Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Weds., May 17, 2017

39 days---that's how many days until Catathon! Now the planning for this kicks up a couple notches! Soon, SonJa will be here to write a description of each and every item--what a huge job. Jen will also be here soon (she's taking a week vacation to do this) to photograph of each basket and every item. To do these two jobs, everything has to be unwrapped and rewrapped. Alot of work for both ladies. 

We are working on labeling each item as to their Round and Name. Then we will get the baskets on separate tables to indicate each round. The nitty gritty details have to be attended too--getting the phones in order, working the cams to have the best advantage sites, testing the mics, working on the food to serve everyone here, getting the phone cards in order to take bids, organizing each round--lots of work but oh so worth it. I look around in Kitty City and am filled with a knowledge that I really already know---our viewers are awesome and so extremely supportive. Each and every item in that building is donated by YOU---YOU are what makes this event so successful. 

We've been working on a list that FFRC needs the financial help from Catathon to accomplish. When we get that complete, I'll post it in a blog!

We had BOXES Monday evening. So many thanks being given to you!
Straycatlady/Sandra E - Canada CATATHON:  Picard Goodies--the list is unbelievable! A great selection of different peanuts, chocolate and chip nuts of many varieties. Also two gift boxes containing these items. There's goodies for Pat P (vol) who loves a specific candy! And a tin and goodies for Jacci.  All of these items were made in her town in Canada and will go in the Canadian Basket! A great addition!

Toktobe/Bianca - Mod CATATHON: 500 piece puzzle Olympic Nat'l Park, Mug Olympic Nat'l Park, 1000 piece puzzle  Mt. Ranier Nat'l Park, Mug Mt. Ranier Nat'l Park

mnsnowy - CATATHON:  1 cans variety Spam, Wildlife place mats for MN basket

LeAnn Canada CATATHON:  Canadian Maple Leaf sympol:  banner, cupcake papers, rain poncho, travel pouch, 2 pencils, note pad, 8 coasters, visor, dog bandana.     Moose toy, Maple syrup, Chocolate creme maple cookies.

Beth/Eaglewatcher Vol CATATHON  Cheap Trick CD, Miss Kitty Sock Monkey Kit

Gorgeous hand painted Birthday Card for Jacci by Rose Gusti.

From Jessie, Clark and the rest:  Happy 6th Birthday Rory 15 May 2011 & Happy 4th Birthday Sarge 15 May 2013  and 2 Chicken $5
Happy 5th Birthday Derecho 16 May 2012  and Chicken $5
Happy 8th Birthday Farrah  16 May 2009 and Chicken $5
Happy 4th Birthday Camvie 17 May 2013 and Chicken $5

Kammie B - IA  Happy Birthday Derecho  Donation

Mothers Day Roses for Mama Jacci from Zelda & Kitties   So beautiful!

Ingrid/ju-in-ji--donation for Siri and Pettigrew and in honor of Derecho and Farrah's birthdays

The 3 Meezers that were adopted from here are doing wonderful. There's a picture on Chatters that shows them together. They look so happy which is what we want for each FFRC cat.

We had another adoption on Monday--our beautiful fun Katharine went to her new home. I've already heard from her new mama. She's a little shy but came out of her traveling crate and explored! Soon she will be zipping about, I'm sure!

Our two little kittens Siri and Pettigrew are struggling. They are simply not growing and really don't want to take their formula. But.......we are trying. 

We've had so many cat birthdays lately so the cats are all enjoying an extra dose of chicken!

Walter is doing wonderful in the Cove. He certainly seems to be enjoying all the space, the grass and doing alot of exploring!

Remember May 18 is the special Exclusive Warped Sale at 11:00. Fun times coming up! Big thanks to Warped.

And then we have another regular FFRC Flash Sale on May 23, Tuesday at 2:30 ish. Mich will be doing this sale!

This Saturday, the 20th is our FFRC surgery date. We will be weighing all the kittens to see who "makes weight" to determine if they will be on the surgery schedule.  I know all 4 of the Bubbles/Sudsy kittens are of weight. And of course we will also have Nyla and Kismit for their spays.

We took on a new kitten 3 days ago. Her name is Isabella Bird, after a 19th century English explorer, writer, photographer and naturalist! She is a very cute American Short Hair and arrived weighing 1.06.  So tiny but so spunky. Her birthday is 4/7/17, making her now 6 weeks old. She had been found on a porch. The family took care of her for 2 weeks and then brought her to FFRC because they will be going on vacation and could not keep her. We will undoubtedly find her an awesome home--she loves to play and to be cuddled. 

The kittens are all doing wonderful. I'm always so grateful for their health. Those Bordetella vaccines that we give have proven to be very helpful in preventing some of the URI's. The bonus on this is that we can give these at 4 weeks of age. 

Take care and enjoy this beautiful day!