Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday, May, 18, 2017

Summer temps have hit us! It's been in the 80's and possibly 90 today with some higher humidity. I'm just glad to get into good weather! I love seeing the cats snoozing in the sunbeams!

Today is our special Exclusive Warped Sale at 11:00. Hope to see you there. The BOXES have not been opened yet--that's to be a surprise for today. We'll open them in order of how they are marked. Guaranteed lots of Warped's variety of things that she makes!

Saturday is our FFRC surgery day. Here's the tentative schedule:
MALES: Henry R Peeps, Declan, Sloan, Bubble Pal, Bubble Buddy, Harry
FEMALES: Nyla, Kismit, Sudsy Sue, Sudsy Sis, Goldiedots, plus a volunteer's cat

And then we have PHYSICALS that we need done:
Joline (mouth), Spiker (mouth/teeth), Pania (eye), Asha, Bonnie, Camvi, Farrah (recheck teeth), Felicity, Sea Turtle, Vernon, Seymour, Pippi, Merri, Majic, Kiara.  No guarantees that we'll get all the physicals done, but the ones with medical needs we for sure will attend to. 

We had BOXES last night! Please know you are appreciated.
Susan B - CATATHON: Kitty Face blankie, 12 pieces of her Noah's Ark collection
 Scripture Keeper, statues, Sugar & Creamer, Salt & Pepper, Music Box
Cat/Doggie bed gifted back to FFRC in memory of Misty. 7 framed "Prayer for the Animals"

Julie P - CD's Pick of the Litter about Seymour & Patricia

Kris M - Happy 5th Birthday Card for Derecho with donation

Plee - 2 boxes Purrrrfectly Chicken

Robot Man - Jayne Shelton fabulous ceramic cat for a Catathon drawing for Vols

Gusti - Germany  Case of 48 TP & Bag of Purina One

Zoolove - 48 rolls TP & 24 rolls paper towels

Seth & Kayla  Visitors  brought lots & lots of Snackers

We're working on something for the cats that like to go out to Bella's Place--the dog's run. We have a pool in there (with holes in the bottom), filled with good dirt and have planted grass seed. Trying to get a little green going in there for summer fun for the cats. Looks like I'll need to put a fence around it for a while though as Pippi thinks it's great fun to roll and dig and throw the dirt everywhere! She's having some good fun. 

I'm very sorry to pass on that little Pettigrew and Siri have passed away. They died within hours of each other. These little kitty deaths are hard. We try and try and try to work with them but sometimes............ it just doesn't work.  These are the times we wish we knew more about the mama--was she healthy? was she vaccinated? did she have leukemia? did she have good nutrition?  Regardless, these two kittens were shown love and had comforts of warmth and a cushie little kitty bed. 

We had an adoption yesterday---our wonderful, sweet Anayaa. I'm absolutely thrilled for her. Her new mama adopted another cat from us previously--Amani. Even after going over all of Anayaa's medical records, her new mama still wanted her! That's what I call real cat love. We will all miss Anayaa's presence here--she was always visible! 

Just a Duckie Update--mama rouen duck hatched out 11, yes 11, ducklings! Yesterday she took them off the nest and headed down to the backwater where they were all happily swimming around! Such a sweet thing to see. They'll be back up to the farmyard but will certainly enjoy the backwater!

We hit 50,000 votes yesterday on savearescue! Thank you for each and every vote!  The site is: