Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

No rain yesterday! Still cool again today but the sun is shining! A wonderful day for a ......FLASH SALE!  Yes, today is the day. Mich will be here! The Sale will be about 2:30 ish. Lots of items never before seen here at FFRC! Of course, you will also see leggydews and biggeydews!  Come join the fun.

We had BOXES last night. You all are so appreciated!
Shawn/Happy Flame - Kitty snackers, blue green teal feeding bowl & lg bag of Purina One

Becky Vol CATATHON:  Salt Lamp for Volunteer Basket

Annette B Gifts for Vesta & Vester to go with them on adoption
2 Kitty Bed, & 2 bags with lots of toys & a leggeydew each

Annette & Jeanette CATATHON:  Hello Kitty Kitty magnetic memo pad, doggie plaque
10 skeins variety Books for making potholder, wash cloths and another for making animal Blankies, Digital row counter, Needles, pins, buttons

Annette/Elsie  Happy 6th Birthday Letter for Rory from Elsie
Snackers for Rory and Friends  Special Snackers for Rory, 2 Squeezies, box of Purrfectly Chicken, Box of Meow cups, Box Gravy Sensations, Box of Whiskas packets, 2 boxes Sheba & 3 mousies

Darkcat - TheIdaho Mod - Monkey & Bear toys for Camie and Janie (they say thanks too!)

Brent & Jenny - The Canada Branch --A boatload of goodies for FFRC, here are a few things--Mr. Clean & Lysol, TP, coffee pods, paper plates, mailers, rubber gloves, airhorns, dustpans, hoses, wipes, smore kits, vol. snacks.   Many thanks!

Conii - CATATHON  Made in the Ukraine 2 Felted & Sculpted Cave Beds  Soooo pretty!

Eric Mod & Carrie - case of kitty food, Variety of many items for Flash Sale or where needed

Clark & Jessie's Aunt Donna W - FL  Donation
Alan & Elaine - FL  Kitty Car & CATATHON Donation
  Happy 2nd Birthday Jonsie ( 26 May 2015)  2 Chicken $5
Joy D - NY  Donation
Macncheesendoodlesmom - MA   Donation
Fran  FL From All The Furbabies Happy Mothers Day with 4 Chicken $5
Robotman - Donation 
Dennis & Vivian T - OH   Donation in memory of Fred Conners
Janet S/Davszy - NY  Donation for whatever needed
Almira - GA   Donation
Dewitty--visitor   lots of wash cloths, 2 - 12 pks lipton tea, 4-4 pks. Clorox wipes, 30 assorted appetizers
JanefromTN--donation to FFRC.

We had a cat returned to us yesterday, Venus was her name! And she's already adopted--isn't that wonderful! She's a beautiful siamese who originally came to FFRC at 15 weeks of age. She's been with a wonderful family for this time but due to medical reasons can no longer keep her. She is truly one of the sweetest cats ever. Her birthday is 7/5/13. Yesterday, Ruth, our volunteer came around the corner and immediately asked to adopt her. Love at first glance! 

We also took in a new baby kitten a few days ago.  Her name is Paislie. She's just an itty bitty baby, born 4/27/17. She arrived at 3 weeks of age and is a long hair muted calico kitten. Unfortunately, mama died at the expense of a dog bite. The dog then grabbed Paislie, but a cat friend quickly intervened and saved her. She was then brought to FFRC. She's a dandy with alot of spunk! She arrived 5/20.

We had two other kittens arrive yesterday--their birthdays are the same as Paislie's (4/27/17).  There's a little orange tiger with a very short tail (appears to be a past injury) named Cinnamon. The other one is a black torti named Helga.  These two babies were found on a porch, all alone, no mama.  Both were dehydrated but very quickly dived into a plate of food. They've been gobbling up food ever since!   

Today, we put Paislie, Helga and Cinnamon together in the same pen. Paislie is thrilled for the company and the 3 are cuddled together right now taking a nap.

Have you seen that beautiful long hair torti running around in the Main Area? Her name is Misty and she now belongs to FFRC. She came in as a boarder but due to situations, she has now become an FFRC cat. Her birthday is 5/2/16--she's just a year old. What a beauty and what a lot of fun she is having. She is so enjoying playing and running and is getting along good with the other cats. 

Mama Nyla spent the entire day in the Main Area yesterday and was calm and seemed to enjoy it. I just saw her on the tree with her babies all playing around her area. So sweet. Truly a wonderful mama cat. At night, we still take the Niners and Nyla back to Thumper's Room to sleep. Isabella Bird spends the nights out in the Main Area and is doing great. She sure is growing fast.  The Bubbles and Sudsys also spend the night in the Main Area. They sure love to play and cuddle!

Kismit too is a wonderful mama. She's very laid back. I saw her playing yesterday which was nice to watch. Her 5 kittens are getting more relaxed and friendlier every day. We have ben doing a lot of holding and giving TLC.  

All is well in FFRC land. Cats and kitties are healthy and are strong and ever so sweet. Have an awesome day!