Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday, August 31

The last day of August. A week from today is the Catstock. A wonderful time of year--still beautiful outside. 

We had THREE adoptions yesterday! First, our Titoes went with a couple. Titoes has been thru so much while here at FFRC so it was a double joy to know he has his own home. Next, beautiful Mystika left. I do believe Mystika picked out this couple to be hers! Then, our wonderful Waffle went to his new home, with Buckeye/Pam. I just love this cat and am thrilled he has his new home. 

We had BOXES last night. Many heartfelt thanks given.
Ellen/furkitty & Pat/cathouze from FL--3 catnip paw breaker toys, 2 really soft round kitty beds, a hammock kitty scratcher and a large bag of Purina One adult cat food
Betz--case of EVO duck flavored can food
Connie/warpedinMN--101 catnip pads with zippers--very cool and new designs! Special thanks to Docdur and Jobear who helped with donations for them.  Also 14 lavender sachets!
FaithyMD--awesome poem called "FFRC Nation". Thank you, Faithy.
Beth/Eaglewatcher--2 cases of ProPlan (tuna/salmon) and a large bag of Pro Plan Dry indoor care
Tabitha, with help from Oilsandsgirl--large 24 count giant size rolls of paper towels. As we all know, Tabitha loves to shred paper towels or sometimes just to unroll it to lay on it!
Caren F--bag of Purina One Salmon and Tuna adult dry and a bag of Chicken Soup for the Kitten lovers soul
Nikka from IN--donation to FFRC
Priscilla G--donation in celebration of Miss Zelda Belda Moss!
Anonymous Friend--donation to FFRC, with something special for Joyful and Juby
Bill D--donation to FFRC
Debra J/bearMN--donation in honor of Zelda BElda Moss!
Denise H from NY--donation in honor of Juby

Thank you all for helping us to get our food restocked.f I deeply appreciate this. 

Our new boy, Juby is awesome. I just love his long triangular nose. He's a happy boy--loves to be petted, loves to lay in his cave bed, loves to eat, loves to run. I can't imagine how good that must feel to be able to play and run after having been in the small pen for months. And no flies--that's a really good thing! And he smells good now!

June/painteddaisy left early this morning after a week long visit. It's wonderful to make new friends with our visitors. Yesterday too Pam/Buckeye was here. They both pitched in all day long and helped with projects. When people come and visit us, we love their help, but most importantly is we want to make sure they get all the kitty petting time they can get! 

WE had our Petfinder report.  The top 13 viewed cats were: Beartoe, Ratchet, Ginger, Tillytoe, Octavia, Bix, Kiko, Rufus, Raza, Zelda, Patches, Kukster and Navi.

We have names! Viola's babies now are named. She has 6 babies--5 boys/1 girl.  The girl is Camilla. The boys are Cashell, Clark, Carlton, Clay and Callen (we'll sort out who is who later!). Viola and babies all had a bath yesterday. We're not sure what happened in their pen but bathes were surely needed! All are still clean today and have full tummies. 

Kelly and sweet Molly during their visit here.