Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Weds., March 15, 2017

Things just all happen so fast sometimes.  Yesterday was one of those days.  

We took in a cat of 14 years old--Tiger.  She needed to find a new home ASAP.  We had talked to a family last week that would be happy to have an older female cat.  So, after a quick phone call, it all fell into place. I like it in some circumstances if things happen fast. In this case, Tiger didn't have to go from her old home, to here for a stay and then to a new home---the transition was smooth and fast. Just an FYI---she was already spayed!

There's a bonus to this. We've had a change out for the Covies. Many of the volunteers have told me that Markie and Barkey have been big-time bullying some of the other cats. Last night they had a cat pinned behind the refrigerator. Remember.......this is part of the reason they became Covies---the two would gang up on cats here in the Main Rescue and bully them together. Well, they now have a home. The family that came for Tiger, had a family member come with them. Turned out I know her. We had Markie and Barkey up here then. And it happened.......she fell for them, hook, line and sinker. She has no cats at home, doctors with a vet we know and so wanted these two boys. So, they too now have a home. She is going to start them inside and if their potty habits are good, they can stay inside. If not, she has an awesome barn they can call their own. While we will miss them, I'm also happy for them. These are two awesome boys and I think they will calm down when they don't have to play the bully scene.  So, that made 3 adoptions for us yesterday.

We received a second phone call about a cat at a rural home that was "missing part of it's face".  Upon the second phone call, Lynnette and I drove to this house to see if we could check on this cat. It turned out, she had an owner but he relinquished her to FFRC so she could get some help. Her name is Adelaide, which means noble. Many of you probably remember Heaven. She was a dear cat that came to us in late stages of cancer (squamous cell --not a good kind of cancer). We gave her a much loved life but she wasn't here very long.  This cat, Adelaide is similar to Heaven. I sent pictures to Dr. Darcy who shared them with Dr. P--they both believe it is squamous cell.  She's had a bath and looks so much cleaner. She was born to purr because she hasn't stopped purring since she arrived! Dr. Darcy will be here Saturday and will give her a physical. In the meantime, she is eating really good, is on soreness meds and antibiotics and is soaking up the attention! She will sometime soon be in the Main Area. 

I am not a believer in hiding things about the cats. Yes, some things may not be pleasant. Some things may not look so pretty. Some things may cause sadness.  But.....every cat does indeed matter and so does Adelaide. We will not hide her. We can also use her as education. Many times, if these cancers are caught early (hence another reason for physicals), they can be treated and life can be much extended.  In the case of Adelaide, her cancer is far advanced.  But.....we will love her and she already loves us and we will exchange this love and comfort for as long as we can. 

We had BOXES Monday evening. Many thanks to you all.
Kerswill & Tom--4 big cat design pillows, 2-sided table toppers, cat hot pads, cups, 2 pet bowl pads, cards and bag of RC baby cat---some of these items will be at a Flash Sale!
Danielle, day visitor--litter and snackers
Sev--10 kitty key covers
Zoolove--5 bags of chicken freeze dried snackers, kitchen utensils for CATATHON (mint green)
Dave & JUlie--for Trucker, case of Ziwi lamb food
Dewitty--Raniaco hand held grater
Eaglewatcher--2 nice long kitty rugs for FFRC
Sonnykat--10 tablet or phone holders, looks like kitties, different colors for Flash Sale
Plee--4 boxes Purrfectly chicken
Clark & Jessie and the Rest--HB 10th to Oliver & chicken $5, also HB to Jessie with FOUR $5 for chicken and a special song!
Needtoretire--card for Jones & Sea Turtle with donation
Charlotte L--donation to FFRC
Joy D from NY--donation to FFRC
Tracy L and Melissa from OH--coupons

And more thanks too!
Gusti--donation for drinks for surgery date on Saturday & donation for Alice Mary
Gisa Z from Germany--donation for Alice Mary
Billie K--donation for Alice Mary
Eartheyes--donation to FFRC
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Betsy S, adopted Tater, Pollyanna--towels, blanket quilts she made from her husbands shirts!

Tonight we have BOXES at 5:30 with the Drawing at 6:00! So excited about this. And special thanks to our FFRC matching donor angel. I cannot express my thanks enough.  

I told a friend of mine today that we have progressed from orange, to grapefruit to cantaloupe to now a soccer ball size belly---yes, Nyla is still pregnant and is simply waiting her time out!  Nyla is just hanging out, resting, sleeping, eating a little and soaking up lots of TLC.

Big thanks to JUdy and Dave today who did lots of extra grooming on many of the cats. They look wonderful.  

Alice Mary continues to be tube fed 5-6 times a day. She's an easy girl to do this too as long as she gets pets and head scratches during the procedure! I am so waiting for the day that she will run and play and join in with the other cats for some fun.