Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Happy Birthday to our Joline! She is now 13 years old. This sweetie girl arrived here Ma;y 2013. I remember when she arrived--she was a mass of knots and mats and severe teeth problems. Joline ended up having to have full mouth extractions. She felt so much better after that. She's our beautiful calico Persian who loves to stare at you for her snackers! 

We had BOXES  Thursday evening! Please know you are appreciated.
Pat Thursday Vol - 6 & 9 in plates, 2 bags dry food & bag 9- Lives dry

Elaine & Alan - 40 lb litter, 3 - case of 24ct Friskies, 1 Case 32ct Friskies, Fancy Feast Packets, 1 case appetizers

Plee SC - 7 Fresh Step Paw Points 50 points each

Sweetpea727/Terry K - T-Shirt  "Can't Buy Love But You Can Rescue It"

Gem our Mod  - New cash box so money can't be blown out anymore!

JoAnn D/jz_nyc with Betsy, Jenny & Misty   CATATHON:  Hello Kitty Word fun and Stickers, Movie popcorn containers, 4 pkgs popcorn, 5 boxes Variety of Movie candy

Mod  CATAHTHON:  Yellowstone Mug & XL Yellowstone Tshirt

Kimkost:  CATATHON:  Baby Boy & Baby Girl outfits, onsies, tops and pants, jammies, bibs, shoes & socks and 2 keepsake books (one for boy/one for girl)

Ellen H/Ellie2 NY  Donation in memory of Alice Foss Quigley

Velma T/Cats3 & Goldie a 17 1/2 yr old rescue who saved her allowance as a Donation for CATATHON   Big pets to Goldie!

Clark, Jesse & The Rest
Happy 6th Birthday Azar  May 5, Chicken $5
Happy 13th Jolene May 6  Chicken $5
Happy Cinco De Mayo Chicken $5

Jo603 CATATHON Donation 
CATATHON:  Wiggle Sprinkler, Water Ball Catch Game, Bubble Wands, 
Doggie squeek toy, Balls & Catch It toy, Paw Print Stickers, Kitty Garden stake, Colored Pencils, Kitty stamps, 2 Kites     Books: Nine Lives of Rotten Ralph, Castle Full of Cats, Crafting with Cat Fur, Everyone Needs Their Own Spot

Sandy A  OH - CATATHON:  Donation  Nice Whal Clippers, 50 Piece Dog First Aid Kit

JIm S  Day Visitor - Dry & Wet Cat Food 

Judeannlee - IN   3000 6" plates

iPurr/Nancy P - IL  Trucker Mug for Jacci--is a treasure

The Sudsy/Bubbles kittens are sharing their room with the white/black mama and 5 kitties! The 5 kittens are a bit scared yet of us humans but we're working on them everyday. They just need some reassurance that life is fine with us 2 legged folks. Mama can go in and out of the room at her will, during the day (thru the open door window0  At night we shut it so the Sudsy/Bubbles kittens stay inside room.

We also had BOXES Friday evening!  Lots of thanks to you!
Zoolove/Pam T - CATATHON and for other things--4 each bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths, Flower Pillow, Nano Micro pedi roller, 2 Blue Flameless Candles, 2 bars Goat Milk Soap, Goat Milk face wash, 2 Goats milk vanilla hand cream, Cordless Panasonic Steam Iron
Sweet Dream garden statue, 12 Angel Christmas Ornaments, 9 - Leonx Ornaments: 2 Heart, 2 Spires, 2 Trees, Snowflake, Copper Peacock bracelet, 18 " Salt Water Pearl necklace, 1/2 carat diamond & sterling silver necklace, 3 watches, silver, gold & rose gold
For Jacci:  Larissa's Harliquin Rainbow Afghan, BagoBears Chatters Quilt  (I am deeply grateful for this kindness)

Maria S/Snoopybaby, Preakness & Misty - Note   For CATATHON:  Cat Head Pillow, Snoopy bunny, Do Your Own Scrapbook & Cards Kit, 7 Piece Chilled Wine Tote, Donut Bakery Kit, Electric Griddle, Space Kitty luggage.

Our new family has names! These all except for 1, came from Name a Cat List.
Mama, white & black---Kismit
Longest hair---Luella
Only boy---Harry
Gold dots on back--Goldiedots
Only shorter hair--Effie
All white body--Odetta
The 4 white calicos are of course, girls. Harry is the only brother. Mama's birthday is 44/18/15.  The babies have the birthday of 3/25/17.  

And we have a few more grateful thanks to give!
Wanda E--donation to FFRC for a portrait done
Destinee/catlover2345--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Nona--donation for our Spay/Neuter Fund
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC

Monda;y is our next Spay/Neuter date with HumaneOhio. Hoping to have another full schedule. Want to get as many spays/neuters done as we can do! The following date will be May 20th, here at FFRC. This time we will have to keep this just for FFRC cats/kittens since we need to get our own done. The kitties here should give us a good size surgery list! 

I know many of you have been wondering about the 2 new horses. This week we've had the ferrier and the farm vet here. Benny, the gelding is doing very well. He's putting on weight, had his feet and his vaccines done. He also needed his teeth floated which was done. Won't be long until we can let him be with the other horses.  Anna Mae though is having some trouble. We have gotten confirmation that she is probably close to 20. She's a "work in progress" yet. 

This rain that we've had this week sure has caused the farmyard to be completely saturated with water and many "lakes' of water. The "lakes' are so big even the big geese are swimming. They think it's wonderful along with the ducks!  We're hoping for a dry spell and some sunshine to help dry things out. The rivers are flooding but remember, FFC is safe. We sit high enough that the water is not a worry, even though we have the river right across the road.  

Mama Nyla and the Niners continue to do well. It won't be long until we start bringing up the babies to be in the rescue center for some playtime. Unfortunately, we will need to keep Nyla seperated---she is awesome with people but not caring for the other cats. Will get her spayed soon and maybe that will help.  

Many of you know that Pania wasn't feeling well lately. I believe she had her 1 bulgy eye scratched. This caused the eye to drain. Eye injuries can be very painful. We put her on antibiotics and soreness meds. She is now feeliing much better and is eating her "Pania flakes' once again and her meals. Her eye is healing and refilling already. Remember---this is an unseeing eye. Dr. Darcy is aware of what has happened. We'll keep a sharp watch on this.

We had an adoption--Vutomie went to her new home. She will become best friends with a 7 year old boy that dearly loves her and all the cats. He can even pronounce her name correctly! What a super nice family! I'm sure Vutomie is going to be very happy.

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Take care and have a wonderful (hopefully sunny!) weekend!