Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017

 Today is another HumaneOhio day! I love these events. It means more cats being spayed and neutered! Today we sent up 30 more cats--17 females and 13 males.  This gives us a new 2017 total: 336. This breaks down to 194 females and 142 males!  Let's get some more done! As usual, they will return about 5:30ish this evening for check outs to their families that are picking them up. 

We had BOXES Saturday evening--a thousand thanks to you!
Jobear MN - 9 cardboard scratchers for FFRC cats or for adoption, CATATHON: 2 jars Maple Syrup (from Jobear's parents property)--1 for MN basket, 1 for Jacci, Jar of honey for MN basket, 2 Agates from one for Catathon, one for Alberts Garden

Dianna Ramos S America:  CATATHON:  Hello Kitty: Holiday travel cup, Rain or Shine doll play set

James M  - JM41MD  - 2 Purina weight circles    CATATHON or Funraiser in memory of Tiger cat - Coke a Cola personal Frig & warmer

June/Painted Daisy - Card - Donation for CATATHON & sponsorship for Joyful,   15 Bath Scrubbies for kitty toys, Blue Rug, Box 45 of Cheez It snackers,  CATATHON: Soft book and 2 onsies and pants for Boy & Girl babies

Mr. & Mrs Medic - 2 cases Fancy Feast

Jeannette B - TN  Fresh Catnip     CATATHON:  Bubble wand, 4 skeins of yarn, Tote, pins, Kitty Materials,  Doggie snackers & Placemat

Napa/Donna Mod - CATATHON:  National Parks Monopoly

Cheryl L - WA  Bunch of Coupons
Shannon S--donation for the care of Leonard, Victor, Markus, Jackson and their friends!
Michael JW--donation for FFRC

The sun is shining although it frosted this morning.  Sure is nice to see some blue sky and sun today. The rivers are already receding. Now.....let's get on with some good weather!

Sudsy Sue was having fun chasing Pippi's tail. Pippi doesn't mind though---she loves to play. Felicity is on her eagle-high Kuranda shelf, overlooking everyone. She likes to be the observant cat. Azar came in this morning for his daily special breakfast. He comes in, jumps on the front Thumper's Room and awaits us to serve him! He eats it and then wants right back out!

Bubble Buddy has a new toy---the clear pretzel jug! He's figured out how to make it roll it like a hamster wheel. If you're looking for Spiker, you have to really hunt for him! He's made a big deep nest in the pink poof. That's his nap place.

Gavin can spend an hour playing with a bit of dry cat food on the floor. He'll roll, bat it, chase it and keep it tucked into his tummy. Such a fun boy.  Derecho has discovered how to get up on the lower level of the Kuranda Tower by the low window of the parking lot. He enjoys watching the vehicles going in and out and the occasional peacock going by.

The Barnies, Covies, Firecats and Porchies are sure enjoying this nicer weather too. Sometimes they'll be sound asleep in the grass, soaking up some sun rays. Yesterday, Rena thought she could catch a big peahen but found out she was mistaken--it was a no go. 

Have you notcied the supreme clarity of the main cam? It's awesome--crystal clear! Enjoy. Have a wonderful day. We have 48 more days to Catathon! Here we come!!