Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wow--what a fantastic evening FFRC had. The Fun-Raiser was phenomenal, the results were amazing, our FFRCNation is the best of the best folks and we had a whole lot of fun too! 

My heart is full--plain and simple, with much friendship, gratitude and relief to you folks that make up our FFRCNation. Whether you support us, participate in the fun-raisers and flash sales, pray for us, send good thoughts, vote on contests, supporting each other, congratulate others when they win---all different ways to be a part of FFRC.  And I'm very grateful for each and every person.

Let's go over last night!  First, we had BOXES---
PJPanda & Bad Kitty--big bag of Bonito Flakes
Madisonpepper, for Trucker--2 cases of Zewi Peak
Susan345--6 Gerber baby cereal
Rod O--4 cases large cans of Friskies
Anonymous Friend--3 cases FF Kitten, 4 cases Friskies, 2 cases Fancy Feast, 2 boxes Purrfectly Chicken, 1 case NutroCat, 2=16 lb bags Purina Cat Chow, bag of Kitten Chow--many thanks!
Zoo-love--mousecat bed for babies, 2 packs of individual chips, 42 K-Cups Coffee.  For CATATHON--Santa with Kitty Statue, Santa with dog, Mr. & Mrs. Snowman soft statues, cat tote for Flash Sale.  5 cat beds for FFRC

Then we had the Drawing!
Item A--63 tickets--$315 to Phyllis Ba
Item B--87 tickets--$435 to Anonymous Friend
Item C--82 tickets--$410 to Straycatlady
Item D--34 tickets--$170 to Julie P & Calicocat
Item E--94 tickets--$470 to PJPanda
Item F--210 tickets--$1050 to EarthEyes for Moss Kitties!!!!
Item G--92 tickets--$460 to Elizabeth & Kerswill

This total came to $3900!  We had an FFRC matching angel for all the $50 and more donations which came to $3165.  When I let our Angel Friend know, she said she couldn't do that amount.......but she could do $4,000!!!! 

So now our total came to $7900

Then we had some magical wonderful Bump-Ups! Thanks to Mudjie, Bellabelle, Farmgirl, Faithy, Pawlapurr, Shona, Eartheyes, LJ, Nuthatches, Zoolove and Deb11111 for these Bump-Ups!  $400 was made if Steve would come to the cam so I could tell him how well the Fun-Raiser was doing. And of course, he came and was also happy!  He will be paying bills this evening!  This total of Bump-Ups came to $2,180

This then made our total exactly $10,000.  Where else in the world could there be so many wonderful people that supports a cat rescue?  Nope, none could possibly reach the kindness of our FFRCNation. 

This Fun-Raiser allows us to pay our Insurance, Patterson (our medical supplier), Arthur phone, CAT Tax (not a real cat! lol), the electric bill, another luekemia/FIV test kit, 2 vaccine trays. The good news is we have a bit left over as cushie money to tide us over to help with the next set of bills! Truly, my heart is indeed full of thanks. 

And here's a few more thanks to give:
Hope, volunteer--2 kitty wipes & Friskies
Linda S--2 big boxes of Hefty quart size zip bags
Billie K--donation to help with Adelaide's medical needs.
Adela--donation to buy ice cream for Alice Mary and friends. We did get the ice cream but we're waiting on Alice Mary's tube to be removed before we have an ice cream party!

Update on Adelaide.  She was up in the Main Area today for a while and seems quite comfortable. She sure can eat! She downed a whole plate by herself and then munched on Bonito Flakes!  She's had her meds this morning. Saturday we will have Dr. Darcy do a physical on her. She sure is a happy girl and loves the cushie beds and blankies! 

Nyla---Same, same!!!  Still no babies.  She told me to quite checking on her every hour--she was tired of me looking at her! Lol.  Actually, she loves a tummy rub and ear scratch. 

I've heard from all 3 recent adoptions.  Barkey and Markie are doing just fine in the house and seem to enjoy it. They particularly love the sliding glass doors and the bird feeders.  Tiger, the 14 year old is also doing fine. She easily went into her new home without any problems! 

Saturday is our FFRC surgery date. Right now, we have our Olivia scheduled for her spay and then the rest is all public male cats.  At the moment, we have 24 males scheduled. I will also have some physicals that we will have Dr. Darcy do. 

Take care. Again, a giant big thanks for the March Fun-Raiser!  Big smiles here!