Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday, September 17

Many of you probably already know that Paul is in the hospital. He collapsed yesterday morning. He first went to the local hospital and then was transferred to the hospital where his liver doctor is. It's still unclear as to what happened. Many doctors, many techs were in his room yesterday, evaluating and running tests. Today they will try and put together a picture of what happened and what to do now. Thank you for caring about Paul--he's an important and well loved person to FFRC. I'll keep you informed as the day goes on. Paul is in critical care, but is now stable.

Spike is also in the hospital at our vet's office. Dr. P is taking care of him. He has several things wrong with him. The thing that complicates the issue, is one treatment can aggravate the symptoms of another problem he is having. So, it's a very very delicate line. I'm only going to say this once--I understand there's some thought that I should've taken Spike in sooner. You know, I spend every single day here watching these cats, observing, making sure things are right, if I'm gone, the first thing I do coming in the door is start checking cats/kittens, talking to our vets, etc.  I had been in contact with our vets about Spike--that's why fluids was given three times last week. It wasn't until Friday that I thought things had changed somewhat. I had a personal issue to deal with on Friday (the death of my Missy cat), so I didn't take him in. I was assured yesterday that waiting until Monday did no harm to Spike. What he has, he has and it wouldn't have changed a thing. Spike is in critical care and we'll know more today. 

Let's keep our thoughts positive for Paul and for Spike. Prayers are always appreciated. 

Minto and Poppy are doing great. They are being moved to the back Thumper's Room today so they can play more. Minto is still so small, but by moving him, Walter won't be able to find him. Walter LOVES to chase Minto's tail.  It makes Minto cry which further causes interest to Walter. He's like a teenager, but with a kitten mindset! Oh, how we love this boy! 

Allie, Emily and Daisy are doing real good with their mama being gone. They're actually even more friendly. I did call the lady who adopted Dahnay and Paula Girl on the way home from the hospital yesterday. They are doing good. I swear the lady was smiling right thru the phone. Dahnay is indeed the lap cat that we thought she could be and Paula Girl will now sit on the couch nearby. 

We are going to be taking in two new kittens tomorrow. A new friend of FFRC has 4 kittens to place, one of which is a CH kitten. He is about 8 weeks old. It sounds like he may be a Derecho style CH cat. So he won't be lonesome, we are also going to take one of his sisters, to keep him company. Angie and Bill have the day off and so volunteered to go get them. My thanks. Connie D, another volunteer, is always very willing to make a road trip too for FFRC, which I so appreciate. You never know when we may have another long road trip to make and we'll go---Connnniieeeee--can you help us again?!! 

Yesterday when I was at the vet's office, I was thrilled to be able to visit with the black/white cat that has the 2 broken legs that we had here. The owner is taking care of her. Dr. P did one surgery last Monday and the second one last Weds. So, yesterday was her go home day. He did a superb job on her legs. I saw the before and after x-rays and the work that Dr. P did was phenomenal. 

This Saturday is our next surgery day. Dr. Darcy will be here. We should have quite a list of surgeries to do. 

No boxes last night--I was actually pretty tired from spending the day at the hospital. As soon as possible, we'll get those BOXES caught up. Probably Weds., and will probably start at 5:30! You'll have to have a pop/juice and a snack and sit back and watch, because there's quite a few of them!

All is fine here. The cats are ornery, kittens are crazy, volunteers are awesome and the guests that are here (Kelly R., Mary and Michelle) are wonderful! On to a happy day! 

Our Paul!  Always holding a cat!