Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Weds., May 24

Another Flash Sale done!  Wonderful results! This Sale brought in $1389. This amount will be directly applied to our general operating costs. While these are the kind of things most people don't see the results of, it is much needed! So........a huge big thanks to all of you who provided the items, to those that bought those items and to Mich and Vern for running the show! When Mich and Vern do these Flash Sales, it's always lots of fun! I am grateful. And another huge thanks to the moderators who we depend on to help us with these Flash Sales. Without them, we would not be able to provide this help for FFRC.  

I realize we have an error on one of the mousepads---but it's a "no big deal thing".  So......we made a mistake and that is quite alright. Hensley's picture is really Gavin. All this does is makes this mousepad an extra special edition. There's no sense in drumming this into the ground---it's over, it's printed and we love it just the way it is!  If it's really a worry, simply put a piece of black tape over the name and write Gavin on it!  These little things are not to be worried about. Case closed!

The 3 newbie babies--Cinnamon, Helga and Paislie are doing great. They get a few minutes each feeding time of being on the floor in the front Thumper's Room to toddle about. Just today, Paislie started figuring out how to also slurp on the food dish. She's getting the hang of it with her new "siblings" teaching her the trick of eating! Many thanks to Beth and SonJa for helping with their feedings.

Catathon is now only 32 days away! SonJa is very busy doing a description of each Basket and every item.  Towards the end of the week, Jen will set up each basket and item for their pictures. These will all go in the website for your viewing! We are busy tagging the items, getting each round organized and working on the fine details. It's all coming along!  As I've mentioned a few times, this Catathon will be a bit different. We don't have the nitty gritty worked out yet on those changes but it has to do with the presentation of items. We'll keep you posted as we work it all out!

In case you've noticed, we have moved Sprint out to the Cove. I've talked to his mama and she is in agreement. And it's working! Sprint is so happy out there. Tons of room to run, lots of things to climb on, grass to roll in and the whole barnyard to watch. He's a happy boy and that's what we wanted. Some day soon he will go back with his mama.  

Very soon the voting for food will be back in place and ready for your votes! Get those fingers limbered up!  When it happens, we will post that info. It'll also be on the cam.

Felicity is playing like a kitten with a catnip toy. Magic is here beside me---he's my morning buddy at the desk. Little Isabella Bird is napping alongside PaddyPurr, also on the desk.  And of course, Zelda is in her desk bed.  Bonnie is playing with a feather she found and is able to keep track of it. Joyful is on the move--back and forth and checking things out.

All is good. The health of the cats is great for which I am very grateful for. Have a great day!