Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday, September 29

Blink! Blink! Blink! That's what LillyAnn is doing to us. I call them "kitty kisses" when you look at a cat and they blink purposefully at you! LillyAnn's etube was pulled yesterday. She was given a light sedation, had the tube removed and then given her bubble bath. Her face looks much better as some of the scabs and old blood was finally able to be removed. Her upper palate fracture looks awesome and in place. Her major left lower jaw fracture feels firm! Her tongue still has a lot of sutures but I trimmed those to take off the bigger pieces that were poking her. She's curled up in her special bed and looks quite content. The best news of all is that she ate a bit of dry food last night! 

We had two adoptions yesterday but to the same home! Our wonderful Kenco and Tembo went to their new home together. They have a mom and dad that already loves them. I was so happy for the four of them!

This morning, 4 of our visitors left--Deb11111, northpolemn, wolfpatch and c1a1t1s1. It was wonderful to have these folks here--really enjoyed them. Also this afternoon, Felinetoyz will be leaving. She's been here for a week. It's amazing how easy it is to have such friendships with our visitors. As a bonus, they all just pitch right in and help!

We have so very many thanks to give. I always am fearful that I will miss giving a thanks. Wolfpatch said today, just say thanks for the "stuff"!! I loved that. A big big thanks for all the stuff that comes in! If I've made an error, feel free to e-mail me! 
Sean & Kara B--cat toys, cat treats, bag of dry cat food
Gem/Edna--2 cases Friskies (Magenta's favorites), 2 bags of Snackers, 2 bags of snackers too for the covies
Steve & Terry--case of Friskies, Clorox wipes, 9 inch plates, donuts for breakfast!, case of dog food, coffee & creamer and a donation for Paul and snackers for the volunteers
c1a1t1s1--baby food jars and Sheba can food
Ken & Marlane--paper towels, Friskies cans, case of Fancy Feast
Phil & Judy--paper towels, clorox wipes, scratcher pads, can food, coil toys and pop tabs for Kellen
Northpolemn--pink cat carrying crate, big bag of Friskies dry food
Warped in MN--2 packages blue mop heads
Deb11111--Dawn soap, Mr. Clean, OdoBan, big box 13 gal. trash bags, 1 gallon/1 quart ziplock bags, 12 cans cat food, lots of kleenex!, hand lotions, TP, hand towels, bleach, volunteer snacks, ping pong cat toys
Wolfpatch--lots and lots and lots of his delicious homemade cookies! 
Scott C--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Joan N--donation to FFRC,f thru PayPal
Judy S from VT--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Beth/eaglewatcher--two of those wonderful new litterboxes from Kattails Kat Kave. They're good quality, no lines on the bottom to trap the litter and nice and big! 

We received a Petfinder Report. The top 13 viewed cats were: Ginger, Archer, Dennis, Judson, Octavia, Kiko, Karena, Jemison, Navi, Weeja, Theo, Dahnay and Tatiana.

Paul is still at Hospice and receiving wonderful care. Yesterday the weather was so beautiful. We got a wheelchair, got him into it and went outside! It was wonderful and he so enjoyed it. Today is the day that we'll be bringing Paul's 6 cats here to live at FFRC. The back Thumper's Room is now ready for them. We also have LillyAnn there too. We put 2 Kuranda Towers in also for their sleeping pleasure! Paul knows his cats are coming and is content with this idea. Quite a few of the volunteers have been going in to visit with Paul. He's been enjoying this. 

The Covies will be out and about again today. Connie D is the expert Covie wrangler and easily gets them back into the Cove. The Porchies have been enjoying all the visitors. We have a table right outside the porch and when people sit and talk, they will come! 

Yesterday, we moved Viola and her kitties to June's Room. We have the door window panel open, so Viola can jump thru and go in and out as she wants. Works great. The kittens are playing with toys now! Buttons is now in Dodger's Pen. We opened her door to the pen this morning and she cruised about for about an hour.

In case you haven't seen it, this is the cat weathervane on top of the rescue center.