memory of Trucker
 Michael (sophieandlucydad) – coupons
 Diane G – donation to Feliz Navidad fund

So, as you can tell we are open to any Catathon donations!  We will be putting together a list of topics for Catathon baskets soon, but folks are welcome to make up their own topics too!  We are asking, please, if any items that are coming could be here by May 15.  It takes a lot of time to put the baskets together and then to type up each basket.  We realize some items will come in later but if we can get the majority in by May 15, that would be so helpful!  Thanks bunches!

The Niners were weighed yesterday.  All are between 5.0 ounces to 6.5 ounces except for one and that one weighed in at 4.5.  This one's tummy though is round, is active and is finding the faucets.  Mama weighed in at 10.04 before birth. She now is 7.12 but is eating really well. Some of the babies appear to have a bit longer fur. Names will be coming soon.
The Porchies, Firecats, Barnies and Covies are sure enjoying this nicer weather. It's nice to see them rolling around on the cement when it is sun-warmed! All look good and had a fairly easy summer. 

Zelda has found out my hiding spot. In my top drawer I always keep an opened bag of snackers. She knows she is allowed 2 snackers a couple times a day. I found her in the opened drawer a couple days ago, scarfing up the snackers with utter glee!  I had to shake my finger at her to get her to stop.  Now I'm worried about next time we weigh her. lol 

No BOXES this evening as we will be doing surgery check outs.  The neuter truck arrives about the same time. Take care and have a great Tuesday!