Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017

We had our FFRC surgery day yesterday. All went fine with no problems. Here's the breakdown:

We did 6 males: Henry R Peeps, Declan, Sloan, Bubble Pal, Bubble Buddy and Harry.
We did 7 females: Nyla, Kismit, Sudsy Sue, Sudsy Sis, Goldidots, Odetta & another spay

We now have a new total for overall surgeries:
This is current, including a couple Voucher surgeries.  201 spays, 150 neuters==351 total

Dr. Darcy also gave an exam to Spiker. Last week he took a tumble and severely injured one of his top K9 teeth. It was very sore and very loose. With a sedative yesterday, that tooth was removed and a flap put over the hole. He will feel so much better now.

We also did wellness physicals on Magic, Merri, Pippi, Vernon, Bonnie, Seymour, Camvi. All is good on these cats.
Sea Turtle -- kidneys small, as usual. Will continue to help her with meds when she has her vomiting escapades. 
Pania--eye appears to be healing and refilling.  IF the eye becomes overly swollen, we can have it removed. In the meantime, we will continue to observe it as always.
Cami (my dog)--has a strange lump on her side. Aspiration biopsy done. 
Joline--has had a worrisome growth in her mouth--right now we will observe and help her with medications for this. 

I am so appreciative of all the ladies too who came in and did post-op care to our FFRC cats. They are very good at this and gives us a huge sense of security that the cats and kittens are being watched over. They also help with clean up! 

Big thanks too to Joyce D for the pizza on surgery day and to Gusti for the drinks! We also had an anonymous donor to supply some other goodies to eat during that busy time. Many thanks!

Our Exclusive Warped Sale on Thursday was a grand success. Our total for this sale was $2206! Because of a large increase of vaccination usage and needed supplies for our surgery room, we are able to get some ordering done to restock! Thank you all for the participation, for the Mods that help with this and to all that watched and encouraged! And a super big thanks to Warped for making this possible. 

I've heard from Anayaa's new owner and all is great. I've seen pictures and Anayaa looks very happy and relaxed. 

Our mama duckie is keeping track of her 11 little ducklings. She takes them all over the farmyard exploring and looking for bugs. They also go to the backwater for a couple of swims a day.

Our next event coming up is the concession stand that FFRC does for the annual Dance Recital. It is June 9, 10, 11 and is covered by the FFRC volunteers!  This is a fundraiser for us. It's alot of setting up and taking down but fun and rewarding. Also a great way to be in the community's eye and answer any questions that might come up! 

Walter update:  He is doing fantastic. Walter is checked on 3-4 times a day and all is good. He seems very relaxed. He's always exploring (if he's not napping!).  He loves the grass and is making friends. He has explored every square inch of the entire playground! 

I've received an email from  "Due to tech problems with our "Pet Food Give Away" Contest...we believe its only fair that we "Pause" this contest until we can bring it to you properly and fairly for all involved, without website errors.    We promise to resume this contest and finish it with it's full 30-day run.  We apologize for this inconvenience. We want to "do right" for all of you."

The voting will be back! Just keep an eye on it. They are simply having trouble with their website. is indeed ok with SaveARescue to vote every hour and with different devices.  It is NOT ok to vote more than that though.  We have an average of 3,000 votes daily. Because of the amount of people that we have voting, this is easily accomplished! One way to think of this---if 300 people vote just 10 times daily, that in itself comes to 3,000 votes! There's always going to be someone who says organizations vote wrongly. We have always said that we are an honest organization. 

Here's a "thing' I learned long long ago.  99% of the people are kind and compassionate. I refuse to let that other 1% "get to me". And I've learned not to acknowledge that 1% as it puts me on their level. Every once in a great while I will do a "defend me and FFRC" thing, but on the whole, I let things ride. The people who know us, who participate with us, THEY know the truth. We are an honest organization and I prefer to keep positive rather than do the negative thing.   So......keep on voting as we are allowed and when they reopen the gates! I thank you for each and every single vote. 

Have a great day. We've had quite a bit of rain again in the last few days. The grass sure is green and the trees are all popping out their leaves! Everything is washed clean!