Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday, Sept. 2

I hope you all enjoy your holiday, 3 day weekend. We had a Moss reunion yesterday and had a wonderful day visiting with our family. 

Did you see that little blur? There it is again! That has to be Puzzone. This little sweetie is one fast baby who rarely naps--always playing, tossing toys, into everything. We love it! Cozarelii loves his drawer bed still, in June's Room. He's in it almost every night, sleeping away. Merri has been playing more and more. She loves to toss things up and try to catch it. She may be a bit uncoordinated, but she doesn't mind. Jersey came out of his bed the last two mornings so he would be visible for breakfast! 

I do believe we have opened the door from the main area to the Welcome Room office at least 20 times a day........all for Joline! She's allowed to go in and out as she pleases. And she pleases ALOT! Sometimes she also does the "stare down" and sits at the next door, which goes to the Mail Room, which we always accommodate her. Hey, what happened to that rule--no cats in the Mail Room? We should've added except for Joline (and Bella)! 

Happy Birthday to Zavatar--he and his Porchie friends will get an extra special treat today!

Bella has special privileges. She's the only cat that is allowed outside, with 100% supervision. We actually started this years ago. She loves to go out and roll and roll in the sunshine. We ask someone to cat-sit her. That person just follows her around--we're at her beck and call in other words! She loves it and we love it. We don't take our eyes off of her because sometimes she can scoot pretty fast. 

This week will be busy with Catstock preparations. It begins on Weds.  That is when the trailer comes that will serve as the stage for the band Strawberry Hill. We'll be decorating the stage too. Cat's Cove will be cleaned top to bottom. The three big tents arrive on Friday as will the porta-pots. The fresh made cotton candy will arrive on Friday. The theatre will be sending over fresh popped corn on Friday too. On Thursday or Friday we'll be marking out the parking areas and the Horse Poo Bingo. A final check of all the games will be done to make sure they are in order, along with all the prizes. There will be food galore, so we want to make sure that is all taken care of too. Guests/webcam friends will start arriving also! Lots of fun and we're sure looking forward toit.

Would you like to be a part of the Horse Poo Bingo? We thought that might be fun, so we're going to open it up to our webcam friends. There will be a Bingo card, just for you kittycam viewers. Here's how it works: Buy a Bingo Square. If your square wins, the Bingo Winnings will be divided. 50% goes to FFRC and 50% is divided between anyone who has the winning square. 

Simply go thru PayPal, or send a check (must be here by Friday). Each square is $5. You can buy as many squares as you want. Periodically as the PayPals or checks arrive, we will update the Bingo Board right there on the cam! Be sure to also send which square you want. We have squares 1 thru 25. except for square #13--that one is all FFRC's.

What determines the winner?  It's easy--whichever square is pooed in first!  Wilson will start the process, if after 10 minutes he hasn't pooed, we'll add Mercy. If after 10 minutes, they haven't pooed, we'll add Butter (the goat). We'll have poo watchers to be sure to see what square is the winner. 

So, let's say square #5 is the winner and there's 5 people who have bought square $5. And we've taken in $500.  $250 goes to FFRC and the other $250 is divided between the 5 winners! Any square can have as many "buyers" as wanted. 

The webcammers will have their own board, will not be shared by the people here at Catstock--so we'll have two boards going at the same time. 

So, send in your PayPal with the square(s) that you'd like! I'll keep the board updated frequently so you can see it. Remember--it's important to put the square number on your paper. If you're sending a check, please do so soon and e-mail me so that I can know it's coming and with which square(s). 

Let's have some fun!!!!

Wilson and my granddaughter Ashlyn. Wilson is proud to be the participant of Horse Poo Bingo!