Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The kittens are all doing wonderful.  They sleep the sleep of deep contentedness and then wake up and zoom like crazy kittens! Just how we love it.  All is well. The 3 newest are doing wonderful and are all eating by themselves. They get lots of romp time. These 3 went from toddling about to running full speed! I'm not sure how they do it because their tummies look like tennis ball size! Nice and round--a true FFRC tummy!

We had BOXES on Weds. evening. Many thanks to you all!
Belltime - weight circles from Purina One
Maureen/Moe S - Donation
Zoolove/Pam T - Quilted Cat Collage Throw
Amsprinkle - 2 huge blue food bowls with feet!
Jatcat - CA  20" Lasko fan with stand
Mnsnowy - MN  CATATHON  Book to describe the Gold coins she sent  

And then we had ENVELOPES last night!  You are appreciated! 
Susan C from Defiance – donation
Elaine and Allen from Florida – donation
Clark, Jesse and the Gang (Pat/bedheadsdad and Vicki/clarksmom) – Jones--Birthday card and $5 chicken & for Gavin a BD card and $5 for chicken too!

Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Janet K from Amsterdam--donation for FFRC (and from her kitties!)

We have been hopping around here preparing for 3 different events.
Catathon--now only 29 days away.  SonJa has been working hard on the description of each basket. She will then start on all the other single items.  Jen has been here too this week taking pics of each basket (which means taking each basket apart to show every item). Starting Sunday she will begin on the single items.   All of this will then go into our website for your viewing (and wishing and dreaming) pleasure!!  This year, Catathon will be a little different due to the location of where we put the bidding boards at. We are still working on details for this.  In the meantime, lots of things to do!

Concession for Defiance Dance Recital---June 9, 10, 11.  Only 13 days to that! We will have our pop up tents there in the grass area like always. We offer many kinds of treats and drinks for the attendees.  Also bouquets will be available for purchase to be given to the dancers!  Yesterday Steve and I went to Sam's Club and picked up this very big order of items.

Catstock--now only 105 days away---September 9.  This year, Catstock will be different. More later as we get more planning done! 

More dates coming up:
June 6, Tuesday--HumaneOhio surgery day
June 10--FFRC's surgery day

This has been a Dental Week for some of our FFRC cats. 
May 25--Marcus and Rowland both went to the vet's.  
Marcus had a dental cleaning, x-rays, 1 major tooth extraction.  
Rowland had a dental cleaning, x-rays, 2 minor teeth extractions & 2 major teeth extractions

May 26--Kerry and Zavatar went up.
Zavatar had a dental cleaning, x-rays, 2 minor extractions & 2 major extractions
Kerry had a dental cleaning, x-rys and full mouth extractions (not his K9s though)

Marcus and Rowland are Covies.  Zavatar is a Porchie and Kerry is (mostly) a Firecat.
Next Weds., we have Rory and Fabio scheduled for their dentals. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. The cats are sure going to enjoy themselves!