Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Finally...........Nyla had her kittens. We all figured she would have quite a few because of how very large (giant) her tummy was. She started about 8:30 pm last night and (hopefully) is finished this morning as of 8:30 am---12 hours of intense work for our girl.  She had 11 (yes ELEVEN) kittens. She's such a small boned girl--just shows how that skin can stretch!  Can you imagine having that many wiggly babies in there? 9 kittens are alive and doing well.  Number 10 was underdeveloped and was born deceased.  Number 11 was fully developed but arrived as a stillborn.  We tried to stimulate him but he had already passed. These things are not all that uncommon in high birth numbers. I'm thankful that we have 9 healthy babes.

But.......9 is very impressive. Nyla has to feel so much better. The kittens are actually of decent newborn size. I've tried to put her in the big pool so there's more room, but Nyla insists on going back into Thomas's octagon bed.  She's content although utterly exhausted. She is relaxing and enjoying her babies today. 

Nyla will have to produce a tremendous amount of milk to keep up with this many babies. It may be that we will have to supplement them 1-2 times daily after they begin to grow. We will keep up with each of them for how full they are. In the meantime, Nyla is being a very good mama. All are white with tiger markings, some black tiger, some brown tiger, some more white than others, but all have some white on them. And of course, they are as cute as cute can be. 

Dr. Darcy suggested that I give Nyla fluids this morning, which was done. She lost a tremendous amount of fluids with this many kittens. Will check how many boys and girls we have later!  And yes, Nyla and kittens will be on our spay/neuter list eventually!

I want to thank you all for your sincere caring ways in regards to our sweet Alice Mary and Adelaide. Two wonderful cats that will be missed. They both made an impact on us. There is no greater gift to FFRC than your love and support. You are all appreciated.

Trucker had a rough night last night. I kept Nyla company for most of the night and at the same time, kept track of Trucker. He has received extra good lovings and pettings.  He and Magic are napping right here with me at my desk.

We have a new little kitten--12 weeks old. Oh wow--he is a cutie for sure! His name is Forte (Name a Cat name), meaning strong.  Forte is black/white short haired boy.  He only weighs 3.02. His birthday is 12/26/16--kittens are not usually born here in our area in the winter, but......he apparently was!  He was found by himself in someone's garage. They kept him for 5 days and then brought him to FFRC.  Won't be long until Forte is out in the Main Area. 

We had BOXES last night--many thanks for your giving ways.
PJPanda & BadKitty--2 Yoga Mats
Craig M & Family with Daisy & Solee--2 bags Reeses PB cups & a Reeses Candy dish!
Tom P from NJ--2 kitty birthday cards, pics of his kitties Alice, Ashley & Buddy, pop tabs & PawPrints
Phil & Judy--bag of litter, temptations, PB cookies & donation
Eaglewatcher--10 cases baby food
EarthEyes--2 cases appetizers, 18 lg cans chicken
Julie C from IN with Anna Maria & Miss Mellow--150 spring toys, note from Miss Mellow. For Catathon/Fun-Raiser--Precious Moments with cats, Hamilton Collection & with papers

We  also have thanks to give:
Belltime--donation for spay neuter fund in memory of Alice Mary
Andre & Suzanne--cat Craves Chicken Snackers for Hensley
Nona--for spay/neuter fund for Alice Mary
Ju-In-Ji from Netherlands--donation to FFRC, to be used wherever needed
Ruth D--donation to help with spays and neuters
Brenda R from VA--donation in memory of Adelaide and Alice Mary to be used where needed 
Karla from Iowa--donation to be used wherever needed 

We've heard from the family that adopted Cairys. Sure sounds like he's already fit into his new home. The word is that they love him very much!

We have a cat that was returned--our Polly, siamese with mild CH.  Her new mama had thought she did not have the time needed to fulfill Polly's need to have people around her. As her contract states, if she can no longer stay, she has to come back to FFRC. I'm thankful for the love she was given. She's fit right back in and has been wandering around! 

Wow--you did it!  Your votes mattered and made it possible for FFRC to win a prize on the SaveaRescue.org!  After a few weeks of voting, this segment is over and FFRC has come in 4th place with 11,691 votes! Thanks to all of  you who participated. We will receive 3 Walking Palm Cat Caves. They are really nice caves for the cats to sleep in. Check it out at walkingpalm.com    Congrats to Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary for being the top winner! Thanks to you all for your votes!